Call of Duty: Ghosts May Show The Extra Power Of The PlayStation 4, But It Doesn’t Matter (Yet)

Penny Arcade writes "Let’s start with the obvious, most gamers simply won’t be able to discern a difference between the two resolutions when playing the game. The original thread even states this."

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Evil_Ryu1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

this rumor is not even confirmed why is the author writing this article like it is *face palm

GiggMan1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

You're right.

If there was a game that could get away with doing something like that and still sell, it would be Call of Duty. I'd be interested to see if people still buy it unconsciously or protest with their wallet.

thehitman1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Considering probably 80% of COD sales are from 13yr olds begging their mommy and daddy for it they probably wont care or know. The game sells off of pure hype alone, which is kinda sad because the game isnt what it once was when it first debuted on current gen consoles.

GiggMan1854d ago

Well that's a little extreme Hitman considering I plan on maybe picking it up myself. The Squad stuff seems cool and it's local multiplayer. Justifies getting 4 PS4 controllers. I just hope the version I purchase is the best it can be, or I'm not buying.

xHeavYx1854d ago

Please, if someone is going to show the real power of the PS4, that's the 1st party studios, not this copy/paste shooter

P0werVR1854d ago



So why are they're folks confirming this already. The most obvious is going to happen and they're all going to look ridiculous.

I see those sells are coming up recently...hhmmmm...

Gozer1854d ago

I would think that the fact that the X1 version will run on dedicated servers would be more of an advantage than screen resolution anyway.

Ezz20131854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )


very true
i find it strange that IGN confirm that ps4 version is 1080p native from what they played

and Infinity Ward when asked about the xbox version if it also 1080p
they dance around it an ignored the the actual question
and just said:
""fantastic graphics" on Xbox One""

MWong1853d ago

@ HeavY
Agreed, we won't see the real power of the consoles until their 1st party studios come out the gate swinging. KillZone: SF, DriveClub (delay & all), inFamous 2S, Knack all look amazing on the PS4. I can't wait to see whatelse 1st party studios release this gen.

On topic, the only problem I see is that Activision/M$ hasn't come out to deny anything. Besides that who cares as long as you get a solid experience.

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djplonker1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )


From the article

"I personally wouldn’t be shocked if this story was accurate; we’ve heard reports that the PlayStation 4 offers superior power in the past. “Our contacts have told us that memory reads on PS4 are 40-50 per cent quicker than Xbox One, and its ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit) is around 50 per cent faster,” Edge Online reported."

read it next time =p

smoothop1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Sorry i'm half asleep, been a busy day. Sorry for the misunderstanding my bad mate.

djplonker1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )


I was actually replying to this part

"this rumor is not even confirmed why is the author writing this article like it is *face palm"

my reply c&p from the article

""I personally wouldn’t be shocked if this story was accurate"

I could see how you got confused though!

BallsEye1854d ago

It's Opinions4Gamers where articles are mostly written by the users of which great majority are sony fans. They all contribute to make themselves feel secure by submitting these lame opinion/rumor articles and talking about it like it's a fact. Don't take it seriously.

dead_eye1854d ago

So just like every other gaming website now.

And I'm not on about been Sony fans

CGI-Quality1854d ago

Did you read the article? He states several times in it that it's nothing confirmed, yet.

Evil_Ryu1853d ago

can't go wrong with either

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jmac531854d ago

He has a point about the resolutions, it will be hard to notice but it is noticeable. The fact is, when talking about multiplatform games, everyone will know the PS4 has the superior version so most will get that based on that knowledge.

Faztkiller1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

Its very noticeable just play a pc at 1080 then change it to 720 huge difference. But I think both will be 1080 if there is any differences between the two I don't it will be resolution. More likely texture quality or something like that.

Edit just remembered these new consoles have upscale features that would probably make it less noticeable. Either way if you enjoy COD your gonna have fun doesn't really matter in the end

christocolus1854d ago

the 720p story hasnt been confirmed yet but even at that i dont see it affecting the xbx one sales cos most gamers dont care about 720p or 1080p and as long as ms keeps getting great ips and exclusive content its going to be ok .just look at the pre sales nos for cod.the resolution it runs at wont affect it or change the minds of those buying an xbx one just for it. same can be said for all other games..anyway the guy made some great points though..enjoyed reading the article

NavydAd1854d ago

It doesn't matter if the casuals don't care about this issue, because the hardcore caring about it will ultimately effect sales to the casuals. The biggest thing that drives the majority of console sales, are console sales. The casuals buy what their friends bought, who bought what their friends bought, and so on all the way down the line until you get to the hardcore who are the ones buying consoles during the first six months to a year or so. The argument that the opinion of the hardcore doesn't matter is extremely shortsighted, and MS is feeling that pain right now. They targeted the mainstream crowd when it is the hardcore that will be driving system sales at launch and for about a year after.

By the time MS's precious COD crowd get around to buying a next gen console things could have shifted heavily towards the PS4.

BadlyPackedKeebab1854d ago

This is absolutely true. I have 5/6 casual friends who are getting a ps4 at launch or plan to in the first six months who were all 360 gamers because they are following me across as "the one who knows about this stuff"

MysticStrummer1854d ago

Much smaller differences than this were certainly a big deal to many people on this site when it was 360 getting a slightly better version. Someone buying a console just for this game would probably want the sharper looking version. Also, all those pre-orders happened before this news, if it turns out to be true which I personally doubt, came out. If it's confirmed, those numbers may change drastically.

LackTrue4K1854d ago

i disagree, if people don't care about 1080p or 720p....then an Xbox 360 owner can save him self his $$$ and keep playing on a 360. I still believe there will be a lack of sales, if they have there mind set like that...

JackISbacK1854d ago

no, it does matter because there is loot difference between 720p and 1080p and is very easly recognisable,its is like diffrence between two generations of gaming.but there are 80%chances that this rumor is will be wrong because we all know that 3rd party games looks almost similar ,if xbo can play cod on 720p so ps4 will also play it on 720p and here does not matter that ps4 is more powerful it will sill play it on 720p because it will determine the reputation of company,and saying that xbox will play it on 720p is wrong because this game is not a very demanding game,it uses last gen engiene which uses to play black ops 2 on 720p or higher in xb360 and we all know that there will be no differnce in 3rd party games ,on both consoles it will look similar . this is proof that on xbox one games will not run on 720p it will more likely be 1080p ,if this rumor comes out to be true then xbox one will be super flop because it is already more expensive ,and no body will then care about its tv functionality. if it comes out to be very inferior console in terms of graphics ,and no body will buy it then also if its tv funtionality results to be good because at last xbox one is all about games not tv functionality ,and if they are not able to provide it properly they must die . people will buy xbox only if it will provide same resolution and fps similar to ps4 and provide better exclusives and also better feature and gaming experience to it players ,then only it will make us to pay 499$ ,then only they can shine with their tv features which will be bonus to us with gaming ,as we know games are bigger priority to gamers and then only we will accept tv feature if that platfrom provides better games ,and i hope this rumer come out to be false because i'am getting both consoles ,but xbox one first because now it is having more game and will get ps4 when infamous will release.

Pensta11854d ago

Too much man, just reply back like everyone, small paragraphs, to the point. NOT A NOVEL!!

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NavydAd1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

The fact that two top reps at Microsoft gave the run around when asked about it is pretty much confirmed. So you are honestly telling me that the Microsoft director of product planning has zero idea what the number one selling game on his platform will run at? Why has Infinty ward not come out and clear up the rumor?

People who want to point out articles from months ago need to read that they say "their target is 1080p not that it is. Most people are not mad at the fact that its 720p but more the fact that this is a clear indication that the console has issues. Cod is not a hard game to make 1080p.

How has not one person from either company come out to debunk this?

BattleTorn1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )


Both, Hideo Yoshida and Phil Spencer have said 'ask Activision' 'we don't know'

Quit trying to read between the lines..

The only thing remotely creditible atm is IW telling Eurogamer that both systems will run the game at 1080p.

If the PSN details are correct, why would Yoshida refuse to comment?

NavydAd1854d ago

So the fact that IGN is showing gameplay all week and has confirmed that it is 1080p on PS4 is not credible? Show me an article that says that they both run at 1080p. Also make sure you read that article and that it doesnt say that they are "targeting" 1080p. go ahead go get it I will wait

jmac531854d ago

Same as what NavydAd said. IGN always uses the lead platform/superior version for their videos. Funny that COD is being shown on a PS4 when all last generation it was shown on a 360.

BattleTorn1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

There. Sorry for making you wait 6 minutes.

MRMagoo1231854d ago

that might be relevant if it wasnt from june lmfao, if you remember rightly most games where said to be 1080p on the xbone *cough Ryse cough* when they announced them and how many are now ? < ---- rhetorical.

Agent11854d ago

I expect all hell to break loose within the next month.

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