PlayStation-exclusive DLC for Assassin's Creed and Watch Dog are locked for six months

Shack News: "PlayStation snagged exclusive DLC for both Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. But, "exclusive" typically means "timed exclusive" in this business, and that happens to be the case here too."

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Adexus1487d ago

The Aveline missions are already on the Digital Deluxe edition on the PC version.

black0o1487d ago

i hate timed exclusive dlc .. THX M$

black0o1487d ago

M$ started this .. it's all thx to M$ then $onY followed

Omegasyde1487d ago

Black0o has a valid point. If the game is available on both console, then the dlc and release times for the DLC should be the same.

rainslacker1487d ago

I really don't like timed exclusive DLC, or games for that matter, although a whole game is more understandable.

I'd rather they spend that money on another game or a fresh IP or something.

I suppose in the business world it works though, otherwise they wouldn't bother. Even GS is paying for exclusive content for some games now. It can get rather confusing at times.

FamilyGuy1487d ago

When I learned that the hd vita port was coming to 360 I was wondering why the black flag dlc was exclusive as it didn't make sense. Now I see that wasn't exclusive after all, just timed.

Sony really shouldn't waste money on timed DLC, I'd rather have more games than getting extra digital content a few months early.

jackanderson19851487d ago

i'm assuming there'll be some sorta season pass with these games... anyone wanna hazard a guess if they'll be paid DLC or freebies? if paid will they be in a season pass?

FullmetalRoyale1487d ago

I just got my Game Informer and there is an ad for a season pass for AC4.

Hopefully that helps some..

Regis1487d ago

The Season pass is out now for AC4 and is $20

MajorGecko1487d ago

looks like Timed DLC will be more extreme next-gen, Microsoft started it and Sony is taking it to the next level.

bjmartynhak1487d ago

Such a waste of money... put it in your studios Sony.

SuperBlur1487d ago

true , everyone and their mom is getting a ps4.

Omegasyde1487d ago

I agree. Put it towards studio's with new IP's or add it to the marketing budget.

Timed/exclusive DLC is bad for all consoles.

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