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Xbox Live Gold needed for Skype, Internet Explorer, and “other entertainment applications”

Xbox Live Gold needed for Skype, Internet Explorer, and “other entertainment applications” (Xbox One)

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black0o  +   680d ago
not surprised at aLL
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xHeavYx  +   680d ago
I'm pretty sure MS will drop the paywall on apps, there is no reason to have to pay for Gold to be able to use Skype, which is free even for the Vita, especially when MS owns Skype
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Eonjay  +   680d ago
Don't worry, people will point that out. Its free on almost every device ever created. If its not free on Xbox, then someone needs to be slapped. What are the limits of the desire of money.
mushroomwig  +   680d ago
'I'm pretty sure MS will drop the paywall on apps'

If they were thinking that then why have them behind the paywall in the first place? I don't think they will.
Kayant  +   680d ago
Nope I don't see that happening tbh on X360 IE(another MS product) is still behind XBL same on XB1 and from what I have read on their website and this that practice doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. Without XB1 all you can do with an XB1 is play single-player games, watch blu-rays, use kinect for games, UI navigation & some Tv stuff everything else is behind XBL paywall.

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shoddy  +   680d ago
It's almost impossible to get a good deal with MS.

lucky if they didn't ripped you off.

be thankful they reverse most of thier bullshit
Mikelarry  +   680d ago
i dont see that happening at all unless they see a drop in xbox live subscriptions, that's the only time ms makes any changes i mean the last few months should have educated any gamer on how they ROLL
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mcstorm  +   680d ago
Why do Microsoft need to drop any of it from only with a live subscription when over 3 quarters of 360 owners buy Xbox live any way. There is a reason why Sony have done the same with the ps4.
Eonjay  +   680d ago
"for Internet Explorer"

Who the fuck would pay for that?
LOL_WUT  +   680d ago
Even for Internet Explorer? Now that's greedy as hell
black0o  +   680d ago
the build in DVR is behind paywall why are guys surprised that the internet-exp is or skype
Death  +   680d ago
Xbox gamers buy the console to play games. This includes online. Why does it matter to you where these service are if you are playing online anyway? With PS4 you will pay to play online. Does it matter that Skype, Netflix, etc are "free" if you are paying anyway?
Eonjay  +   680d ago

Yes it matters because Microsoft can't win by attracting gamers. They can only win with casuals. Casuals aren't gamers so they aren't gonna pay for a service that is free on every other platform.

Xbox One was created to generate money, not for games.
nukeitall  +   680d ago
Nobody pays to use Skype, no more than PS+ owners pay to play online.

That is just an additional to convince you to pay up, but the main value of XBL Gold is access to platform features that is unmatched. Case in point is cloud features such as dedicated servers.

It is pretty clear who is pushing the online console space every generation.

That said, with Xbox One, MS relaxed the requirement and now the entire family can share one Gold account so it is the cheapest it has ever been.

If you want completley free access to just about everything, well the only platform that has that is really PC.
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4Sh0w  +   680d ago
This is like the recirculated news about the rechargeable battery packs not being compatible with X1 controllers, people are using old news to act as if its new just so they cant rant about evil micro.

Whats funny as the same sony vampires who've been ranting about it for months are acting shocked just when micro is being transparent in its ads or freakin manual. "OMG how could micro do this to me?" lol, as if anybody buys an Xbox cares about apps 1st especially even when the naysayers acknowledge they are readily available on other devices. No you pay to play it online or you dont, you cant afford it, need to save money, you just play sp(few left), whatever reason and you skype on your laptop.

Fair question. Why no recirculated news about how sony charges for psn and why all those who swore for years they would NEVER NEVER EVER PAY havent moved on to pc yet and ditched consoles?????
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DigitalRaptor  +   680d ago
@ nukeitall

"If you want completley free access to just about everything, well the only platform that has that is really PC."

And who has the OS monopoly on PC? Microsoft. All this is, is self-serving and disrespectful double standards from one of the most greedy, manipulative and disrespectful companies out there.

You apologists are the worst thing to happen to this industry. Seriously. XBL Gold is nothing short of a rip-off, despite it being a great service. Some people just need to know when to get out of something they're too heavily invested in, to the point that they accept disgraceful anti-consumerism.

@ Death

The supporting of bad decisions that sets bad precedents is exactly what led Microsoft to believe they could try to screw over consumers with their years of anti-consumer planning leading up to the Xbox One.

"Pay to play for P2P online connectivity?".
"Yeah, they won't mind if we add free apps to their premium subscription".
"Let's raise the cost of XBL by $10, we don't need to really show how that will benefit them, just DO IT".
"Free-to-play games behind a paywall? That really makes no sense".
"It's no problem, we've told you - they're ACTUALLY letting us do this".
"Right guys... how about this...?" - and then the Xbone planning began.
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MizTv  +   680d ago
I'm pretty sure they wont
malokevi  +   680d ago
Lol @ the number of comments on this article by psfanboys. You all have miserably boring lives, dont you?

I'll say the same thing I always say... NOBODY GIVES A RATS ASS. Now, prattle on, children, 3 weeks and you can bury yourself in your misery. Or continue posting, whatever floats your boat, I wont be listening thank god.
UltimateMaster  +   680d ago
The question I'm wondering, why is this news?
Bigpappy  +   680d ago
Skype on X1 allows user to group chat for no extra cost. You have to pay for that feature when using other delivery systems.
Mystogan  +   680d ago
What I don't understand is. Who the hell is going to buy an X1 without gold. To use Skype and internet explorer? That number is so small, its negligible.

most people who are connected to the internet, will pay $40 dollars a year. Its really not that much. PSfanboys just like something to nag about , meaningless shit like this. I wonder how many of you are going to get PSN, probably all of you.
Death  +   680d ago
Once again, I already pay for Plus and I pay for Live. I don't carewhat is included and what is "free". Both consoles are game systems first. If you want to play online, it's $50 for the PS4 and $60 for the Xbox One. It really is more and more irrelevant what else you can do without the sub fee since smart tv's are more common now than ever. If I want to let my Live sub expire, I'll Skype and access Netflix through my tv. The only benefit I receive by accessing Netflix on my Xbox is I remain connected to my friends and can get a game invite regardless what I am doing. If I can't play online, I really don't need the access do I?
darthv72  +   680d ago
no not a surprise. Live gold is their exclusive money maker. sony is trying to counter with their own paid service but live gold is the "gold" standard.

Now if they can make the point about gold sharing a more prominent announcement. I like that idea myself. being able to openly share my gold access with others in the house would be a burden off my shoulders.

although, i do like my kids upping my gamerscore for me. Now Im faced with a tough decision. do i let them in on the gold sharing...and run the risk of no more child labor (for gamerscore) or do i let them take on the world using their own profiles???

rdgneoz3  +   680d ago
There's always beating the children to make sure they up your score.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   680d ago

Especially considering MS wants its users online half the time anyway, via what people get with. When DRM was enabled you had to be online.
SpitFireAce85  +   680d ago
Throw everything behined a paywall thats micro$oft
for you .Next up lets charge people for xblive depending
On how much they use it.
MrCastle  +   680d ago
Who would buy an Xbox One and not get Gold anyways? Seriously. How many players won't get a psn account? It's a pay wall either way. So if they add those apps under gold, so what? You're gonna spend $400-$500 and not get an online membership? Pretty unlikely...
HolyDuck  +   680d ago
Because we all know people are buying the Xbox One for apps.

Edit - We all knew this was going to happen anyway. So why has old news once again been approved? Just because it's in a manual doesn't mean it's new news.
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pedrof93  +   680d ago
Why do you bother commenting ?

You're right, not apps, TV.
HolyDuck   680d ago | Trolling | show
Mikelarry  +   680d ago
@ Riderz, your comment is completely irrelevant. How does giving an app free to another company mean MS are greedy? If they were greedy they'd be charging you for it, you're clearly not thinking straight

did i read that correctly oh am i so high. but MS ARE charging for it that's the point riderz made

edit: are you able to use skype without a gold subscription??. no you are paying for the privilege to use a free app that ms competition offers you for free. it might not be more than what you currently pay for live but it is a slap in the face of consumers. but its a free world after all everyone is free to choose what best serves them
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pedrof93  +   680d ago

You have completely missed the point of the whole thing.

Who even mentioned games here ?
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djplonker  +   680d ago
M$ show thier greed and you show your fanboyism and defend them skype and ie is free on playstation and skype is owned by ms lol
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Riderz1337  +   680d ago
We comment because it's funny that Sony has Skype on the Vita and it's free to use, and Microsoft OWNS Skype and they still charge you to use it.

It just shows how god damn greedy MS are.
XboxFun  +   680d ago
This has already been known for a long while so I don't understand how this article got approved...no wait I actually do.

I personally am very disappointed because I was buying a Xbox One specifically to use Skype, Netflix and IE.
In no way was I intending to carry over my Live account to play games like TitanFall, Sunset Overdrive, CoD, BF4, Deadrising 3 or Killer Instinct.

Everyone knows that multiplayer is not the main draw to all of these systems.

I know a lot of Sony fans also agree because they are buying a 400 dollar system to use Skype and IE only, because they wouldn't dare pay for PS Plus. Because if they did, well then it wouldn't matter where any of those apps were placed now would it....
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DigitalRaptor  +   680d ago | Well said
See these are nothing but excuses. You Microsoft apologists are the worst thing ever to happen to gaming. People like you paid for P2P connectivity for over a decade, actually wanted DRM in the box, 24-hour checks and were supportive of not owning your games. And now this:

"oh it's not a big deal cause most people are paying for it anyway" or "oh you're not buying a 400 dollar machine for apps". It's completely and utterly beside the point.

These are connections to THIRD PARTY SERVERS - or they are things that only require your console's basic functionality, not the XBL servers. There is nothing that requires these 80+ features being locked behind the paywall, but only someone so invested in XBL could be so blind to where good service ends and disgraceful anti-consumer restrictions begin.

You're so worried that any criticism against Microsoft will impact them some more, that you are apologising for their bad decisions. That is the DEFINITION of an apologist. Disgraceful!
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GiggMan  +   680d ago
"I know a lot of Sony fans also agree because they are buying a 400 dollar system to use Skype and IE only, because they wouldn't dare pay for PS Plus"

Sony better not put IE on my PS4, I'll smash it I swear... lol
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MrBeatdown  +   680d ago
I love how trolls like you and HolyDuck pretend that because apps aren't the main reason to buy a game console, how you access the apps is all completely inconsequential, and a non-issue.

What's funny is how you try to make it sound like Sony fans are coming up with the ridiculous idea that apps are the main reason to buy a console, even though its just trolls like you and HolyDuck putting words in their mouth.

But what's really hilarious is that you make up nonsense about how stupid it is for Sony fans to say that apps are the main focus, but then you go and actually make a claim that's just as stupid as the one you're pretending Sony fans are making... you say multiplayer is the main focus.

And in doing so, you ignore the facts... that for the 80 million 360s out there, there's only 45 million XBL accounts, a huge portion of which are free accounts that don't play multiplayer at all.

But if you were deluded enough to make a claim like that in the first place, I'm sure you'll continue to pretend that the half or more of all Xbox owners will suddenly become multiplayer-loving Gold subscribers when they get an Xbox One, just so you can pretend that all the apps being behind a paywall is a non-issue.
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XboxFun  +   680d ago
*throws arms in the air and gets down on knees*

And here comes the SDF head coach Digital Raptor here to save all of us non-believing gamers from the evil, anti-consumer, conglomerate bent on destroying the world! MS with their Xbox One!!

DigitalRapture is so worried that someone actually prefers Xbox One that he has made it his mission to spread the truth to us. He continuously ignores people who just might like it for the games, or features or the fun they had with the 360! no, he will not hear this!

No, if you like Xbox One, you're an apologist, PR person who supports anti consumerism, you cook little babies in high powered microwaves manufactured in god hating china!

Oh Digital Raptor, in all your wisdom and glory please take me over to the grand side, the side of the true and holy! Where I can still pay to play online and still use Skype and watch Netflix...but still pay to play online...wait...If I'm paying to play online then why does it matter where Skype is? Wait is Skype really that important ...

*gets slapped by holy Sony ghost*

Forgive my ignorance I was waking up there for a minute...Oh Digital Raptor thank you for showing me the errors of my ways. Lord forbid me wanting to play great games like Deadrising 3, Ryse, Project Spark, Killer Instinct or Forza 5. No this makes me an apologist! Even tho the SDF swore on the good book to never pay to play online ever BUT this can be forgiven because Sony is such a great deal...

@Mr Beatdown

If apps arent the main reason to buy a console then why does it matter where its placed? And it's funny because you Sony trolls make it out like free apps are the main reason to buy a console.

And what is even more hilarious is that trolls like you and digital raptor FAIL to answer the one question of:

If you pay for PLUS why does it matter where the apps are placed?

You both will never answer that because you two are the biggest trolls backed by your troll army doing all you can to downplay anything Xbox related.

You won't answer but then go on about how there are a number of Xbox users who don't pay for live.

"that for the 80 million 360s out there, there's only 45 million XBL accounts, a huge portion of which are free accounts that don't play multiplayer at all."

The 45 million who don't pay for live obviously are not interested in multiplayer or the apps offered so what is the point of bringing that up and how does that relate to my question?

Will you two be paying for PS Plus or will you both use that lame excuse of buying a PS4 to only play those awesome F2P games?
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darthv72  +   680d ago
@xboxfun, well....that was certainly....dramatic. Interesting and funny (as i did read in a texas accent).

DR, Gigg and MrBeat will be paid Plus members because if they want to be able to partake of the total experience that Ps4 offers....you do what you got to do.

just as people who want the total xb1 experience will do the same. Hell, i am a member of both and that is what i plan on doing. if you enjoy the ride then you pay the fee.

i hate to quote a RATT song but....nobody ride's for free.
MrBeatdown  +   680d ago

"And it's funny because you Sony trolls make it out like free apps are the main reason to a console."

No. Xbox fanboys like you just make that up. You put words in other people's mouths so you can do a long song and dance about how they are wrong. Because it helps you avoid the real issue.

"If you pay for PLUS why does it matter where the apps are placed?"

It doesn't matter to me. It matters to the millions who won't have Plus. There's that answer to that question I "will never answer".

If they don't want to pay for multiplayer, they can still get access to basic apps like Netflix on PSN. They can't on Live.

Hell, it should matter to Gold members too. But I guess fanboys like you prefer to only have the option to Skype with other Gold subscribers, rather than all your Xbox One owning friends, regardless of their subscription status. But why would the Gold subscriber master race concern themselves with their filthy, lowly, non-subscriber friends anyway? Friends are only friends worth talking to if they pay for the privilege, right?

"The 45 million who don't pay for live obviously are not interested in multiplayer or the apps offered so what is the point of bringing that up and how does that relate to my question?"

Wow. That's really what you're going with?

Because the 35 million or more single player gamers on 360 don't want to pay $60 for access to multiplayer and apps that are free on every other device, they have no interest in using the apps if they were available for free?

Brilliant... People who don't want to pay for something would never want it for free! Truly great logic. *slow clap*
DigitalRaptor  +   680d ago
Your drama (as pointed out by darthv72) is certainly amusing even to me. I get it. I get that you can't take good to honest criticism of a company who is charging you for features that you could use, even if XBL was magically hacked and went down for a month. Perfect example is BBC and their iPlayer - they refused to put it on there as a premium, as every other third party company putting their free apps behind Microsoft's paywall should have done.

It's because you're entitled to access to that for free if you have Internet access. Microsoft refuses that entitlement and for good (not for you) reason. Microsoft will never explain to you that double standard - why you can access one app for free, but not the rest. But you will accept it.... for the games. Which is okay... kind of. But mostly not.


I'm not worried that people prefer the Xbone. It's a quality piece of hardware and looks to have some great games with a quality network and service. However, unlike yourself and your comrades who are so invested in this network that you cannot stand it getting criticism for things that are so stupid it defies reason and logic, I'm allowed to voice myself on things i feel are unfair and disrespectful to consumers.


"If you pay for PLUS why does it matter where the apps are placed? "

I answered it. Oh hellll no! Here goes...

I don't think even you could deny that in the coming generation, both Microsoft and Sony's networks are deeply focusing on online features that are so ridiculously bandwidth heavy and investing heavily in server support for their consoles and their games, that a fee to play online, although frustrating, makes sense.

PS4 was a console built with a custom chip that is dedicated to constant downloads and uploads. Both are natively bandwidth heavy. One company will probably be integrating Gaikai functionality into PS+. Xbox One was apparently designed with Cloud networking as an integral fixture. And when games are being designed to be online-integrated it's a no-brainer that this kind of thing not just deserves, but requires support.

Call it an "exuse" if you want, but it doesn't remotely compare to the fact that Microsoft put apps and features that don't require XBL, behind the XBL paywall. It also doesn't negate the fact that for over a decade, there has been nothing at all that has justified $60 a year on either Xbox or Xbox 360, especially when it's always been Peer 2 Peer which requires no load on Microsoft's servers.

Sony has already come out and said that money pouring into PS+ is being used to make PSN a better and consistent service for its players, and according to guys like you, it bloody well needs it. The same could be said about XBL for the Xbone. However, last generation when Microsoft tried to justify XBL's cost of entry, it couldn't do so.... They tried saying that a $10 price hike was due to getting more exclusive content, but that exclusive content never appeared. At least this generation, both companies are DEMONSTRATING the need for a premium.


So to break this all back down... I really have no problem with you being interested in Killer Instinct, Forza, Ryse etc. like you assume I do. However, if putting the facts out there about Microsoft's self-serving double standards offends you in any way, I suggest you move on, instead of trying to connect it to anything you consider fanboyism or trolling.

Just be aware that you are supporting anti-consumer practices and bad industry decisions, and a whole generation of supporting them got you the initial vision of the Xbone along with DRM et cetera. Don't expect Microsoft to be unrelenting with the way they treat you in the future.
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king_george  +   680d ago
because not everyone knows about this believe it or not and its better for a customer to know all the facts than to walk into the electronics section of walmart blindly. granted those same people probably wouldnt be found on a site like this one but it still stands. its better to spread knowledge and educate the public and that goes not only for ms but all console

on a side note, I think they'll change this decision
Lukas_Japonicus  +   680d ago
You are always quick to defend MS, even when they are charging their OWN customers for something their main competitors get for free on the vita!

Doesn't make any sense. Oh wait, yes it does.....GREED.

It begs the question, what does MS have to do for people like you to realise their true colours? I think MS could punch you in the face and you would come up with excuse to justify it.
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solidjun5  +   675d ago
How are you still with 2 bubbles? You've been marked multiple times. You should be at 1
OrangePowerz  +   680d ago
Really Internet Explorer and Skype behind a paywall?

Maybe they can make a Firefox app that runs on the Xbone and allows users to browse the internet for free :)
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Irishguy95  +   680d ago
Online gaming behind a paywall is just as bad an offense. Please moan about it MS should never have gotten away with it.
OrangePowerz  +   680d ago
Online gaming I can at least somehow get because the server infrastructure needs to be paid for. For stuff like Internet Explorer, Netflix and so on that doesn`t require them to have a crap load of servers.
Zack_attack  +   680d ago
Who the hell doesn't use gold anyways lol
mushroomwig  +   680d ago
Er, quite a lot of people?
sovkhan  +   680d ago
roughly 50% of the fanbase :)
Riderz1337  +   680d ago
I'd say about 70-80% of people who buy Xbox's

Edit - @Convas, Yup it's the truth.

40M people have signed up for an Xbox live account - http://www.tgdaily.com/game...

That was in 2012 so maybe the number now is 45m maybe 50M max.

50M X 30%

=15M people who have subscribed to Xbox Live Gold. Seems like a reasonable number no?
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Convas  +   680d ago
You're joking right?

Only 20-30% of Xbox 360 owners use Xbox Live Gold?

Zack_attack  +   680d ago
I'm just saying that everyone I know that has an xbox&internet, also uses gold for mp. Most of the people complaining probably will get gold anyways for the mp, or they aren't even getting xbox and want to whine about something.
Riderz1337  +   680d ago
So everyone you know = everyone who has an Xbox??

Well with that logic, everyone I know is a PS Plus member so everyone who has bought a PS3 is a PS Plus member!
NoLongerHereCBA  +   680d ago
I also have gold, but it is just bonkers that they put there own IPs behind a paywall when it is free on other systems. If anything, they should offer more for free than other systems if they want to attract the casuals.
Zack_attack  +   680d ago
Yeah ok riderz, look and see how many actually are ps+ members once they need it for mp. Also, I'm not meaning that just bc the people I know have it, so everyone else does too. I'm saying it seems common to have it. Maybe all you kids on here cant get your parents to shell out 40 bucks, so you're butthurt and act like it's a hassle.
Themba76  +   680d ago
my bro for starters
rambi80  +   680d ago
i never paid for gold because i dont give 2 shits about multiplayer.

Tried it on PS3. was nice for a while but i get bored quickly
DigitalRaptor  +   680d ago
Whatever people say:

- "oh but you're paying for Live anyway", or (as shown above)
- "so what? people aren't buying the Xbox One for apps"

All of these are, are excuses from apologists. There's ZERO reason to have these features behind the paywall. NONE. There are 81... no let me repeat that.... EIGHTY-ONE free features behind the premium Xbox Live Gold paywall. http://www.youtube.com/watc...

I don't think that even includes free-to-play games or MMOs, but maybe it does.

If you, for whatever reason, cannot pay for your subscription for one month, you cannot use your Xbox to use fundamentally FREE applications that are nothing but connections to a third-party company's servers. That is not just retarded, it's disrespectful and anti-consumer. If you support this practice, you have no concern for what is right for you as a consumer.


@ sovkhan

They're nothing but disgraceful apologists who support anti-consumer practices and don't give a crap about their fellow gamers. Excuses, excuses, bloody excuses. They're so invested in this network, they can't even see where good service ends and anti-consumer practices begin.

People have paid Microsoft $50-60 for P2P connectivity for over a decade, and this is how they thank their loyal consumer base, with nothing but pointless, self-serving restrictions.
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sovkhan  +   680d ago
I've already been throught this, and this is so silly from Microsoft. And some people still agree with this :/
Total nosense.
jackanderson1985  +   680d ago
i didn't get my netflix subscription so i could watch it on my xbox... i've a smart phone, a pc, a wii u, a ps3, a laptop... i couldn't care if it is behind the paywall because the sole reason i get live is for the online play... it's why i got it back in '06 and it's why i'll continue with it through to '60 if xbox live is still on....i'll also pay for PS+ gladly even if they require it to even turn on the box.... the combined subs you can get for around 80 euro if you shop about and seeing as most shops will deliver codes through email it's easier these days... my internet/tv bundle costs 80 a month
jackanderson1985  +   680d ago
i didn't get my netflix subscription so i could watch it on my xbox... i've a smart phone, a pc, a wii u, a ps3, a laptop... i couldn't care if it is behind the paywall because the sole reason i get live is for the online play... it's why i got it back in '06 and it's why i'll continue with it through to '60 if xbox live is still on....i'll also pay for PS+ gladly even if they require it to even turn on the box.... the combined subs you can get for around 80 euro if you shop about and seeing as most shops will deliver codes through email it's easier these days... my internet/tv bundle costs 80 a month.

anyone that is paying full price for either of the subs is a fool to begin with

well there ya go double posting wooo... silly laptop u so slow
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Agent1  +   680d ago
Thing is.. Who is going to buy a console and not use it to go online? That would be like buying a computer and not plugging it into the internet. Regardless, 99% of people that are going to be getting next gen consoles are going to be getting PS+ or XLive. However, people who have been using xbox live now for years will NOT be effected by this because the Xbox Live account is going to roll over to the X1. Personally I don't use Skype, and barely use internet explorer (on consoles), but everybody has different views on this topic.
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NavydAd  +   680d ago
Maybe 1080p will be behind a paywall too?
Godoftheweek  +   680d ago
No no no. Behind teh cloudz sir.

MELMAN26  +   680d ago
Man people are really using that flamethrower....lol

Seriously...who is paying to use apps on a console? The reason that I and anyone I know has xbl, is to play games online. I don't know of anyone who says ummm netflix, xbox shut up and take my money.

Edit: @holyduck.....EXACTLY!
Crazay  +   680d ago
Why don't we all wait and see what the official word is before assuming this wasn't interpreted incorrectly or misread
#9 (Edited 680d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
jackanderson1985  +   680d ago
it's on MS's xbox site itself... it explains what's behind the live paywall
Viking_Socrates  +   680d ago
Rather disappointed that they're still doing these types of business practices, I know they're a corporation but I'm rather saddened. Unlike most people I'd liked the idea of Skype on the Xbox One since I use it very frequently on the P.C.

Although the Xbox website says that's it'll only support up to 4 people at a time in Skype. Also any confirmation or denial of the rumor that the PS4 will also have Skype? I know the Vita has it.
lonz358  +   680d ago
This is how Microsoft treats their loyal customers...everything behind a paywall. It's kind of sad how they do y'all lol
jackanderson1985  +   680d ago
wasn't this disclosed at reveal? and it's been on the xbox website since the reveal... why is this news today?
christocolus  +   680d ago
almost said same thing..now they are recycling old news..its just last minute efforts by fanboys to put some negative spin on the xbx one. some really pathetic effort if you ask me.... xbx one day one.
Unreal01  +   680d ago
I thought we knew this.
Agent1  +   680d ago
At times, the Anti X1 PR needs to resurface every now and then, to remind us that we need to continue this pointless & endless console war that the gaming industry so much loves & created. Fanboys are the bait.
RiPPn  +   680d ago
Dat paywall greed.
patsrule316  +   680d ago
Can we make a deal that the only people who can complain about the apps behind paywall are people who don't or won't subscribe to PS+? If you are subscribing to PS+ (or gold for the multiplayer) then what difference does it make what is behind the gold wall?

I am getting a PS4 and paying for PS+, so I really don't care what is behind the gold paywall. It really feels irrelevant, since I am paying to be behind the paywall anyways.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   680d ago
Have to pay for Skype when its free on the vita? Skype is owned by MS, but their main competitors get it for free when they charge their OWN customers? Wow.
ziggurcat  +   680d ago
we already knew this.
dazzrazz  +   680d ago
This is a big joke, happily I'm gonna make a switch for this generation.
MajorGecko  +   680d ago
yes its going to feel just like home with the new party chat system ps4 has :) that was my major upset about the ps3, I am jumping ship aswell
quinten488  +   680d ago
just one of the many reasons why I won't be getting be buying xbox one
AutoCad  +   680d ago
No complains, im not getting a next gen system to play offline.
MightyNoX  +   680d ago
No one said anything about playing OFFLINE. Clean your glasses, pull out the shill plugs and re-read the article.

It's about using ONLINE apps that are FREE on every other device.

Shills these days. Back in my day, shills actually put some effort.
corvusmd  +   680d ago
Uh, excuse me Mr Troll, you completely missed what he was trying to say. You were so busy trying to trash talk XB1 that you forgot to pay attention to what was going on and what was being said. What he is saying is that why would he NOT buy XBL? Kinda like a rhetorical question...and I have to agree with him...who in their right mind is gonna get a next gen console and NOT get network service? Esp on XB1 where they have the BEST network service. Who exactly does this affect? If the person doesn't have network service, then not having these apps won't matter...and for that really small percentage of people that have internet but no XBL and just want to use their XB1 to browse the internet and skype....uh...screw em who cares.

Are you not getting any sort of network service? If you are, does it really matter that something can't used if you don't have it? For perspective, that's kinda like me and AutoCad saying we hate Yams, so we are so upset that they aren't giving them away for free at the local store.
If it's the "principle of the thing" then I would be more upset that PSN is now forcing all gamers to pay $60 a month without upgrading the service AT ALL, and that their AAA titles such as COD and KZ STILL don't have TRUE dedicated servers and that almost all functions will still be done P2P...THAT should be addressed. Ya know for a console that is "all about gamers" you guys sure worry a lot about free apps and not enough about actual gameplay.

Now, considering that you are a proven troll, maybe tone back the name-calling. You assumed he was a shill when he actually wasn't, you were just wrong.

@Riderz1337...not sure where you got your numbers but they are way way off, as of last April Forbes did an article stating that there were over 46 mil gold accounts and at the time there were 77 Mil consoles sold..not sure why you think only 15 mil have gold accounts. PS+ refuses to release their figures of how many people have accounts.
#20.1.1 (Edited 680d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report
AutoCad  +   680d ago
he dont understand that i already have skype and netflix and hbo go and hulu plus on my computer.Im not paying to use the apps on my xbox,im paying to play my games online and every other thing that comes with it.

Now how is that different from paying for multiplayer access on PS4?
#20.1.2 (Edited 680d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
corvusmd  +   680d ago
Well duh!!! Why wouldn't you need an online service to do things that are used online? Yeah I get that you can already do all these things on your computer without xbox live, so if you want...keep doing it that way...but more importantly...why wouldn't you get XBL? It will be by far the best gamer network service out there without any competition...what self respecting gamer WON'T have it?
ziggurcat  +   680d ago
"Well duh!!! Why wouldn't you need an online service to do things that are used online?"

those same things aren't behind a pay wall on PS4. you can still connect online without a PS+ subscription, and you don't need to subscribe to access a lot of the online services MS has behind the XBL pay wall.

"what self respecting gamer WON'T have it?"

so gamers that don't give two ****s about MP aren't gamers?
_QQ_  +   680d ago
Paying to play online by itself is unacceptable no matter how you slice it,no damage controlling it at all, but this just makes it worse
#22 (Edited 680d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Pogue1906  +   680d ago
Its Good that you need gold to get access to those apps, because i just so happen to have gold, had it since 2005. I have it to play multiple player online games, so there is no paywall as far as i'm concern. it's a non issue for 48 million of us
mhunterjr  +   680d ago
I don't see how this is a big deal. I'd atleast one person in a household is into playing online games, no one will even notice there is a pay wall.
SpideySpeakz  +   680d ago
Sometimes, I don't play my system months at a time due to work, so a Gold membership would be a waste of money for me.
So it looks like I will continue enjoying my App/entertainment services on the PS/PC systems no paywall required.
infectedaztec  +   680d ago
Does anyone really care about this? LIVE is essential to the xbox anyway, I was always going to have a subscription, so this doesn't affect me at all
fghtrer3fb5erg  +   680d ago
@mcstorm you dont need plus to watch netflix, play free2play games, watch youtube, use cross chat, etc.
Belking  +   680d ago
Same old stuff different day
TalonJH  +   680d ago
This is old news. We learned this during the summer, didn't we?
SoulSercher620  +   680d ago
Xbox fanboys on here trying to justify greed. No surprise there.
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