You Can Now Pick Up the PS4 Controller At EB Games Canada

PlayStation Euphoria: According to EB Games Canada’s Facebook page, you can now pick up the DualShock 4 controller and this was confirmed to be true by a store associate when I called a local store earlier today.

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xHeavYx1796d ago

I saw a guy using a Kindle adapter somewhere to connect it to the PS3, he also mentioned that the DS 4 works just like the DS3 when connected to the PS3

porkChop1796d ago

If it works well with the PS3 then I might get a red DS4 now since I won't have my PS4 until January.

finbars751796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Oh it works very well.I bought mine this morning and it has to be one of the most comfertable controllers I have ever used.Love the feel of the triggers and the analogue sticks.Im glad I was on N4G a couple of days ago when they said you could use the DS4 on the PS3.The controller doesnt dissppoint in any way and everyone else who purchases the PS4 will understand what im talking about.Been playing BF3 to get ready for the BF4 on the PS4.Greatness awaits guys and girls.

christrules00411796d ago

Anyone know where you can get the kindle adaptor?

joeyisback1796d ago

why cant us Americans get the Dual Shock 4 early :/

djplonker1796d ago

you get the ps4 on the 15th

eu has to wait until the 29th but it is worth it so sony can dominate the Na market and steal some of xbones key sales regions!

sobekflakmonkey1796d ago

cause your not Canadian like the northern half of this continent we share.

Raven7221796d ago

Tell me, how often do you refer to yourself as North American?

sobekflakmonkey1796d ago


I refer to myself as Canadian.

SpecialSauce1796d ago

im with Raven, Canada sucks so hard lol

SpecialSauce1796d ago

it just, REALLY sucks up there

Fireseed1796d ago

The advantages of living 10 minutes from the border :)

sobekflakmonkey1796d ago

Amen, Brother! I welcome you with open arms! :D

WeAreLegion1796d ago

I want a DualShock 4, but mounties creep me out. Should I go to Canada, anyway?

sobekflakmonkey1796d ago

you've never been to Canada have you? lol

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The story is too old to be commented.