Rumor: Xbox One Will Be Manufactured In Brazil

According to the Brazilian news site UOL, the Xbox One will be following in the steps of the Xbox 360 and be manufactured in Manuas, Brazil. If this proves to be true this will greatly reduce the price of the Xbox One in Brasil and it will win the hearts of thousands of Brazilian gamers.

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malokevi1793d ago

Maybe this explains the price difference. I also heard Sony was trying to make inroads in Brazilian manufacturing to bring down that insane pricetag.

kreate1793d ago

I wish they just manufactur it in america since its a american company.

jeffgoldwin1793d ago

Theres no major electronics manufactured in American anymore. Think about it. $1/hour or $12/hour (minimum) in America. Also the high unemployment insurance, injury insurance, lawsuit, etc.

Naga1793d ago

Sadly, most manufacturing labor in the United States is unionized, and that has been one of the biggest factors in driving up the cost of domestic manufacturing.

Someone would get paid $60,000 a year with full benefits to turn a couple of screws. And we wonder why the auto industry in the US has been struggling so much.

But I digress... it suffices to say that it's become very cost prohibitive to manufacture electronics as a business in the US, especially when it can be done for so much less elsewhere. Patriotism will only carry you so far in that decision-making process.

darthv721793d ago

If you are talking about Brazilian butts....hell YEAH!

KwietStorm1793d ago

Just make sure you check for Adams apples.

Indo1793d ago

Lol adam apples, gotta watch out for em fakes huh

Eonjay1793d ago

That would explain the lower price in Brazil. Its not a deal, its just less taxes. The Wii U cost $1200 in Brazil.

XboxFun1793d ago

Excellent, it's good to see that MS is taking steps to get past that insane tax Brasil has. Hopefully this is true and just goes to show how serious MS is in getting an Xbox around the world.

NavydAd1793d ago

Ghost in 720p was the straw that broke the camels back and i will be canceling my pre order for the 1.

NoLongerHereCBA1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Which has absolutely nothing to do with this news item. Well done.

It is furthermore still a rumor. People should grow some patience and wait till both games can be properly compared.

OT: Great news for people in Brazil.

jackanderson19851793d ago

isn't that just a rumor at this point in time? if you're that finnicky about it you're gonna have a horrible time this generation

Ravenor1793d ago

Yeah I demand perfection from console launch titles too, when every PS3/Xbox 360 launch title looked far worse than Half Life 2 and Battlefield 2 I had a childish fit as well. /s

Buzz7S1793d ago

You cancelled your Xbox One pre-order based on a generic FPS which hasn't changed its visuals and gameplay in what, 6-7 years? Ha!

Kayant1793d ago

I doubt you had one before tbh... you cancel your preorder based on an unconfirmed rumour. Right....

Mystogan1793d ago

Lol ghosts is not in 720p hahahahah. I can't believe people still believe that shit. It was a rumor that was randomly started on neogaf.

someone just randomly said Ghosts is 720p 30fps. And then somehow it got viral.

Bigpappy1793d ago

You guys are letting these PS fans get into your heads. Who give a rat puke how much "p" a game is. Is long as the game looks and plays great, the resolution and number of pollies are irrelevant.

christocolus1793d ago


i think you've lost your way...this article is about xbx one being manufactured in brazil not cod..but then again its the nature of most fanboys to jump and troll across articles irrespective of topic so ill just let you be..and imo you never planned to get an xbx one..its peopl like you who dont even know what the whole 720p and 1080p are just nod and follow the herd..

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jhoward5851793d ago

Good move by MS. I have nothing against the Chinese but they're known to make knock off for most electronics.

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