Will Microsoft re-introduce their “Family Sharing Plan”?

Xbox One had a rocky start with the announcement of a DRM locked console and then later Kinect being mandatory for it. Not all things were negative though as Microsoft’s “Family Sharing Plan” was one of the highlight of all the announcements. Microsoft’s Phil Harrison talks about exciting things to come to Xbox One after launch – so – could he be hinting at features like “Family Sharing Plan” making a come back?

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ZodTheRipper1761d ago

Hopefully, that was one of the best features before all these 180's. And it was one of the only consumer friendly ones for sure.

AngelicIceDiamond1761d ago

@Zod Very nicely said is literally the only consumer friendly feature MS had going with DRM.

I hope it makes a return very soon.

jackanderson19851761d ago

what about the ability to sell digital games, i'd definitely say that was the best feature by far... if you were into that sorta thing of course

nukeitall1761d ago

Selling, trading and gifting your digital games is very pro-consumer. I hope those features and game sharing comes back!

I hope there is an option to retro-actively apply this to existing digital games as an option in the future. I don't care about the 24-hour check in thing. It happens so rarely compared to me being able to access my games anywhere, lend games from friends instantly and so on.

If you mind the 24-hour, then buy disc based games.

Please make MS digital vision an option again!

4Sh0w1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

nuketail you said it just right. I WANT THE OLD PLAN BACK. As long as I can buy, sell, or gift/trade the game the old plan with family sharing is huge incentive for going digital. I'll take the drm, along with 24hr online check so that my games will benefit from the cloud. Im always connected so why should I not be able to take advantage of it. They should use a game like Quantum Break where updates to the story and abilities change on the fly, AI react differently every playthrough dynamicly extending the life of the game like Phil talked about for those who "OPT IN" the digital plan. I bet you digital is going to convert alot of the community over after they see the benefits.

BoriboyShoGUN1761d ago

If it was so great why was it removed? And what changed making no longer possible? A lot of my Xbox buddies were upset about it, but I don't think Xbox released enough info about it originally. People seem to think your just going to be able to share a 10 game catalog with friends, and you all make sure you just purchase different games. I damn well know that cant be it.

Chanogram1761d ago

That's actually exactly how it was going to be. There were a few limitations though. Mainly: only one of your 10 friends can play the game from your library at once.

I did hear at one point that you could actually play a game together with someone on your friends list with just one copy of the game purchased if you were playing with he person that owns it.

I hope they bring back parts of this.

nukeitall1761d ago

I think the rage from not being able to play offline for more than 24-hour overshadowed any benefits what so ever. There was nothing MS could have said or do.

It is a case of the loud minority.

rainslacker1761d ago

Truth is, no one really knows what made it so great. There was so little information released about the plan that all the stuff people say it was going to be is all based on conjecture and speculation.

If it was as good as some of the commentators made it out to be, MS should have pushed that above all else as the reason behind their digital future. It would have done a lot to stop the initial backlash, but nothing was said about it until a while after the reveal. That kind of thing is what you put front and center to show the benefits of the DRM/always-on that they wanted to have.

I still don't think it would have lasted though. Sony has a sharing plan now, and it is more restrictive than the speculated plan from MS, and even then the publishers weren't too happy about sharing a game with 5 people. Pressure made them drop it to 2 shares. There is no reason to assume the same thing wouldn't happen with MS.

Deadpoolio1761d ago

Hopefully they do so that all the annoying brain dead MicroJizz drinking Xbots will find out that it was NEVER what they claimed it was, of course they only claim it was amazing and not demos after they ditch it...

porkChop1761d ago

Didn't a Microsoft exec confirm on their blog that the Family Plan was really just glorified demos? They said it allowed 10 family members to share 15-45 minute trials of all their games. A lot of people seem to mistakenly think that it was for entire games.

HolyDuck1761d ago

That was later disproven via twitter I believe, another one of those rumours that clearly, by your post, was actually believed.

Found an article about it, the update is at the bottom. (Sorry for linking Kotaku)

xHeavYx1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Well, I have my doubts, if you check Angry Joe's interview with Major Nelson (link below) Major Nelson kept using the word "check out a game", at the 4 minute mark. He said only 1 person at the time can play, and he also said "it's not like you are buying 1 copy for all 10 members" (4:18 mark)
You can't really take what Aaron Greemberg said as the absolute truth, because he made that comment after the family sharing plan was cancelled.

I do think that bringing a real sharing program would give them a lot of sales


porkChop1761d ago

Yes MS dismissed the claims after the family share plan was already canned. If MS has no intention of bringing the plan back then of course MS is going to make the feature sound better than it was.

As HeavY has also said, Major Nelson himself alluded to the idea that the family share plan would have just been demos.

Grown Folks Talk1761d ago

"Check out" is a common phrase & you both know it. When you "check out" a book from the library or dvd from blockbuster, do you get a snippet? "Hey, let me check out that cd." Do you get 30 second samples of each song?

MorePowerOfGreen1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

No, only that it will return but on with digital versions games. What you're talking about is damage control spin that was being spread from S.D.F.

xHeavYx1761d ago

Only a member for 35 days and already one bubble? I wonder why... SMH, do some research before opening your mouth, instead going into (ironically) defense mode

rainslacker1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Question. If Sony had pressure from publishers to take their sharing plan down from 5 shares to 2 this gen, what makes you think MS can offer 10 shares to everyone and anyone(on your friends list of course).

It has nothing to do with the SDF, it has to do with common sense.

Say you have 10 people. Each buys 10 different games. They all share those games. That's 100 different games played by 10 people. Instead of selling 10 copies of each game, they've sold 1 copy of each. That is not a hit publishers are going to take for the benefit of MS. They won't even take a hit of a quarter of that when multiplied by the number of consoles sold.

There were major restrictions on a plan like this that MS never made public, just no one on the Xbox side using it to validate DRM is willing to admit it.

Let's assume that it was just a timed demo sharing thing. My question would be, why not just have a timed full-game trial like Sony has. Then anti-social a**holes like me that have no friends can still play.

AngelicIceDiamond1761d ago

@Chop I was actually one of those who actually link that story. (Via comment section)

According to Aaron Greenberg on Twitter (I believe anyway) basically stated there was no time limit to Game Sharing.

Of course we'll have to take his word for it considering we won't be seeing the Game Sharing feature this time around.

porkChop1761d ago

The thing with saying there's no time limit though is that it could mean many different things. For example, if you download a 60-minute timed trial on PS3, but don't play it, it will last for one year before it's deactivated. So Greenberg could have meant that the trials will never be deactivated in that way.

Anyway, we'll never know for sure, though I really don't trust what MS says at all. They've made a business out of lying to their customers every chance they get. With MS I assume everything they say is a lie until it's actually proven to be true. It's saved me quite a few times from making bad purchases.

Lalanana1761d ago

Family sharing plan coming back would be sweet. I was actually saddened to see that feature gone.

Looking forward to it to be truth.

Pogmathoin1761d ago

Hopefully it comes back. My nephew would love me, would be the worlds greatest uncle... and my brother would save a lot of money! Cheap bastid!!!!

FlameHawk1761d ago

Its not only Family Sharing, he is saying the DRM is still there.

Chanogram1761d ago

If family sharing comes back for digitally purchased games, of course there will be SOME DRM in regards to that. Just like there is today with PS3 and XBOX360 digital downloads.

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