GTA V PS4 / PC Versions: Will They Arrive? If So, When?

In the following Original Piece Mitch Walters of RealGamerNewz analyzes the many business signs that can be pointed to, some of which are being heavily reported while others may be overlooked entirely, in regards to the Grand Theft Auto V video game potentially releasing on Sony PS4 and Windows PC at some future date.

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tristanwerbe1796d ago

I'd rather not pay for same thing again

GarrusVakarian1796d ago

I would gladly pay again, especially if it means a better framerate for online.

Ill keep my fingers crossed, despite R* stating that haven't got a PS4 version in the works. PC is a different story though, its pretty much guaranteed to be released on PC.

ajeezy091796d ago

PC I'm down 4 if the movie maker comes back

Drakol1796d ago

I'd be down to buy it.

weirdo1796d ago

it wouldn't be hard to port it to pc/xbone/ps4, these platforms are similar in code

1796d ago