Paradox: Steam Controller “Feels Great”

Paradox share their thoughts on Valve's Steam Controller

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SuperBlur1670d ago

does not matter what people think , i want to try it out myself because it's intriguing and i must have it now!

Alexious1670d ago

Yeah, it could really be revolutionary.

Saryk1670d ago

If it is as good and stated (we will see). I wonder how it will affect the consoles? Look at the Wii and the motion controller then the Xbox/PS3 version.

Imp0ssibl31670d ago

I don't think consoles will emulate the controller. It's designed to play games you normally couldn't on a console such as RTS, grand strategy games, anything which requires a mouse and keyboard really.
Consoles won't need their version of a Steam controller simply because they don't have any games that would benefit from it.