Sapphire Radeon R9 290X Officially Costs €499.99, €519.99 For Battlefield 4 Bundle

Sapphire would launch a stand-alone variant of the Radeon R9 290X which would feature the reference specs and will retail at the €499.99 price while the Battlefield 4 bundled version would retail for a little more at €519.99. It seems like Sapphire is using their company sticker on the stand-alone version which makes it look unique from the other R9 290X crowd which are re-using the reference stickers and design over and over again.

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Tzuno1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Dat new psu you need and that 200+ watt at idle :) and dat energy bill.

duplissi1797d ago

? it uses around 90 watts at idle... dunno where you got the 200 plus from. At full load it uses soemthing like 15 watts more than a titan or 20 more than a 780

badz1491797d ago

dat holes in the pocket!!

FlyingFoxy1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

5.6Tflops of power.. dang, with Mantle you'd think every game should run 60+fps @ 1080p for years on this thing.. probably won't be the case but it should.

Didn't some devs say you'd need a card of 3.6Tflops on PC to match PS4? this thing obliterates it.

If they can really optimize games now with the use of Mantle i'd hope frame rates start going up more.

TacticAce1797d ago

Uh could you guys have the decency of putting it in USD terms as well?

Parapraxis1797d ago

Uh could you have the decency of taking the 2 freaking seconds it takes to google the conversion.

Don't be so useless.

TacticAce1797d ago

I did, hours ago but as a fellow journalist I'm wondering why this site would do that to their readers.

grimmweisse1797d ago

Big hint "The official European prices", just wait for the OFFICIAL US price, if it hasn't already been revealed!

Not every site has to have prices in $. If the article converted the price, then it wouldn't be official would it now!

Dante811797d ago

google 688.84 US Dollar

Dasteru1797d ago

Prices on electronics between Europe and the US are never direct conversions, chances are it will be $499 US also, maybe $549.

MidnytRain1797d ago


True. They wouldn't give it an arbitrary-looking price like that. I think they'd round it or match it based on the European price.

Lockon1797d ago

Omg.......If I had the money for this...I would..But I need the PS4..

Dante811797d ago

Have you built a PC before?

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