New Dragon Quest X Weekly Quest Continues Prince Odis’ Ordeal For the Ladies’ Only Throne

When you’re a prince and you want to get your royal rear on a throne that is traditionally reserved to women, life is hard, and you need valiant adventurers to help you. That’s exactly the theme of the “Who is this for?” ongoing questline currently being implemented on Dragon Quest X, that today is going to receive its fourth episode on the Japanese servers.

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Drabent1673d ago

Bring to the states plz!

3-4-51673d ago

Seriously Nintendo we need more Dragon Quest.

* DQ X, 11(3DS), 7 (3DS) it!

Shnazzyone1673d ago

8! 8! why not 8 on 3ds? I'd preorder that a year ahead of time.

Last_Boss1673d ago

I would actually like to see this on the VITA!!!

lilbroRx1673d ago

Sony fanboys generally want to see everything on Nintendo hardware on Vita. Even though they never buy it when it does actually happen(here's looking at you Rayman Legends.)

Last_Boss1673d ago

Sorry Lil guy wrong person, I actually do want to play this on the Wii U. The truth is the 3DS doesn't have stamina for it. For some body who Shin Megami X Fire Emblem, really bad, your fanboy rhetoric theory holds no water. That's also lame to to had certain games on the 3DS, knowing they wouldn't of played anywhere close to PS3 version.


Last_Boss1673d ago

How's that Street Fighter 3DS, holding up for you?!!

SegaGamer1673d ago

This is just like what SEGA are doing with PSO2. Nintendo won't release it outside Japan because they think not enough people are interested.

Believe or not Japan, but a lot of people outside your country love your stuff, maybe it's time you realised this.