DICE not fully honest of its free DLC policy

DICE might not have been 100% honest in their previous claims

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GarrusVakarian1791d ago

DICE....owned by EA....not fully honest.....

Nope, doesn't surprise me! Anyone else surprised?

sAVAge_bEaST1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

Not surprised, at all.. I wish DICE, was not under the EA umbrella -most of the time. (dedicated servers being the exception)

cHaOZ_ZoNE1791d ago

Dedicated servers arent a feature, I consider it a must have.

Dedi support was standard for most PC games before the 2000s, we made a massive step back.

sobekflakmonkey1791d ago

It's EA, you know for a fact that they're going to attempt to nickle and dime every one of us as much as possible...

piratescott1790d ago

I wish no games were under EA, but sadly it can't be helped.

UltimateMaster1790d ago

It's a common theme at EA, don't blame DICE for it. They work for them.

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jayswolo1791d ago

DICE has no control over any of that.

Avernus1791d ago

"March 2010, less than a month after DICE released its acclaimed multiplatform sequel to the PlayStation exclusive Battlefield: Bad Company, DICE senior producer Patrick Bach stepped forward and told the world that Battlefield DLC will always be free. Now to put these words in context, one of its free DLC packs for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 released on March 30th; the same day as the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus package hit the shelves of the Xbox Live market place."

I remember this. I thought at the time DICE was the best dev ever. Now under EA's wing, they're going to nickle and dime wherever they get chance.

I suspect gun, player and vehicle camos will be for sale on top of the Premium purchase. Of course there would be dog tags for sale.

Of course cosmetic items aren't a big deal, either you buy them or don't, you won't get split up from your friends who DID buy Premium or a certain map DLC. Selling maps is a sure way of splitting up the community.

cHaOZ_ZoNE1791d ago

During the Beta, the most annoying thing I found was the Battlepack crap. Considering how the have been milking their customers in the past, I could imagine them selling those too. Luckily these Battlepack do not only contain camo, BUT NOOOOOOOO they contain attachments etc. too.

EAs business practices are at the same low as Activisions by now...

Avernus1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

They'll sell shortcuts. For example "Assault shortcut. Contains all the attachments for all Assault rifles".

They've done this in BC2, BF3, and will most certainly do it in BF4. They just calling it Battlepacks.

It not a huge deal, but it's certainly annoying to know that it's there. When you're playing the game and grinding your way to unlock stuff, someone will just buy it, and have all the attachments from day 1.

cellfluid1791d ago

Dice hasn't been honest ea hasn't been honest microlost hasn't been honest add that to the list santa clause!!

ABeastNamedTariq1791d ago

I thought DICE said we were getting free DLC w/Battlefield 3. And that everything isn't going to be $15 (or something like that, don't quote me).

Wag of the finger to you, DICE!

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