Does Sony have advantage in releasing PS4 before Xbox One?

Sony is about to launch the PS4 in a few weeks with a North American release set to happen on November 15 while European gamers have to wait a little bit longer until November 29.
They are beating Microsoft to the punch with them releasing the Xbox One a week later on November 22. There are sometimes where it’s good to be first in the market when launching a new product.

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Angels37851795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I would say yes. At this point microsoft while not in a terrible position (it could get better or worse up until launch day) they are in a neutral position with ps4 being favorable...they need some sort of advantage. If these resolution rumors are true they have a problem. The xbox one is already slightly weaker, but that'll only matter if it is shown in the games.

Lalanana1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Hi angles3785,

I completely understand everything you are saying but...once xbox one comes out..people will look at their launch game line up and want to play most of them because they seem fun.. I am sure 1 week apart will not mean much for sony or MS.

@ Lukas_Japonicus I ignored you originally, is there a way to un-ignore someone? I feel bad doing that to one of my biggest fans :-p

GarrusVakarian1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

But then people will remember the past few decades of playstation and how dedicated they are to games, many people grew up with playstation. I agree that the week difference wont make much difference but i can see playstation staying the most dominant console throughout next gen, it would take something huge to put them out of the competition.

Launch line ups aren't everything, Lalanana. Remember the PS3's launch line up compared to now?

@Lalanana, I would rather stay ignored, please. I am not a fan, trust me. I disapprove of someone who stealth trolls and manages to get away with it. You do make me laugh though......your purpose here on n4g makes me laugh.

Mikelarry1795d ago

go to the users you ignored and select unignore

NewMonday1795d ago

$100 and 1080p

Nuff said


Not sure about that, many have the opinion XB1 launch is full of uninspired shovelware that barly runs beyond 720p

darthv721795d ago

I guess it would depend on the advantage they are going for. If the advantage is in the games then no. Meaning that both will have quite a few titles to choose from on launch day but the quality and popularity of those titles needs to be a factor.

We cant really gauge the quality of the indie titles because they are unestablished entries but they still deserve a shot at success.

If we are talking advantage in regards to timing then yes. sony will have a week (longer in some areas) and that time is critical to move units and sway consumer attention.

But let it not be said that those who are inclined to buy one or the other will still continue to do so regardless of the temptations of the competition.

sega knows all to well what having a time advantage does to something that people have their minds made up about getting. Despite the DC being a great system with great launch games, people who were sold on the PS2 kept to their ways and passed up the DC for the PS2. No matter how hard Sega tried to convince them of their system, when a consumers mind is made can be very difficult to convince them otherwise.

ALARM-clock1795d ago

Oh, the old fallacy of the inverse. Denial of a valid conclusion at it's most blatant.

SuperBlur1795d ago

Like you gonna be playing nothing else but these launch titles for the rest of the console life span.

Boody-Bandit1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Release date isn't what gives Sony the advantage.

The price difference, more power, 1st and 2nd party support, indie support, non proprietary hardware (cheaper, more options and flexibility with FFB wheels, hard drives, mice and keyboards, controllers, headphones, etc and so on), no non friendly consumer restrictions ever implemented or in fear of being re implemented and proven track record of support of high quality games throughout the life cycle of their products is why Sony has the advantage.

PoSTedUP1795d ago

nope. they have an advantage for Announcing the ps4 first. e g hitting news headlines, news papers, the big event/showing in NYC etc. sonys few weeks isnt going to hurt the xbox one; aparently only microsoft can hurt the xbox one.

nukeitall1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I think the week extra is pointless in either direction, unless supply is higher than demand. Remember, Sony release a week early in US, but a week later in UK compared to Xbox One.

Point being, both consoles are sold out of launch day units and even all the way to holiday units.

It means both are selling out of everything they can make except for the supply they are holding back for the walk ins.

Furthermore, on the grand scheme of things this is negligable. It is more important to see the long term strategy and trend, and neither is showing that well right now.

Remember last time, both the Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 sold out. Everybody thought the PS3 was going to demolish everything, but instead it was the Wii that demolished everybody. Heck, the Xbox 360 is just recovering the crown in the US and UK after Nintendo released a second console. PS3 is a distant third in US, and just slightly better off in the UK.

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hello121795d ago

Sony, is only ahead in preorders because of the mess Microsoft made after their first live announcement of XB1.

Since they got rid of Don Mattrick at Microsoft, they've bounced back strong.But Sony are, i agree, on course to sell more consoles than Microsoft at launch.

After that either side could gain momentum. Reviews will come out thick and fast, so people waiting to buy a console at Christmas, will find out which console suits them more!

PS4 is out 15th in the United States, so we'll see how good it is then.

Thehyph1795d ago

I would say equal parts Microsoft mess and Sony coming strong.

When Sony quickly went from saying they'll let the competition go first and then some kind of event in February comes up, that was the start of Sony having changed something and coming back with vigor. If you watch the way everything was handled from that point on, then it appears Sony had a clear plan.
An example would be DRM and used games. Sony remained quiet on the issue, then let Microsoft grab the issue first, and then turned the issue against them.

OT: This only really applies to North America, and I don't believe one week matters much. Anyone who jumped ship probably didn't do it over a week's wait.

malokevi1795d ago

If it was a year, as last time... yes. A week? lol. I can't believe people are actually talking about this.

They will both be on the shelves for the holiday season. That's what matters here.

they may lose an insignificantly small number of sales... but in the end it really doesn't matter.

NateCole1795d ago

Well it does not hurt them for sure.

die_fiend1795d ago

Is releasing earlier better? Yes

Article done

-EvoAnubis-1795d ago

Answered this question in a video six weeks ago.

OrangePowerz1795d ago

The main advantage for this year that I see is that they will be able to deliver more consoles post launch compared to MS because of the 1 week head start they will be ahead by 1 week in production and shipment.

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