Lionhead takes a Fabled leap onto Xbox One with Unreal Engine 4

Lionhead Studios’ contributions to the Xbox platform and the modern gaming landscape via its Fable franchise are indisputable, with the critically acclaimed, best-selling series approaching its ten-year anniversary. Lionhead previously turned to Unreal Engine tools to build Fable: The Journey, which brought an adventure ripe with storytelling and beautiful scenery to Xbox 360 with integrated Kinect motion controls.

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AngelicIceDiamond1755d ago

Fable always had decent but not great graphics but hopefully with Unreal Engine 4 this game will look allot better then previous titles.

malokevi1755d ago

Impressions from a closed-door gameplay showing at one of the conferences was "looks unbelievable".

I really can't wait to see how this one turns out. The visual flare of Fable in U4 on a next-gen console? Hellz yeah sucka!

4Sh0w1755d ago

Yeah I'm interested to see what they have going on with Fable Legends and Unreal 4.

BallsEye1755d ago

That pre-alpha build screenshots look great


Read some posts by devs on their forums. Said game looks already much better than on those screens.

christocolus1755d ago

nice...the reveal trailer was really awesome

Pogmathoin1755d ago

The gameplay sometimes had me so absorbed into it, that I forgot about the graphics.... never fantastic, but passable...

cactusjack1755d ago

haha unreal engine, lionhead is to lazy to even make their own engine.

Palaven1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

So I guess the biggest developers who used Unreal Engine last gen are lazy? Bioware, Gearbox, Irrational, Rocksteady to name a few.

SirBradders1755d ago

No but when a 1st party dev make stheir own engine they can usually make games alot better because they built the engine from ground up.

BallsEye1755d ago

Epic are masters and creating engines so for sure it's better than way. Also they can focus on making amazing gameplay and tons of content, instead of creating engine for few years.

SignifiedSix911755d ago

You just won the idiot comment of the day. Congratulations!

Whats wrong with using one of the best engines in the

It saves them LOTS of time and money from creating their own engine.
Also, almost all companies use 3rd party engines so there's no reason for 1st party studios not to.