The Witness: Jonathan Blow on his PS4 Open-World Puzzler

Adam Sessler recently got the chance to sit down with Jonathan Blow, the designer of Braid and the upcoming open-world puzzle game The Witness, headed to PS4 and PC in 2014. Learn about Jonathan's vision for his non-linear puzzles, and how he considers difficulty differently than most other games.

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RytGear1794d ago

Really looking forward to this game, looks fresh and exciting. exactly what the start of the next gen deserves!The art style and colours in this game are absolutely out of this world!

patsrule3161794d ago

This is a true must own for me. Braid was in my top 5 favorite games of this gen, and I fully expect this to be a fantastic game as well.

KwietStorm1794d ago

I wish it came out next month.