Resogun’s De Benetti: Games Aren’t Xbox One’s Priority, PS4 More Attractive for True Gamers

Housemarque’s Tommaso De Benetti, currently working on PS4 exclusive Resogun, has a quite clear idea on the comparison between the upcoming next generation titans Xbox One and PS4.

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GarrusVakarian1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Completely agree, MS showed how little they cared for the core gamer back in 2010 when they abandoned core games and gamers for Kinect and with how little they support the 360 to this day.

Sony have a reputation spanning decades of being known to be heavily gamer/game focused, but dont take my word for it, see for yourselves:


Not trolling, or being a fanboy, just posting cold hard facts. I gamed exclusively on 360 until 2010 and once i tasted Sony's 1st party exclusives there was no way i was going to back to gaming on a single console.

To the disagree's, just click the link. That's all you need to do.

xHeavYx1643d ago

Phantom "disagreers" will will never reply to facts.
It is great that Sony keeps launching PS3 games, even if the PS4 is so close, and you get high quality game after high quality game

jackanderson19851643d ago

core gamers make up a relatively small part of the overall gaming community.... both companies would be foolish to ignore them... also hasn't that image been proven wrong on both sides with games missing?

also MS has only been in the console game for 12 years now and they've created a fantastic game in Halo (best selling exclusive i think), gears which is a fantastic series and forza which is a great racer if ur into racers.

has sony done some great games yeah no doubt TLOU alone is fantastic and i'd highly recommend anyone who hasn't to go get it now

MS is still relatively new to the gaming world compared to Sony and Nintendo... Balmer was/is a dinosaur, stuck to his old ways and with him on his way out maybe MS will change more towards a 1st party beast like Sony's currently are

darthv721643d ago

Just to be fair...lets take what a developer of an exclusive game for one platform says about the development of the other platform with just a pinch of salt.

how each one handles their affairs is on them. There is no rule that they must do the same exact thing.

hello121643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Ya the X box 360 was a terrible console? No Microsoft are innovating exploring new ideas. Sony just upgraded their console so its games would look nicer to its fans.

Microsoft upgraded their graphics too, but they wanted to give their customer options other then gaming. Hows that suddenly wrong?

Just look at X box live, if they didn't care about hardcore gaming. Why so they invest and getting 300,000 Azure servers?

Every developer has free access to dedicated servers on XB1. Sony has offered nothing to its customer base!

AlexanderNevermind1643d ago

Sure seems that way to me. I have enough toys for entertainment and don't need my console gimped by tv gadgets. Just my op....

OrangePowerz1643d ago


"Hows that suddenly wrong?"

If you sacrifice better hardware for stuff like TV that is wrong for a GAMING console. Playing games should be the main focus, but instead they sacrifice on the gaming to make it a TV box.

You do know that the same Azure servers are used for every other MS product as well right? Those are not servers only used for Xbox Live, they use the same cloud infrastructure for all of their products so it`s not 300 000 servers dedicated for gaming.

MS offers dedicated servers for free, but that doesn`t mean they are great servers. You can end up with free servers that are crap. If that is the case we don`t know, they could be great but they could be crap as well.

Pogmathoin1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I think the term, core gamer is far too stretched. I have played games since the early 80's, but find much less time to play these days, though my 6 yr old son can school me at lego Star wars.... does this make me less core gamer??? What does it mean anymore??? Times have changed, and I think what is perceived as 'core gamer' is a tiny minority... the big market is those that go about life doing many things, but find time for games too....

@ Darth, right on... I think what is considered hardcore now, is those who check the net everyday to see who is 'winning' I wonder do they even enjoy the actual gaming side of games!! I do not care, still get more or less every console released, make some mistakes and have games bought 6 months ago, yet to play.... sorry Borderlands 2, will give you proper time... My son is up at 6:30 to play skylanders, because he was smart enough to check it out on youtube and learn how to proceed... he is 6, I consider him more 'core gamer' than 90% of those who comment here....

Godmars2901643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Sorry, but I can only disagree with you in regards to MS. Halo wasn't theirs, or rather it became theirs after they bought Bungie who'd been working on the project well before the Xbox was even conceived. Likewise Gears was an outside commissioned work, while Forza has become tarnished by trying to be used to unseat GT only to fall back on publicly made commitments towards realism.

Don't get me wrong, its a good series, but they never should have tried to be both an arcade car porn racer *and* a realistic car simulator. Those are contradictions.

When Sony came into consoles they unseated Nintendo overnight because they saw where Nintendo had left themselves vulnerable and took advantage of that on a worldwide scale. They had no experience in gaming but were willing to learn. Have been.

When MS came into consoles they had already had a few PC titles. Thought they could get by on their name and really only saw the #1 gaming market: America. Bought into anything which looked like it might sell, and sold it largely in America and almost no where else. If the public premiere of the XB1 is any example, the policy reversals they were forced to make, they haven't learned anything.

After 12 years they have no excuse.

darthv721643d ago

@ps4beaver...the term 'core' has been changed to fit the context of current gaming needs. Regardless that it is derived from the original word: hardcore, which by virtue was anyone who played games to a degree that exceeded casual levels.

Now its more about the game than the simple practice of playing games. I was considered hardcore growing up because i played anything and everything from the arcade to the home.

it didnt matter if it was tetris for hours on end or blowing through quarters on arcade fighters or racers. It was about the time invested into the craft.

Now, i dont have the time like i used to so...sadly...i have been kicked to the curb and called a casual gamer. It doesnt bother me as I play on my own time...casually enjoying games like god of war or mario kart with my kids.

Regardless of how the term is used by today's standards, i know in my heart i am still hardcore and dont need to prove anything to anyone.

christocolus1643d ago


dude i agree sonys exclusives were more this gen,but that link isnt painitng a proper picture why werent the following games listed there for 360? fable3 , lost odysee, blue dragon, halo wars,halo odst,pgr3, pgr4, alan wake, ninety nine nights, kameo, viva pinata, viva pinata trouble in paradise, banjoe kazooie nuts and bolts, perfect dark zero, amped 3, infinite undiscovery...well ms had just 3 or 4 major studios last gen but now they have more than double that number of studios and also doubled the size of the dev teams in those studios so im guessing things will even up this time around.

ShinMaster1643d ago


Microsoft isn't innovating on anything Sony hasn't already done before in one form or another with things like the PSX, PlayTV and the EyeToy and PS Eye.

You don't know how those servers even work. You think those are all physical servers dedicated to gaming on XBL only? hahaha

FamilyGuy1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

@ christocolus

You just named a bunch of very old games when the compiled list clearly says 2010-2013

For example: Lost Odessy came out in 2007 in japan, 2008 in the U.S. Halo Wars came out in 2009 and Blue Dragon came out in 2007.

The main purpose of that list is to show MSs swing of focus from core gamers to casual gamers. Wanting to get console sales numbers that mirrored the Wii they started focusing on making kinect games as a priority in 2010. The picture is irrefutable evidence of this trend.

BBBirdistheWord1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

A PS4 developer praising the ps4?
Stop the press!
This is unheard of!

Ok so on a less sarcastic related note, I have to ask what exactly is a 'true' gamer?
I have been gaming since the Atari 2600 and never stopped. By most people's standards I am a gamer, well and truly.

Now ironically, I am really looking forward to the implementation of Kinect 2.0 fitness. You know,that game where you jump around in front of the TV and it tracks you and helps you to be healthy while having fun. What a great Idea. Can't wait for that game.

Why does this developer get to decide that his game is a true game while other games that I like are not befitting the true gamer label?

IS there some secret society that gets to decide what makes gamers true or not?

It just makes me laugh.
I have been around for too long playing video games to pay heed to some misguided notion of gamer status. Fanboy stuff, really.

360ICE1642d ago

Granted, Halo sells well, but it's not the best selling exclusive, as a google search would tell you. Actually, it's quite far from it (Mario-franchise, Wii-franchise, Gran Turismo are some of the ones ahead of it).

Also, they're not THAT new to the gaming world compared to Sony. They have two generations behind them, Sony has three. Don't see why that would matter though.

MrDead1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

@ Lukas_Japonicus


Yakuza 4 is missing off that exclusive list, please rectify and I might forgive you.

Also missing from exclusive retail list.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch
Mobile Suit Gundam UC
Tokyo Jungle
Tales of Xillia 2
Everybody's Golf 6 (Japan only)
Disgaea D2
Dragon's Crown
Yakuza: Dead Souls

And lets not forget the legend that is, Ra.One: The Game

boneso821642d ago

Good link!

Lol @ 2 halos, 2 forzas and 2 gears games! What a joke!

Boody-Bandit1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )


You nailed it. There isn't a whole lot to add to what you already said. After 2 generations MS just doesn't get it. The path they have chosen with the X1 makes absolutely no sense to me. IMO they are 2 years late to the party with the direction they are headed with the X1.

They're building their console around and all in one box but most of the features they are offering already exist on practically everything like smart tv's, smart phones, laptops, pcs, tablets, smart receivers, etc. Some of those options already have voice and camera controls as well. My Samsung smart TV has both voice and camera controls. So what was the point of implementing these features while sacrificing power that would've been better served on gaming to do so?

I still feel they should have a sku without Kinect and lower the price at least $100 dollars or more. The only 2 games I'm interested in on the X1 hardware is Killer Instinct and Forza 5. But not enough to spend $1600 dollars to do so. At least the way I prefer to play racers and fighting games. Madcatz KI stick $200+, TX 458 wheel $750+ and the console and both games $620+.

I don't see myself not getting an X1 any time soon. Been on the fence because I'm a big Forza fan but most likely will hold out to see if Fanatec can update my CSR Elite to work on the X1 or what they might offer next. The TX 458 wheel from Thrustmaster looks decent enough but it's not compatible with my Fanatec CSP pedals and nothing on the market beats them under -$1k. Besides from everything I have seen about the TX 458 my CSR Elite is already a notch above that as well. I don't see spending nearly $800 dollars on an FFB combo to get lesser than what I already own. Another big mistake by MS. Not allowing backwards compatibility with existing peripherals.

SonyKong641642d ago

as of now, 43 hipsters are buying xbox one, regardless of microsofts polices or direction.. = /

I'm sure the same 43 disagrees have iPhones..

truechainz1642d ago

@PS4 Beaver

I wouldn't bother with it. The label "core" has no real context. People just use it in whatever way it is convenient for making themselves look like some superior form of gamer. You can tell the terms core and casual really aren't worth much when if you ask everyone in here what they mean, you would get 100 hundred different definitions that could all have several holes poked in them to reveal no consistency. That is why I disregard what this guy says because of the fact that he thinks he has the right mandate what a "true" gamer is.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1642d ago

This is hilarious! And look at the Sony fans jump all over it.

A Sony Dev says that about MS, and pumps up the company he works for.

What's funny is the X1 has the better launch line up with lot's of games. Irony on this is crazy big! I love it.

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jamsam3601643d ago

Sony will eventually implament the drm scheme over time So i do not know why you are figuring sony wont!

ZodTheRipper1643d ago

I don't know why you figure they will. Where did you pull that one out?

StoutBEER1643d ago

FunkMcNasty On the head

rainslacker1643d ago

Given their rather assertive comments at E3 on their views of DRM,or more particular game ownership, I highly doubt we'll see it in the PS4 generation. They already have DRM in their digital content, but so does everyone else, and buying digital is a choice, not a mandate.

jamsam3601643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Thats all i am saying, Maybe at some point later in the next gen or the next next gen, everyone will have to worry about DRM! Sony was going to do it and then backed out when they found out about the xbox ones drm! Every smart person knows this! Microsoft was thinking that sony was going to have DRM as well until E3! Microsoft had a plan stuck with it and found out it was not well received and then they changed there polocies!

rainslacker1643d ago

I consider myself a pretty smart person, and I can say I didn't know that Sony was planning on implementing this and backed down.

I've seen people say it's the truth, but not one single quote from any Sony exec even hinted at it.

Please enlighten us with proof, or even reasonable speculation to the merit of this claim.

Boody-Bandit1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )


Those links you provided prove nothing about Sony ever directly saying they were even considering DRM. The vg247 link just shows 2 tweet responses of Sony execs being tweeted at about Sony consumer outrage over MS going DRM and telling Sony not to do the same.

The PS4daily link is nothing but assumptions and speculation that Sony decided not to go DRM after the outrage of consumers over MS's decision to go full DRM.

No where has Sony ever gone on record saying they were even considering DRM and the PS4 hardware wasn't built around DRM like the X1 was. That is all mere speculation, assumptions and wishful thinking of MS only consumers that Sony was considering the same abysmal path MS try to pull with the X1.

BlackTar1871642d ago


Can yo please post a link with no actual concrete type evidence? Those articles are nothign but an assumption by the author.

Seriosuly are you able to provide any articles with actual backing of facts or just "Take my word for it" articles?

Im not saying they weren't but those articles prove zero. Why did they not mention DRM at console reveal? Man so many holes in your assumption based on articles based on assumptions.

jamsam3601642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

You tards think Sony would outright say this! No it would scar there image they have going. Just accept that it was going to happen. And it did not. Thank god. You Sony fanboys gotsa have proof cause PS4 is the best thing since the wheel They will never admit to it! They are riding the positive wave right now.

BlackTar1871642d ago


"You tards think Sony would outright say this! No it would scar there image they have going. Just accept that it was going to happen. And it did not. Thank god. You Sony fanboys gotsa have proof cause PS4 is the best thing since the wheel They will never admit to it! They are riding the positive wave right now."

You do understand how crazy you sound right? Fanboys gotsa have proof? No just no....... In order to say something with such conviction you must have some sort of tangiable proof not laid out in speculation and assumption from Journalist who barely even retain enough integrity to be called journalist int he first place.

I can't believe you don't see whats wrong with your statement and even when asked for proof you fail to provide anything at all worth any value. Then you go to name calling. I think you need to step back and think about what your trying to pass off as proof.

Boody-Bandit1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

XBL - BoodyBandit = my account

Someone is a fanboy here, and a defensive one at that, but it's not me. You get called out on your links that don't prove a thing and you instantly go into the MFFF and name calling. Why so defensive? You mad bro? It's not our fault MS tried screwing their consumers. I don't own stocks in MS and they certainly aren't a part of my family. So I have no problem calling them out on their nonsense as well. I have no brand loyalty but I've learned my lesson. This time I'm going with the PS4.

BTW for those wondering
MFFF = monkey flinging feces fight

jamsam3601642d ago

That shows you how egotistical sony fans are! "You wiil never dammage how i feel so i will say something mean about microsoft"! all of your comments alone show how much dammage you guys are doing to the gaming community! With all the I do not give a rats ass about either brand. But You sony fans take the cake. Without a competitor like microsoft and nintendo, Prices would rise And what we all love would be gone forever! Oh wait i should not have said that because all you guys want is PROOF! Nobady can take another few persons word for it any more! If its on the internet it has to be true right! It was in place could have happened but backed out! DRM Is in everyones future! And no i am not mad thats what you would like isnt it? I am going to have fun with My wife and kids this Holiday till you sony Fans Chill out! Peace.

BlackTar1871642d ago


You have provided nothing to bolster your position. Asking people to take someones or your word for it is not how the world works.

You are MAD its pretty obvious. You quickly went to name calling and finger pointing instantly. You ended your links with i got more. But really you most likely picked the best of what you had to show case your point but your point is nothing but "What if" and "Take our word for it"

DRM is the future but not M$ model of it that's for sure. MS had the most anti consumer DRM policies to date on a mass scale.

Anyways you're out of bubbles so i won't get a response but its not really like your response are thought out and they quickly went from level headed to off the deep end right away.

When calling people fanboys you may want to look in a mirror.

I see nothing from you that would warrant someone giving you the benefit of the doubt much less the journalists.

rainslacker1642d ago

I think you guys broke jamsam...

Anyways, everyone said what I could possibly say.

I will bring up a point from one of those links though to help you feel better. There was some mention from a Sony exec that they considered including the camera but decided against it. They made no mention that they wanted to sell the system for $500. In fact everything said to date indicates they had their $399 in place well before E3. If they cut the camera they likely cut it to not take such a big loss at $399.

Sony saw the camera as a marginal accessory that many would not care about. I guess we can thank MS for that, since the Kinect is also a marginal accessory that not many care about.

Sony showed the camera at the reveal, but made no mention of it being included. This could have been to try and persuade MS to include Kinect, because it's very likely that MS would think Sony would release the system at $499 w/camera. MS would know about what the system would cost to make, and about what Sony would sell it for. They both have talented market analyst to determine those things. Sony could have played MS on this whole thing, and Sony could have never had any intention of including the camera. Or they just decided to not take such a loss on the console. We'll likely never know, and unlike you, I won't take some random article saying it's true as proof of anything. I can speculate on possibilities on my own, I don't need made up articles to do it for me.

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CYCLEGAMER1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Well I am a true gamer who has been gaming since the 80's. To be honest, I think there is a misunderstanding on what a "true gamer" is. Am I not a true gamer because I want to buy an xb1??? LOL

I will be getting both systems however I will be getting the xb1 first and the ps4 second because it only has one true next gen game at launch. Not taking anything away from knack but imo it doesn't look like this game should be sold at average retail price.

The xb1 will be getting my money first because of its GAMES and its features to a lesser extent. No agenda, no hatred, no allegiance. A true gamer plays games not names.

malokevi1643d ago


This is such a strange article. indie ps4-exclusive dev says Xbox One isn't for gamers? Would this get any attention if the circumstances were opposite? Doubtful.

Fanning the flames with PR speak is all I see. I'm a gamer, and like you I'm getting XB1 first and PS4 shortly after. And, like you, I can appreciate where the games are.



Yeah man its a little strange, and sad. It's like people treat Sony and MS like a conflicting religion.

Campy da Camper1643d ago

You honestly don't think killzone sf is a next gen title?


When I said the ps4 only has one true next gen game, I was reffering to killzone....That is the game that I really really want to play.

buynit1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Melman.. Here on n4g not only are you not a gamer for wanting a xb1 but you are also looked at as an evil person for supporting the evil ms agenda to ruin gaming all together! /s

I have both systems paid off and will be getting the ps4 first but only cause it releases first obviously However, I am looking forward to the xb1 the most. I'm really excited to try the "tv tv tv" feature, how can you not love that hdmi input!? I also like what kinect brings to the table too. I like it for the little things like controlling the ui or talking to it, head tracking, gestures.. I don't want it to take over the buttons but just compliment them in a good game I hoped Sony would include theirs too in order to give that technology full support but Sony chose not to so I hope ms does great things with kinect and it really takes off in the way motion did for wii and beyond that point, you blind if you can't see the great potential kinect can bring to gaming..

I would be surprised if xb1 didn't take over my living room.. I would give up a little bit of power for that hdmi port, the xb1 will be no slouch and still do much more than what the ps4 can do out the box. Also you ppl see it as paying an extra 100 for kinect I see it as paying extra for the hdmi input and it's clear I love it and trust me Im probably more of a "hardcore" gamer than most of you, it's not just about how many hours you clock into a game but how you support the industry as a whole.

Kleptic1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

^wait, you're talking about what exactly? The One's ability for HDMI switching? serious question, as i haven't read that much about it...

My H/K home theater receiver has built in Full HD switching for 4 inputs...with a button press i keep HD sound decoding, don't have to mess with any of that, between my PS3, a PC, and even my android phone (which has an mini-HDMI output)...and the TV input is never HDTV also has HDMI control, so one single remote does all stock TV remote can even turn my ps3 on and off, and pretty much do everything until i start playing a game...I'm just saying, from what i've seen so far, the advantage the xbox has over that is back to Kinect, as it can be activated via voice...

So i realize not everyone has a receiver like that...and for those the One's switching, i guess, is pretty good...but still, is just changing TV inputs that big of a deal?...i don't use that method because i'd then have to change sources on my receiver for sound (my setup lets it all be done with a single button press)...I also find real time television a complete joke any more, haven't had a TV subscription since 2007...

just pointing out...This article is mostly about the true fact that most of the xbox one's 'new' features are not related to actual gaming...I'm not sold on the Ps4's new features yet either, so not taking sides...but so far...for me personally...neither console is adding enough in any direction for me to buy one yet...that goes for non-gaming (input switching), and gaming (2013 and still no unanimous 1080/60fps)...i'm yet to be blown away by either of them...i guess i won't know until i actually get my hands on one at a store or something...which was the same case with this current generation to begin with...

Anzil1642d ago

a core gamer buys both systems lol

buynit1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )


Yea i def. Don't have a receiver like that i just like the complete package xb1 brings and Im prepared to take full advantage of it with great online connection and i have been a cable subscriber for a little over a decade now and enjoy the movies and shows it has to offer..

No its not that big of a deal but its one of those "why not" the console is usually in the living room and i would much rather have the ui from ms, i have optimum and theirs is complete Garbage!

Yes some features have nothing to do with gaming but in all honesty i don't play games all day every day so it makes me feel better that after spending 500 on the console its not just restricted to games i can enjoy the console for tv and internet with the ease of the snap feature that lets me go back and forth so easily..

Yes i know ps4 will have internet too... I just think xb1 does non gaming things better and smoother and i really don't feel like i or ms should be ashamed of that especially since imo ps4 will not be that much more powerful like everyone here claims, it can only help grow the video game industry and as a hardcore game that's all i want so that our entertainment can be that much more stronger against ppl like like jack Thompson.

Their is no need to hate me or bubble me down because Im not the enemy just one of the few that's all about great games no matter the console its on Im just a little more excited for xb1 because its going to deliver a new experience for me and i have been gaming on nothing but consoles since Atari so it excites me to see a console equipped to take complete control of my tv with a better ui and still give me great games that look great..

I agree with you, don't you think someone is pretty hardcore when they own all consoles with all the AAA games and the latest handhelds with all the great Games? Or is a hardcore gamer to you is a certain bunch on N4g? or someone that clocks a million hrs into a Game?

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Aceman181643d ago

Oh dear this will causes and uproar with some gamers Lol.

FunkMacNasty1643d ago

I would remind Mr. Tommaso De Benetti that "true" gamers don't pick sides, they keep an open mind, and game on multiple consoles and PC as well.

All this 'my-console-is-better-than -yours' stuff... that's for little bitches who don't have anything to worry about in life other than how someone else perceives them

StoutBEER1643d ago

Hahaha wow, smell your own farts much?

NewZealander1643d ago

Lol so says a resogun many xb1 launch exclusivs vs ps4 launch exclusives? Yeah exactly!

5eriously1642d ago

How many of those are rehashed 360 exclusives just to make the rushed eXB0Ne's launch more acceptable to the gullible and mostly American juvenile gamers ??????

Yeah exactly. Shame on M$ for starving the eXBox360 of games and then take the final IP's away and transferring it to the eXB0Ne.

Can I say milk the gullible much? If I owned a 360 I would have been furious.

NewZealander1642d ago

@ 5eriously

obviously you are as much of a fanboy as this wannabe dev is, i would take ryse over resogun any day.

sure ryse may have started as a kinect game, but now it stands as one of the best looking next gen console games so far.

VS. resogun....need i say more? ok i will, im sure you wont be complaining about the last guardian being developed on ps3 when it finally gets released on ps4, noooo it will be the best thing ever, because sony fanboys are the biggest hypocrites around.

ballsohard20131642d ago

But yet X1 has more exclusive titles and content on 360 vs ps3. And for the first year between ps4 vs x1, ms also has more titles slated to drop for x1. I really don't understand the fanboy ish. I understand that some people can't afford both next gen systems but its funny when people spew OPINIONS that scream fanboy-ism then have difficulty supporting them with facts.

-Ps4 has a stronger GPU
-X1 has stronger cpu
-Sony and its previous free online experience was no match for the Xbox live paid subscription community. Its expected that X1 multiplayer experience will keep the trend by having a better online experience vs Ps4 thanks to features such as cloud, dedicated servers and more.
-If ps3 vs x360 is an indication.., then Xbox One will have more exclusive titles and content than ps4.

But in the end none of this won't really matter, because I'm a gamer with a job. So im buying both consoles. But really the fanboy ish is out of hand. Also before you cry and rant support your disagreement with list the exclusive titles for each system, bet you im right.

Anzil1642d ago

I have honestly never met someone sooo delusional lol your going to have to go out of your way to say microsoft makes better games than sony hahahaha both consoles are awesome but sony dummies microsoft every time in the exclusive AAA titles microsoft just buys devs off and your too dumb to see titanfall will be ps4 aswell as deadrising and 90% of all xbox exclusive will hit playstation where about 10% of playstation exclusives hit the xbox lol microsoft doesnt buy and invest they xbox 360 exclusives right now and i will retort on everyone with a sad go!!!!!

Silly gameAr1642d ago

Nah. All anyone has to do is look at the history of the Playstation and XBox. Which one comes strong then falls flat and which one is still supporting their console even though their next console is right around the corner?

No list needed.

MizTv1642d ago

I couldn't agree more
It's all about the games
Don't get me wrong I have had a lot of good times playing halo and gears but I need more than that

2cents1642d ago

Hur Hur... Not a bias opinion at all.

Mr De Benetti try tellin that to all the employees at 343 industries, turn 10, rare, lionhead etc. I'm pretty sure they are working harder than you on your Gradius ripoff, making fully fledged games for their gamer fans on the Xbox platform.

Nice try though.

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GarrusVakarian1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Damn, double post. My bad.

MorePowerOfGreen1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

Games are not the focus on XB1, it just has better games and more of them on a online network designed to bring games to a whole new level. Ok, got it!

All these game shows MSFT has been going to and all the awards XB1 games have been getting, having gamers more excited is all in my head. All XB1's being devkits and the billions invested in games for this generation is all imaginary.

Devs working on PS4 exclusives are as bad as Sony fanboys buying their games.

Huge games like
Quantum Break
Halo 5

And many more like fable, Crackdown, Sunset overdrive etc are all imaginary.

Come on Sony tell your devs to have some class.

GmIsOnPt3601643d ago

Thats what im saying its hilarious that people say the xbox one isn't about games but at every game show xbox one and its titles dominate the awards. Titanfall is the single most anticipated game on the market, exclusivity and dlc for two most popular shooters is on xbox one. Launch line up for xbox one far better...its just comical at certain points

ABeastNamedTariq1643d ago

Titanfall isn't an XB1 exclusive... I'm just saying. I'd rather get it on the XB1 though.

Titanfall took like 60 awards, right? T'is impressive.

GarrusVakarian1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

"it just has better games and more of them"

The first part of your sentence is pure opinion, the second i have to say its a marathon, not a sprint. Remember that people were saying this exact same thing about the PS3 and look how that turned out.....

Check the link i posted above to see what i mean.

Edit: Thanks for mentioning that Thegamer41!

Thegamer411643d ago

I think you meant to say 'its a marathon, not a sprint'. :P

Volkama1643d ago (Edited 1643d ago )

I lack the stamina for a console sales marathon. I want games now :)

TheSsus1643d ago

"...its a marathon, not a sprint. "

Loving that WiiU aren't we?

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WeAreLegion1643d ago

Ok, Kool_Aid_Guy. THIS is how you do a good character user. Love it!