Mark Cerny Would “Love” to be Creative Director on a Knack Sequel, Depends on First Game’s Success

When November 15th/29th rolls around, it will mark a huge load off Mark Cerny’s shoulders, with the PS4 and PS4 launch title Knack – both of which he helped to create – hitting store shelves. - PSLS

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Abash1793d ago

I'd like a successor to Knack instead of a sequel. I have to see how Knack ends to see if I want a Knack 2, but I *definitely* want another 3D platformer from Mark Cerny and from developers in general next gen

HyperBear1793d ago

I'd love to see Cerny convince Sony to buy back the Crash Bandicoot franchise from Activision, and make a brand new CRASH BANDICOOT!!!!!

Who's with me! :D

NeoTribe1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Doesn't naughty dog own that ip? I know there the ones who made it.

ZHZ901793d ago

No, Sony sold Crash Bandicoot IP to Activison already. Activision are now the one who own that IP.

HyperBear1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

"Crash Bandicoot is an American series of platform video games currently owned by Activision. The series, originally exclusive to the Sony PlayStation, was created by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin during their tenure at Naughty Dog for Sony Computer Entertainment."

Actually, I don't think Naughty Dog ever owned Crash Bandicoot. The IP was owned by a partnership between SCE and Universal Interactive (Mark Cerny) and they hired Naughty Dog to create the first 4 games of the franchise. Then once Universal folded, and Naughty Dog was working on the Jak&Daxter franchise for Sony's PS2, Sony sold the Crash IP to Activision.

OrangePowerz1793d ago


Sony never sold the IP to Activision.The original games where done as a cross cooperation between Sony and Universal (Vivendi) at some point Vivendi got the full ownership of the IP and Activision only got the IP after the merger with Vivendi.

HyperBear1793d ago


Thanks for clarifying that man. I had always thought that Sony took over the IP rights after Universal (Vivendi) closed down, but I did find it odd I never could find a story titled "Sony sells Crash rights to Activision".

But now the story makes sense in that Vivendi had the full rights after their split-up with SCE and then Activision acquired it when they purchased Vivendi. +bubs :D

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TheSsus1793d ago

After seeing some gameplay, I really see a resemblence to Crash Bandicoot. Old school playstations fans who played those games should give Knack a try. Some previews state the game is pretty challenging, so sounds pretty cool. Just because it isn't ultra violent and all "dudebro", some people write it off automatically.

I'll try it to relive some of my action/platformer past. Loved Crash back in the day.

OrangePowerz1793d ago

Let's see how Knack turns out.

twinspectre1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

i would like to see Knack , Knack 2 , Knack 3 and Knack team Racing :D
i'll buy Knack a Month after Ps4 Release

pyramidshead1793d ago

over 40k pre-orders so far. Not doing half bad.