Other Things you’ll be able to do with the PS4 Apart from Gaming

PS4Home: "Just booting up the PS4 introduces you to a flurry of activity via the PSN."

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malokevi1732d ago

....Watch Tv 8-)


pedrof931732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Listen to music too.


I don't think Ps4 has 10% eating gpu features.

Lalanana1732d ago

That's cool. All these things are nice..I wonder if they have snap features too.

malokevi1732d ago

Seems as though I'm not nearly as hilarious as I think I am. awwww mannnnnn!


MyFeetHurt1732d ago

my ps...

can play music cds.

GarrusVakarian1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Other...than...gaming? Does not compute.

The more features the better, but for me its 99% about the games.

Majin-vegeta1732d ago

Yea I don't mind that as long as they don't forget about games hence i bought it for in the first place.

GarrusVakarian1732d ago

Yeah, as long as the focus doesn't shift too much away from core games then im all for it.

PlayStation_41732d ago

I already have dozens of other devices which do entertainment stuff... My Sony Smart TV already has a built-in snap feature with Skype, Netflix & Twitter... All I need my PS4 to do is play games.

iRobotGaming1732d ago

Watch friends playing in realtime.

DanielGearSolid1732d ago

Porn!... Jk... not I'm not!... Kidding again... am I?