Skylanders vs Disney Infinity: What you need to know before buying

FRONTBURNR: If you listen to clamoring on Twitter or various other places on the internet, you’ll find people generalizing their comparisons of Skylanders and Disney Infinity to basically being “the same type of game but with different toys”. As someone who owns and enjoys both of these types of games, it’s important that you know the difference between the two titles before you go out there and dive into the cash sink that these two games can become.

With the holiday season coming up, I thought this list might help consumers who might be looking to purchase one or the other for the little gamers on their shopping lists.

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Majin-vegeta1797d ago

Both are a rip off and this shart needs to die before it takes off.

nikrel1797d ago

It has already taken off, it's fun too.

#1 selling physical toy sold in 2012 i've heard.

I love to play it with my son and the toons are great.

OMNlPOTENT1797d ago

while i agree it's way too much money, Skylanders is extremely fun.

pop-voxuli1797d ago

Skylanders rock ass, Infinity on the other hand.....

Dunban671797d ago

Have not seen many articles comparing the 2 now that both are out- anecdotally the Wal-Mart nearest my home had 3/4 of a rack w Disney Infinity and 1/4 of Skylanders/Giants merch before Swapforce was released. I figured they would do 1/2 and 1/2 after- but now it is AT LEAST 3/4 Skylanders and 1/4 or less Disney Infinity- seems to be plenty of Disney Infinity stock remaining but the Skylander starter sets blew out almost immediately- there were some Wii U starter sets and some 3ds starter sets remaining but the rest were gone (I am talking on the shelf- may have been stock in back)

I told my 7 year old to stick w Skylanders for now (he has enjoyed the previous 2 releases plenty) and lets wait and see what happens re Disney Infinity- IMO Infinty will either improve a great deal and/or drop in price later- it seems too expensive, too many paywalls and too buggy right now for the $ s. I don t see Infinity getting more expensive anytime soon so may as well enjoy Skylanders now and wait to see what happens w Infinity

Yhe Toy Box does look interesting on Infinity but it seems like using the tools and parts may be a little too cumbersome for most kids (prob many adults too) right now

agentxk1797d ago

My 5 year old made a trap, you'd be surprised what these kids figure out.

He made a climbable rope up to a cube with a rail on it in a maze. If you climbed the rope, you'd automatically jump on the rail and get tossed into the abyss.

Kids, man.

Zanzibar1061796d ago

I’ve played both Swap Force and Disney Infinity, and it’s not even close. DI is buggy and because every character pretty much has to have the same set of moves in order to function correctly within the Toy Box, they all feel similarly generic. Every DI character has to have the same double-jump/ledge climb mechanic and a generic set of attacks with different effects. Each Swap Force toy you buy feels like a completely different character, giving you an entirely new way to play through the core game experience.

Swap Force is a game filled with depth – huge levels with lots of stuff to do within them. DI is filled with buggy, boring fetch quests to unlock Toy Box content. And don’t get me started on the Toy Vault’s random chance at cool stuff, where you get maybe 3 or 4 cool items in a field of 16, and you use precious spins and invariably wind up with crap content when you want cool content. Ugh.

Only the truly hardcore Disney fans need apply for DI. You should play them both prior to purchase, and I’d be amazed if anyone really chooses DI over SF.