Rumor: 5th Ultra Street Fighter IV character is a new female

Another rumor regarding the upcoming Ultra Street Fighter IV game has surfaced today. This time it is about the unnamed mysterious 5th character.

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Lalanana1761d ago

New female fighter. You get my support :-p

Akuma2K1761d ago

I was hoping the new character would be Master Goutetsu (akuma and gouken's sensai), but Gouken's daughter "little miss" (named in gouken's Streetfighter canon storyline) would be the next logical choice....IMO.

Last_Boss1761d ago

Goutetsu, is a actually dead.

Akuma2K1761d ago

Yea i know, but Gouken was dead too after Akuma performed the raging demon on him during their fight in Gouken's dojo.......Capcom even revised Gouken's official storyline as well.

Just saying....

Last_Boss1761d ago


Very true, but it'd be nice not to have so many masters of the Ansatsuken. That's why i'd kill for Retsu to return.

Akuma2K1761d ago

Yea, Retsu would be a nice addition but I wonder who his rival would be in the

Tzuno1761d ago

Her name is Cow. You know why.

bitboi1761d ago

Just please don't let it be another shoto fireball throwing character, we don't need anymore of those...

StifflerK1761d ago

Hmmm , Capcom originally said the 5th character was a 'natural fit' , someone who has never been in a Street Fighter game' and they'll be making their fighting game debut.

All of that hints to me that the character existed before hand - in some form, if not a character from another game perhaps one of the scrapped character designs for SF4???

This rumour hints that the character is female , although that silhouette on the article doesn't give much away.

Before I thought it was going to be King Cobra, but now, I have no clue.

I think Final Fight is the closest fit to the Street Fighter franchise - Maki has already been in a fighting game , so that only leaves Lucia - but C.Viper pretty much has her moveset, so it seems doubtful.

Ono helped with Remember Me - but would Nilin be that high on the FGC wishlist??? Also doubtful.

I do remember seeing the original design for Abel - which was female - maybe an unfinished character like that would
explain the 'choose a name' competition.

I'm all out of guesses , what do you guys think?

StifflerK1761d ago

Here , it's a video looking at some of the early/scrapped character designs for street fighter.

And here's the original (female) design of Abel

And the Street fighter Character wiki - which has some of the characters from the cartoon series ( Sarai ,Fuka , Kei etc)


PurpHerbison1758d ago

The original design for Rufus was amazing. Also, to touch on your previous comment, a lot of people in the FGC want it to be a brand new character that is apart of the SF universe. There is not a lot of people that want a character like Nilin as it would break the universe. Save Nilin for the next crossover fighter.

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The story is too old to be commented.