New SoulCalibur II HD Online gameplay video featuring Raphael vs Xianghua

Parallax Play:"Continuing on from the screenshots and video that’s been shown so far from the upcoming SoulCalibur II remake, Namco Bandai Games have released another new gameplay video featuring Raphael vs Xianghua."

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darthv721792d ago

Looks nice but im still a bit bummed that this wont be coming to the wii-u. 360/PS3 will get the obvious characters of Spawn and Heihachi but there was something about Link that just fit the tone of the game.

if anything, the wii-u version would have been the complete roster seeing as neither the 360 or PS3 will likely get Link.

Klonopin1792d ago

Another missed opportunity for Nintendo.

KimikoGaming1792d ago

I'm still surprised that this isn't coming to the Wii U. The PS2 and GC versions were competing for the most sales for a while, and easily had more than the XB version, and overall, people thought Link was easily the best exclusive character. If it weren't for the Gamecube's lack of popularity, the GC version would have sold much more than the PS2 version for the entirety of the lifetime, instead of just being very closely ahead at first and very closely behind after a little while.

But still... People as a whole liked Link the most of all of the exclusive characters... Yet the version with link isn't seeing light as a remake...

Midgus1792d ago

i'd of quite liked a pc version... but hey i spose fighters are only starting to bother