Battlefield 4: DICE GM Karl Magnus on day one patches, free maps & modes and next-gen resolutions

Battlefield 4: DICE GM Karl Magnus on day one patches, free maps & modes and next-gen resolutions

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FITgamer1794d ago

Completely avoided the resolution question lol. That read was a waste of time.

excaliburps1794d ago

I tried prying stuff off of 'em, but keep in mind EA PR was also overlooking everything. :(

Not to mention they were super busy since BF4's release is right around the corner.

Abriael1794d ago

So if he didn't respond, why is it in the headline again? :D

FITgamer1794d ago

Not knocking you, you did what you could. Unfortunately Waterboarding is frowned upon lol.

excaliburps1794d ago


Because that's what I asked. :D Couldn't title it: BF4: DICE interview with KM...and leave it at that. :)


Thanks! If only PR didn't meddle! Haha! Not sure what would have happened then.

MrCrimson1794d ago

His avoidance was more telling. It's not going to be 1080p. The game releases in 3 weeks. He'd know the answer to that question, he didn't say yes.

Why would you not take the opportunity to say yes to a feature that would sell your product unelss you don't have it?

FamilyGuy1794d ago

Exactly, just about every dev that's got their game at 1080p is HAPPY to mention it. Should be weary of all devs that avoid the question as it's a sure sign that they weren't able to reach that goal.

Omegasyde1793d ago

Hmm, makes you wonder if they kept the player count down to 32, would the game be able to do 60 fps and 1080p?

If there was a trade-off to increase the player count, IN MY OPINION I am glad they did. Battlefield is more fun with more players.

angelsx1794d ago

Why they still don't tell us about the resolution.It's like NASA secret.

DevilishSix1793d ago

Because they don't want either platform to suffer in sales because of such a problem. They have a vested interest in both PS4 and X1 being successful.

misterbe31794d ago

It will be 720p @60 on both PS4 and XB1. To accommodate 64 players.

nitrogav1794d ago

He didn`t answer any of the questions LOL

SeanScythe1794d ago

He doesn't mention anything about the next-gen resolutions. Just that it will look good and be at 60fps.

H0RSE1793d ago

the 60fps confirmation is far more important to me than resolution.

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The story is too old to be commented.