Retail vs. digital: How Microsoft and Sony are transitioning to day-one digital releases

When the Xbox 360 launched in November 2005 and the PlayStation 3 a year later, it was assumed that their digital storefronts would play a critical role in how they sold software to consumers. And while there have been many success stories in purely digital games – like Castle Crashers, Trials HD, and Minecraft – consoles are still mainly vehicles for retail software.

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malokevi1795d ago

Good, because I plan on getting all my games digital on day 1. The only game I preordered was Destiny, and that was for obvious reasons. I'll probably just eat the 5 bucks, enjoy the beta, and then grab my digital copy when it releases.

Lalanana1795d ago

Wow, wouldn't that take up too much space?

malokevi1795d ago

Nah. Where there's a will, there's a way. I'll end up with an external HD, no doubt. Really hoping MS makes some announcements in that regard sooner than later.

PoSTedUP1795d ago

i mostly go digital with the vita but not 100%. i usually go all retail for consoles despite one or two specific digital games. i trade them in after a while and keep the good ones in my collection. i buy all my games new, unless they are really old. waiting for 10$ price drop for a used game isnt worth it for how much its taking away from the developer. going all digtal is good, i respect that.

GarrusVakarian1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Damn, you are going to be going through hard drives faster than a fat kid eats cake.


Any specific reason for you going all digital?

malokevi1795d ago

Yeeep, I need some sort of 2TB+ solution. The way I see it, the stock harddrive will [if games are going to be 50gb+ on avg] hold about 10 games. That should get me through the first year... I think. After that, MS better have some solutions for me.

Nerdmaster1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Not every game will be 50GB+, and we don't really need to have all of our games installed at the same time. There are games which you always play for online modes and whatnot, and the ones that you have to keep ready to play with friends. And there are games that you're playing right now and after you finish it (or even before) you'll move on to another game.

So let's say you keep 6 or 7 "I need them always available" games, and 3 or 4 "I'm just playing it until I finish it" games. So around 10 games on a single HD is enough. And that's considering that every game will be 50GB+, and that's certainly not going to happen.

In my case, I buy everything digital because I live in Brazil, and everything here is too expensive. So digital games cost less then physical ones. And also because I'm tired of having game boxes everywhere around my house.

RedSoakedSponge1795d ago

you could always do what i do with my limited vita space. download all the games digital and delete games you dont play atm but keep the saved data on the console. then just redownload the game when you feel like playing it again.

malokevi1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Because I'm sick and tired of having a pile of disks, and having 3 big binders full of them. On my xbox, I can summon them with my voice. It's going to be spectacular. Consolidated digital library makes for unparallelled ease of access.

As far as I'm concerned, XB1 wouldn't be the same if you didn't go digital. That's why MS was pushing for it initially. I can see their logic, clear as day.


I'm basing that number on the announcement that NBA2K14 is going to be 50GB. A sports launch title? The way I see it, that will be on the smaller end, and games will probably get bigger as the generation moves forward.

Also, yes, no doubt I'll be deleting some games. But, I also plan to get an external HD with tons of space... so I'll probably just re-DL them and have a killer library and my beck and call (literally)

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djplonker1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Unfortunately (internet-wise) I live in the highland of Scotland so my internet connection is not very fast... But I do have two 24 hour tescos within 1 mile of my house and both do midnight launches!

30gb to download would take me around 20-24 hours but I can walk to the shop and back in 20 minutes and get it cheaper and still have something to sell on if I dont like it down the line!

so unless they give us a 24 hour pre-load and its the same price as retail then I might aswell just go physical!

XB1_PS41795d ago

You gotta remember they made the digital downloads so you can play while they finish downloading.

GarrusVakarian1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

But if your connection is crippling slow, would you download the game at a fast enough rate to play/stream it? That's going to be the problem with people with extremely slow connections.

djplonker1795d ago

True but to get it on disc will take a 20 min walk and there is no way I can download and play the online portion of said game I get around 1mbps on downloads!

XB1_PS41795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

@Djplonker Yeah, I completely understand. I'm not making a point against you going to the store to buy it, I'm just making a point towards 20-24 wouldn't be the sure story. I'm sure you could start playing a few hours after starting.

@Lukas Yeah, that too. I'm sure there are limitations. I'm also glad that I have a fairly strong connection. lol

djplonker1795d ago

no worries lol I cant wait to test it out with the ps plus games and octodad when it comes out :D

jackanderson19851795d ago

i'm planning on a pure digital future in gaming as much as possible... it's a desire i've had... mainly driven through the fact i'm a hoarded and i've no room left for games ha i've over 200 from this gen, 300+ from last gen not including PC games.. i've just no more room

evilbart1795d ago

Avybody know the price of upgrading ps3 digital games to the ps4 versions,I just pre-ordered battlefield 4 on ps3 and will definitely upgrade when my ps4 arrives.

jackanderson19851795d ago

thought gamestop were doing it for 10 across the board? i'd assume Sony are going to have to offer something similar although unsure if actual amounts have been disclosed

Nerdmaster1795d ago

If even Nintendo (that is supposed to be the worst of them when it's about online) is able to sell all games in digital form on Wii U, I don't know why Sony and Microsoft aren't able to do the same.

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