Call of Duty: Ghosts has "fantastic graphics" on Xbox One, reiterates Infinity Ward

"This game runs like a dog" is generally an insult, but what if your game lets you play as a dog? [OXM]

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dirigiblebill1761d ago

1080p upscaled or native 1080p? That is the question.


Lalanana1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

I think everyone should wait and see what it actually is..personally I do not care.

Ghost seems ok though.

torchic1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

do you spend every second of every day lurking the pending section?

Lalanana1761d ago


Maybe I Do, What's it to you?

shoddy1761d ago

With power of teh clowdz, xbone ghost should do native 1080p.

if it can't then teh clowdz is bullshit

u got owned1761d ago

Them not talking about it is a confirmation that is not 1080p, if it was, what would be the reason of not saying it.

720p confirm.

malokevi1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

I see no possible way to disagree with that comment. Don't care, don't jump to conclusions. Smartest thing I've read all day.

Though I would love to see it running in 1080p native (and I'm pretty certain it will)



"Them not talking about it is a confirmation that is not 1080p"

Actually, if they confirmed the resolution, THAT would be confirmation. Maybe they like watching everyone get their panties all twisted over it? I know I do.

ProjectVulcan1761d ago

It doesn't even look all that in the supposed 1080p PS4 videos posted on IGN.

Not that it'll matter to the people that buy it, but it doesn't look remotely 'next gen'

Eonjay1761d ago

My God. One of the things I have learned in life is to be upfront from the beginning. It has always be more effective in the long run and I don't understand why they are avoiding the question like the end of the world is at hand.

torchic1761d ago

just a question. opening an article and seeing your name as one of the first comments in almost every single one is annoying, especially when you just derail the comments section (not in this one, however you're still 1st)

1st comments are always important, they set the tone for the rest of the thread.

pedrof931761d ago

LOL What ?

OXM made a article to defend X1 version of the game based on a Eurogamer article from june ?

What type of journalist are these ?


malokevi1761d ago


I see disproportionately more articles based on the hearsay of anonymous members of a forum that is widely known to be pro-Sony. Nobody calls their "journalistic integrity" into question.

Definitive double standard. Hell, not even double standard, Eurogamer deserves much more credit than that.

UncleGermrod1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

I agree, it may be fun to speculate a little but to get all up in arms over rumors is just silly. Besides, neither Sony or IW has confirmed 1080p for ps4, EXCEPT for back in june when they confirmed it for both consoles. So, sure there are rumors, and yes IGN did confirm 1080p for their ps4 build, it is safe to say that for now, there isn't any good reason to add fuel to the fire.

Omegasyde1760d ago


Better question to ask:

Will the next gen version still support 4-player split screen and couch co-op?

If so, will the game still be in 1080p :D

ShinMaster1760d ago

As "fantastic" as a COD game can get, I guess.

900p isn't a big deal though.

dantesparda1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

Wow, the x1 is shaping up to be one of the biggest letdowns in gaming history. What a joke!

The_Con-Sept1760d ago

I find it funny how articles like this make Microsoft look so bad with PR. Seriously you read that headline and immediately think DAMAGE CONTROL.

UltimateMaster1760d ago

Wait, hold on.
(Call of Duty: Ghosts has "fantastic graphics")
Since when? XD

It doesn't, not when you compare that to, I don't know, every single other game coming out in the market.

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GarrusVakarian1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

To be honest, i don't think most of Call Of Duty's fanbase cares if its 1080p,720p or 600p, they are going to buy it and have fun regardless.


Care enough to comment though ;P

dirigiblebill1761d ago

I'd be lying if I said I could distinguish between 1080p and 720p at a glance. More = better though. :)

thrust1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

On vgchartz pre order Xbox one cod has over taken the ps4 pre orders. ;)

Call of Duty: Ghosts (XOne)
Activision, Shooter

Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS4)
Activision, Shooter

It's happening mate, thx

@ below that is battlefield 4 wtf?

GarrusVakarian1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

@ thrust

Are you aware of the numbers you have just posted?Lol. Edit: you fixed them.

The list i saw earlier that someone posted, ps4 had more than x1 with the same 2 games. Its different amounts for different sites.

Found it:
Battlefield 4 - 273,766

Battlefield 4 - 153,221

Posted by JuniorCE

MysticStrummer1761d ago

I don't think most people care either, but I always found it a bit dishonest to say 1080p on the back of a 360 box when the game was actually upscaled. Just my opinion, but if it's upscaled there should be some kind of acknowledgement of that fact. "1080p^" or something...

FITgamer1761d ago

@MysticStrummer i agree, i always thought it was BS that they had 1080p on the back cover. If you change your display settings to 720p the game actually looks better. Ghosts isn't really a great looking game anyways so resolution isn't gonna be a big deal. Games like Ryse or KZ you would really be able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p.

Boody-Bandit1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

But thrust, that's just it.
Most people that are buying an X1 out of the gate no questions asked are COD fans. I can't tell you how many people I have ran into or know of that mostly just play COD or purchased a 360 console just to play COD with their friends that are fans of the series.

Even my wife told me that she was shocked to hear some executives in her firm, guys in their 50's that nobody would ever think are gamers, talking about playing COD online. One of them admitted to playing from his office at her company.

Her boss, which she has worked for 15 years now, recently told her she is mad because her husband plays his Xbox too much and that he is on her last nerve. When she said I had no idea your husband was a gamer (even though her boss knows I'm a huge gamer / she has seen, what most call, my crazy gaming room), her response was well it's primarily just one game his plays, Call of Duty.

Even on sim racing sites people that are discussing Forza 5 and are less than happy existing X360 FFB wheels won't work on the X1, are saying they still plan on getting an XBOX ONE for COD. Even though most of them are holding off on Forza 5 to hold out and see if MS eventually updates the X1 to allow backwards compatibility with current FFB combos they already own.

So it's no surprise MS is leading the way in COD preorders. At least to me it isn't. Just look at all the other preorders though.

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Manic20141761d ago

I think it is native as the referenced the eurogamer article states that the game is 1080p native and 60fps on both consoles.

nypifisel1761d ago

It's pretty obvious the Xbox One version of Ghost does not render in 1080p. All that aside who the hell would call Cod Ghost graphics "fantastic" it looks terrible.

Manic20141761d ago


I dont see how its obvious as they have previously stated that both consoles will have the same resolution and FPS.....

abc12331761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

The article which mentioned that both systems would be 1080p/60fps used quotes which talked about the 60fps but did not refer at all to any sort of resolution.

Manic20141761d ago

They did mention the resolution several times.......

Pekka1760d ago

@MMEHTA: Actually, none of the quotes refer to 1080p. He only talks about 60fps, not even once about 1080p. Those couple mentions of 1080p are not quotes from IW.

malokevi1760d ago

Here is a direct quote from what is, literally, the very first line of the article in the link provided:

"Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at 1080p on both Xbox One and Playstation 4, Infinity Ward has said."

Word for word. I mean, why bother to continue living if your not even going to try?

mxrider21991760d ago

@malokevi if you read the article yes it says Cod Ghosts devs have said 1080p 60 FPS but when they are actually quoting the dev in the article no where does he mention the resolution, only the frame rate

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corvusmd1761d ago

For both systems..esp since the head of Sony just dodged that question today.

Actually the more important question is can you even tell the difference while the game is in motion? I'm nearly 100% sure you can't(as in NO ONE can...not picking on you)...

mxrider21991760d ago

depends on the size of your tv

Trekster_Gamer1761d ago

Not really.. you can see unless you're blind fanboy troll that the game looks phenomenal. The story is going to be great, the multiplayer as always will be great

jamsam3601761d ago

What does it matter? Upscale on these newer consoles will look better than previous consoles!

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toddybad1761d ago

Same question re the PS4 version.

mark134uk1761d ago

the fact that they didnt mention 1080p/720p says to me it is only 720p on the xbox one

Magicite1761d ago

Last time COD had fantastic graphics were in Modern Warfare 1

tordavis1761d ago

Doesn't matter whether it's upscaled or not. What are you counting pixels or playing games?

StoutBEER1761d ago

I'm an Xbox One lover, (We'll see if holds true after launch) so any good news on X1 on this site should excite me. But... I could give a FUCK less about CoD. I'm gettin Battlefield 4 on launch and plan to get Titanfall and eventually and obviously Halo 5. Sorry got off topic but fuck CoD.

BallsEye1761d ago

I'm sure you don't even care, you just stealth troll. If it runs on 360 in 60fps and 720p why the hell people believe it will run 720p on the next gen console? COD was never a demanding game.

ambientFLIER1760d ago

Good point, although with one minor correction. COD has always been in 600P on current gen systems.

titletownrelo1760d ago

if it was truly 1080p, I have a feeling Activision would be advertising/praising that feature a LOT more.

ziggurcat1760d ago

Damnit, accidentally hit disagree :( curse my stubby fingers on my small cellphone screen...

AbortMission1760d ago

In da cloudz we Xbox fan(boys) trust Lol

thehitman1760d ago

Dont think it matters, looking at the ps4 graphics it will look like shyt both ways.

FANTA11801760d ago

you guys worry about the resolution and ill worry about having a blast playing this game

schubacca1760d ago

100% agree. First, it was about the games..... Then it was about the policies.... Now it is about 1080p native.....

I am wondering at what point did some people stop being gamers?

FANTA11801760d ago


i ask myself that too ,

i keep reading all these comments on here and

i wonder do these guys go home and pop the game

in and count pixels or do they actually play

these games ?

the wii has horrible graphics yet they sold a

gazillion units and people love playing their

first party games

schubacca1760d ago

Is the game any good? That is the more important question....

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majiebeast1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Yet again somebody dances around the actual question is it 1080P native or not. At this point and with the ammount of evading Infinity Ward is doing i say not.

Shocking news
The xbox one version of Ghost is gonna be better then the 360 version :0

sigfredod1761d ago

Actually i will be surprised if not, afterall COD is not a particulary graphic powerhouse, they did 60 fps and nearly native 720 on the 360, so with the xbone specs they should acomplish it, COD maps are small, they already confirm that the player count will be the same on next gen, it will be dissapointing not to get native 1080p on the xbone

iceman061761d ago

THIS is exactly why the question needs to be answered! It shouldn't be too difficult. If it is, then that leads to more questions.

abc12331761d ago

To be fair we don't even know when the interview was conducted, could have been before this whole 720p controversy. Though the silence at the moment is quite telling.

Ezz20131760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

i really hate those kind of developers
who think we are fools
the game doesn't even look next gen
it's not really hard to make it 1080p on xbox
but seeing them dances around the real question is pretty telling

that's why i never trust a single word from 3rd party dev's
all they care about is selling their games on all systems
and they never give honest answer

FANTA11801760d ago

even more shocking news :

ps4 version not delayed

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noctis_lumia1761d ago

who cares lol way better fps are coming
the king bf4
killzone SF

ZHZ901760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

And don't forget Destiny too.

MorePowerOfGreen1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

I'm sure devs are sick of having to debunk these manufactured controversies every day it seems. One after the other swatted down from these CBOAT guys.

As you can see above folks still are in denial. The game was announced as 60fps at 1080p native months ago. It's just a new wave of smear campaign due to the attention XB1 has been getting because of its games having really next gen graphics not see on consoles, ever.

I'm sure A company that is going head to head with COD like Respawn will have to match COD with Titanfall as well.

This is getting ridiculous. You would think CBOAT and his cult followers would have learned their lesson when they tried to smear RYSE's *supposed downgrade* when the game never was downgraded.


CBOAT knows bits and pieces of known rumors and/or privy to insider info. He then uses this info and guesses the outcomes, throwing as many theories at the wall as he can hoping some will stick. What is fishy is he never reveals more useful and important positive news about XB1 and hardly anything at all for PS4. All his rumors come right before something big is brewing or right after something big was announced. He's like a super fanboy MichaelPpachter

Statix1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

CBOAT from NeoGAF has been providing insider leaks about Xbox since 2005--both good and bad news. According to most long-time GAF members, he has a ~95% accuracy rate.

It would be wishful thinking to just dismiss what he says.

joefrost001761d ago

Lol really
I can give you a list a mile long about the things he has gotten wrong
So 95 percent is just a straight up lie

Kayant1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

I don't think it's that high but it's high enough to have believe in what he says.

He leaked a gif from the unreleased game remember me before it was shown --->

Also some things he has gotten right over the years -->

GTgamer1761d ago

Give the list and also put the things he got right too.

FrigidDARKNESS1761d ago

The insider on Sonygaf has backtracked on his story since Activision has proven him wrong. Also he said that he jumped the gun to quick and wasn't sure about his source. The thread at Gaf has been closed rumour proven to be false.

Dlacy13g1761d ago

CBOAT btw I dont believe stated 720p for COD but rather commented on the rumor of COD and Titanfall to basically throw an attack at Albert Panello saying he should just come forward and stop spinning things.

It was famousmortmer (Pete Dodd) who leaked the 720p rumor and felt his source was really, really flimsy. Dodd felt Penello's response gave credibility to the rumor but this is all still rumor 100%.

CBOAT nailed a good chunk of leaks to the point that many take his leaks as fact but just 2 months back he earned a NeoGaf ban for a short time due to his "leak" about PS4 launching in October. And that isn't the only thing he has been wrong about.

Bottom line... we have roughly 4 weeks until we find out for sure.. I'll just wait till then instead of jumping into a rumor fray.

pyramidshead1761d ago


no one backtracked on anything, and activision hasn't proved anyone wrong. I've not seen a statement yet saying the rumour is false, just that the graphics are great and better than the 360s on XB1.

Kayant1761d ago

No it's still an unconfirmed rumour no one has come to deny or confirm it yet. It's the same situation as driveclub was in so until MS or activision say otherwise you can either have some faith in this rumour or believe it's still 1080p 60fps native like Activision said some months ago.