New 64-bit Cross Platform 3D Engine Announced by Newly Formed Oxide Games

Comprised of industry veterans from Firaxis and Microsoft, new studio Oxide reveals next-generation 3D engine for console and PC gaming

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ftwrthtx1646d ago

Realtime cross platform play might just be right around the corner.

Thehyph1646d ago

Anything that brings us all closer to that, even if only a little, will get full support from me.

"Oxide is dedicated to making the definitive 3D engine for next-generation strategy games for console and PC. The engine, Nitrous, is a native 64-bit multicore game engine designed specifically for the hardware now common in PCs as well as the Sony PlayStation® 4™ and Microsoft’s Xbox® One™."

This is fantastic news for the gaming industry. More engines to be licensed means more competition. Maybe indie devs will start making the jump to licensed engines and start making mid tier (development, not quality) games.

ftwrthtx1646d ago

There will be more news "coming soon" about this topic.

Agent11646d ago

First: Commodore 64
Second: Nintendo 64

SOON: Microsoft 64
Playstation 64

My humor sometimes doesn't work so well here. lol

Thehyph1646d ago

If you imagine hearing it from that little kid getting a Nintendo 64 for Christmas, then it's pretty funny.

I wonder if that kid will ever post that memory on a site like n4g.

ftwrthtx1646d ago

I still have my Commodore 64 and N64. LOL

Agent11646d ago

You still have a commodore 64? I think you can make a pretty penny on Ebay if it's still in good condition. ;) However, I am interested to see what the future has for us with this New 64-bit Cross Platform 3D Engine development!

ftwrthtx1646d ago

I contacted the pr rep and asked what the future holds and all they could say was "more on cross play coming soon"

Sounds promising.

p.s. I would never sell my C64 or the tape deck that goes with it. LOL