Why Naughty Dog Should Not Develop ‘The Last of Us 2′ For The PS4

Is it better to leave the title as a stand-alone game, or turn it into a muti-titled franchise?

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Lalanana1763d ago

Good read. Thanks antbolton89.

"A game like “The Last of Us” would be incredibly difficult to do absolutely perfect again."

Yea it's shame Gamespot only gave it a 8.

SmokingMonkey1763d ago

..and Edge gave it a 10.

40 other reviewers also gave it a 10/10.

Stealth troll is obvious.

GarrusVakarian1763d ago

Very obvious.

On topic: There's no way ND will pass up making TLOU2, that game would sell the system! TLOU is one of the best games ive ever played.

SmokingMonkey1763d ago

The Last of Us IS the best game I have ever played!

Damn conversations are keeping me from platinuming it.

TLOU2/too is a must, they should take a long time to make it, with their talent, i'm sure they could make it a masterpiece swell.

Think Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2 leaps!

IQUITN4G1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Are you sure of this? I thought they gave it an 9

edit: as yes it was a 10

OhReginald1763d ago

you shouldn't listen to just one reviewer's opinion. Tom McShae is infamous for hating things people like and liking things people hate. Hes pretty much the hipster of video game reviwers.

Also he gave beyond: two souls a 9.0....yet mostly everywhere else it got lower than a 7.0

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Kingthrash3601763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

the way it ended says many branches from the story can be made...from ellie growing up or to them findin a cure or even a prequel to the game and what happened after joel's daughter died. maybe he knew ellies mom in some way...ect. i think they will make another one its such a great game...great games get sequels, if mario can have an infinite amount of sequels then tlou can have a trilogy. imo at least...

sprinterboy1763d ago

Joel's wife could be trying to find Joel and her daughter, that could make a good story

Kingthrash3601763d ago

so true! so many ways to continue the story it would be a sin not to continue

godofboobees1763d ago

Would love to play a prequel. Seeing the progress of Joel becoming a heartless bastard would be the tits

GarrusVakarian1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

I would rather have that as DLC, save the next game to tell someone else's story.