An Emotional Monster Hunter Frontier G Trailer Introduces the Diva and Her Song

Big changes are coming to Monster Hunter Frontier G in Japan, with the PS3, Wii U and PS Vita versions to be released across the next few months, the game also got a new "diva" character and a new theme song, sung by the massively popular Maaya Sakamoto.

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GdaTyler1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Screw you Capcom. You can keep this pile of trash.

GentlemenRUs1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

I agree.


j-blaze1611d ago

let me guess, you're butthurt because it's not exclusive? ...continue please ~

OT: trailer was good, but for that sweet song, they should've made it CG

GdaTyler1611d ago

Exclusive or not, that game sucks. :P

Blastoise1611d ago

I think he's more mad that Vita owners get this when 3DS owners get MH4. Personally I think its a good thing, gives me hope for future titles.

MajorGecko1611d ago

I don't care what anyone says, MMO on handheld(Vita) TAKE MY MONEY CAPCOM!!!!

thehobbyist1611d ago

Ok I'm seriously getting tired of everyone saying this game is crap without any reason. If you talk shit without backing it up, we call those people liars.

Remy_S1611d ago

Why would anyone want to pay monthly for this crap? There are far better monster hunter type games out and upcoming that don't require a subscription to consider this washed up port.

dredgewalker1611d ago

I might be able to forgive Capcon if they release MH4 for my Vita. I have a 3ds too but I'd prefer playing MH with twin analog sticks.

dredgewalker1610d ago

True but I don't like add on accessories that much, and most games on 3ds don't support the circle pad pro.

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