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PS4 GPU Encourages Complex Compute Operations, Choice of Memory Keeps It From Becoming Obsolete: Dev

Final Horizon dev talks about how it is developing on the PS4. (Final Horizon, PS4)

sigfredod  +   647d ago
Why Nov 14th can´t come soon enough?, i want this black behemoth plug into my 3D Bravia right now
Lukas_Japonicus  +   647d ago
Another dev praising the PS4, so jealous i have to wait until Nov 29th!
Irishguy95  +   647d ago
All devs will praise all next gen consoles. They are a massive upgrade to their precursors.
Mikelarry  +   647d ago
same here, i am actually thinking of canceling my preorder and getting my cousin in the states to buy me one and bring it with him when he comes on the 19 a few days and i can be the envy of all the UK unwashed ps3 peasants muhahahahaha :)
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Eonjay  +   647d ago
Seems like you here about a new PS4 game every week...
Glad to here more games coming to VITA as well
MasterCornholio  +   647d ago

Not all developers praise all next gen consoles.

Example: The comments of indies before Microsoft reversed their DRM policies.

Nexus 7 2013
Ezz2013  +   647d ago
it's not really hard to praise ps4
it's the most powerful console and as easy to develop for as xbox1 or even more
shoddy  +   647d ago
Greatness await
BBBirdistheWord  +   647d ago
A ps4 developer praising the ps4?
Stop the press!
This is unheard of!

Anywho, this game looks really interesting to me. I am a big fan of SavageMoon on ps3, which is a tower defence game.

Final Horizon has been described as "the evolution of tower defense". That sounds like fun!
Strikepackage Bravo  +   646d ago
Um, you do realize Sony strongly encourages anyone doing a PS4 exclusive to go out and say something positive about the "power of the PS4" for marketing purposes.
Ezz2013  +   646d ago
why don't you point out any developer who is saying other wise about ps4 hardware?!

i will wait

it's not sony's fault that they make the most powerful console on the market that getting nothing but praise from every developer because
it's very dev friendly as well
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loulou  +   646d ago
lol i knew it was gamingblot before i even clicked.
Xsilver  +   647d ago
I'm soooo jealous you have a 3d bravia TV :(
sigfredod  +   647d ago
Why? they are no longer expensive
Xsilver  +   647d ago
how much?
Godmars290  +   647d ago
Under $500 for a 40" set. If you know where to look apparently.

(Hint: Amazon...)

Hell, your search was cheaper than mine. Larger set too.

Also, damn you for making me look at TVs when I was thinking about getting a new TV.

Would also add that you recommendation is only 60Hz refresh rate. Better to get something with 120Hz, Like this one:

(note to self - move mouse away from "Add to Cart" button. Just move away...)
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Xsilver  +   647d ago
Thanks man.+1 very helpful
Godmars290  +   647d ago
Note to self - *DAMNIT!!!*

I told you NOT to go near the "Add to Cart" button! I TOLD YOU!!

Why didn't you listen?! WHY!?!
boneso82  +   647d ago
I'm not jealous, I've got a 60" Samsung 3D plasma! Haha. Plasma all the way for next gen, screw LCD/LED, overpriced, washed out black levels and colours, and terrible motion handling trying to be compensated for with even worse motion processing "tech"! The only advantage of LCD over plasma is the thinner frames, not worth it!

I bought it in the UK for £1249.99 about a year ago but its on US Amazon even cheaper now. Check it

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iceman06  +   647d ago
@Godmars...I got that TV last year...and paid about $200 more. But, I don't regret it one bit. It does everything that I need, somethings that I didn't need but are cool, and all for a price that is pretty damn good!!!
iiwii  +   647d ago

You will not regret it. I have a 60" Mitsubishi 3D tv I purchased a couple of years ago. Go back and play some of the older games in 3d like Black Ops 1 or 2., Pacific Rift, etc.

Killzone 3 in 3d was nice too.
NeoTribe  +   647d ago
I'd personally go with a high end samsung.
Oschino1907  +   647d ago
I have these 2 in the same room with 4 pairs of 3d glasses and 2 ps3s, soon to be 2 ps4s also.



These glasses also but I got them buy one get one for $99 (2), not sure why amazon is so expensive but I get most of my Sony stuff from a Sony outlet store 5-10min away. http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw...
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Benchm4rk  +   647d ago
Go with a Samsung over a Sony. Better for less


My Samsung LED eats plasmas for breakfast. Not overpriced at all, Black levels are awesome, Colors are way more vibrant than plasma and side by side with Samsung plasmas in the shop handled motion much better with no jitters at all. Early 2000's plasmas were best. Now they are old news. Samsung plasmas suck bad especially. If you go plasma you can't beat the Panasonic ones
Death  +   646d ago
My 8 series Sammy plasma begs to differ. LED's are light years ahead of LCD's, but still do not have the black levels of a plasma. My living room had too much light for a plasma so I went with a 60 inch 6 seties LED there, but prefer the 8 series in my gaming room.
wishingW3L  +   646d ago
that Vizio E420d-A0 has tons of latency both on image and input. Not good for gaming at all. Blacks are awful too, so you'll lose tons of detail on dark scenes which makes the high resolution pointless.

Elzer  +   647d ago
Great... Another indie dev acknowledging the ps4. That's some trust worthy credibility for you....
Magicite  +   647d ago
20 and a half days, oh my!
Killjoy3000  +   646d ago
Irish Guy, you try way too hard to discredit Sony based on any positive news/feedback.
pyramidshead  +   647d ago
This sounds like very good news. Keep it coming. :)
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   647d ago
i have no idea what any of this gibberish means, but dammit I AM EXCITED.
KillrateOmega  +   647d ago
Longevity. Nice :)
gamingboss   647d ago | Spam
DevilishSix  +   647d ago
But, but according to MS the X1 is future proof?
Deadpoolio  +   647d ago
Micro$haft seems to forget that the they can claim the One80 is "future proof" all they want but things like da powa of da cloud are NOT going to work anywhere near as well as they are saying...Not while people still have garbage trash wal-mart internet made even worse by the fact that they use the wireless because were too lazy to run a cable across the room.....About the only people who will benefit from da cloud will be people with FiOS, until M$ realizes it's not working as well and they stop relying on da cloud to try to offload computing
Death  +   646d ago
If you have garbage trash internet, you aren't exactly on the cutting edge of tech are you? The same people complained when Microsoft went broadband only in 2001 which cut out the vast majority of gamers using dial-up to game online. If you are more casual with your gaming and don't have decent internet, maybe the Xbox one isn't for you. Microsoft had "da paid online", da broadband only", then "da HDD" and now "da cloud". All things "da Playstation" had later on. Once cloud processing and cloud storage is taken to the next level I am sure Sony will follow suit and you will have it too. It really is simply a matter of time as history has clearly shown.
chito1016d  +   646d ago
The cloud sounds like it'll be great for matchmaking and some AI but I'm really excited to see what all out money to PS Plus will do for PSN.
fghtrer3fb5erg  +   647d ago
Its amazing how the ps4 gpu can do things cpus normally do, something that couldnt be done on a gpu before, its like the ps4 has a cpu (main) then a gpu with its own cpu.
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wishingW3L  +   647d ago
that's called GPGPU, ALU and most GPU from 5 years ago could already do it. But PC have so much raw power at its disposal that it doesn't need it. Although the PS4 has a more ideal set-up for this kind of computation because of the APU (GPU and CPU on same SoC) and unified Ram.
Xtremist  +   646d ago
PC GPUs can't do heterogeneous computing. That means that if you try to use a significant amount of compute operations on PC GPU you will slow down its performance.
PS4 apu will be able to execute heavy and complex compute operations without significantly affecting GPU performance.

To make the short story shorter, PS4 APU can deliver up to 50% higher rendering productivity than a PC GPU of the same raw power.
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Kleptic  +   646d ago
^have a link for that?

GPU's started off loading cpu tasks all the way back with directX 10...DirectX 11 takes that further...and mantle is slated to give specific hardware cpu offloading abilities to an even higher degree...

but the significant point...the PS4's gpu architecture is the same GCN based design from late 2011...its roughly a low TDP version of the Radeon HD 7870 (a great card, not judging)...however...its matched with a very mobile oriented VERY low power cpu core architecture...while the Ps4's GPU is very close in performance to a typical mid range PC gpu...its cpu performance, literally, is more in line with high end smart phone processors...a VERY far cry from what a traditional desktop PC uses performance wise...

not that that matters...as a PS4 isn't going to be running a full blown OS like Windows...but your '50% better performance' is offset by a relatively weak cpu architecture...

in the end it just means the same thing it always has...consoles, through balanced hardware and little overhead...will outperform a PC with identically spec'd hardware...1.5Tflops of theoretical performance on a console is more in line with nearly 3Tflops from a PC...but putting a number like '50% more rendering productivity' is very misleading...as its 50% better than an aged PC gpu that isn't really considered by any PC builder for dedicated gaming right now...the only good thing is using the gpu kept the retail cost of the console very low...

All i'm saying is the PS4 is 100% the absolute best device for gaming you can get for $400...you'll never come close to building a PC that can match its performance in that price bracket...however, spending more on a PC, will very quickly get more, thats all...and the technology the PS4 is using to squeeze more out of less hardware has actually been around a lot longer than many people think it has been...its just not a very lucrative development policy for PC, as there are just too many different hardware options available...
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-SIXAXIS-  +   646d ago
This technology has been out for years now. In fact, there are many different projects working on creating frameworks to do this.
a08andan  +   647d ago
It will be interesting to see how much of an impact the 8 ACE's has. :)
TristanPR77  +   647d ago
Oh God, November 15 is going to be so awesome.
quenomamen  +   647d ago
Cue Xbot yapping about how they'll never use all that memory anyway !
Kinda like how the 360 would never need games on more than one disc so a bluray drive made no sense.
cunnilumpkin  +   647d ago
yet it cannot even run bf4 (a 3 year old engine) in native 1080p at anything higher than medium settings

while a 3 year old, mid spec gpu, can run in some high, some very high, and even some ultra settings at higher resolutions that the ps4 will

so, while its nice all the indie devs love the ps4, the fact is, the AAA games on it do NOT look next gen, do not run in next gen levels and are honestly not that impressive

killzone SF doesn't even look on par with old pc games like crysis 2, metro 2033, bf3, far cry 2 and 3, hard reset, shogun 2 etc

so, yes the gpu is powerful for a dev that does flash games and little indie titles

for real AAA games, the whole system is weak, yeah the ram is great, the rest is very weak

at least it ain't as weak as the xbox1 though, they may as well just start all over with that thing
ABeastNamedTariq  +   647d ago
Do you grind your teeth and furiously type every time you see a next-gen console article?

We get it. You like PC. Enjoy it. Go buy some stuff on Steam, they have great prices. Hell, I buy stuff on there and I don't even own a gaming PC! I'll get one soon enough.

But still, GTFO, lol.
whitesoxfalife1976  +   647d ago
His pic look like he never step out from the eighties.......
-SIXAXIS-  +   646d ago
Cool story bro
cunnilumpkin  +   647d ago
truth hurts yeah?

medium settings
that's NOT what I'd call next gen

medium- not high, not very high, not ultra

might as well be low settings
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-SIXAXIS-  +   646d ago
Cool story bro.
ATi_Elite  +   646d ago
Hey The Graphics are good enough for $400 and besides I'll be playing Sony Exclusives and you will be playing WoW LoL or RoR or ToT or whatever crappy PC Game you guys play on your $9900000 super Fandangled Xrt-99T PC's.
kingduqc  +   647d ago

we got low end gpu form 2011


sony pays bills so we say nice things


we got a slow ass cpu but we dont talk about it


We might get 1080p for a few games


framerate will be the same in 4 years


hope we can get 30 fps on games this times


PainKillerz  +   646d ago
Not impressed by the game play nor the graphics and if pay attention to the frames it clearly was not a 60 fps and the graphics are rough . Thought this game was polished up, but disappointed . Expected eye candy graphics from this Ryse game.Dont know if this is Crytek or Xbox One fault in this mess of blahhh over hyped game.
ruefrak  +   646d ago
What gets me is that the PS3 is 7 years old and there are still fantastic games coming out for it. There will be amazing games coming out for it for years still, and the PS3 only has 512mb of memory split between main and video.
512mb is nothing today. It's less than nothing. In 2007 it wouldn't have been enough to run Windows Vista. It was very little back then. But 8gb GDDR5 memory today is pretty significant. I'm betting that the PS4 is going to have a longer lifespan than the PS3 will... and I think the PS3 still has a number of years left.
ATi_Elite  +   646d ago
Most of what you said is very True.

Devs did a TON of fancy programming to get Great results on 512mb ram. PS3 should of had 2GB of ram Day1 but like I said Devs did a Fantastic job of coding.

8GB GDDR5 is cool but Devs can do a lot with just 4GB using some fancy programming. although 8GB makes things a lot easier.

The 8GB is for Longevity and multitasking. The real trick this Gen for the long run is gonna be getting the APU to crank out Maximum Power.

As is the Frostbite 3 and CryEngine 3 are true Next Gen Engines that will ONLY get better. Devs will need to find ways of Pushing the Hardware to keep up with the Engines that evolve.

It will be cool to hear are the programming tricks they come up with. Good times ahead.
Kleptic  +   646d ago
yes, the PS3 did get a very noticeable increase in visual quality over the years...and its amazing to me that hardware that old can run games like GTAV at acceptable framerates (most of the time)...

but...one thing can't be argued...fundamental fidelity issues of the rendering engines used for both the 360 and ps3 NEVER increased...since the launch of the systems 720/30 fps was the primary target across nearly every retail game...

so devs figured out ways to pack more and more stuff into that base rendering target...but its not like all of a sudden more and more 60fps games became available, or titles with higher native resolutions...more often than not, image quality increases, or attempting higher average frame rates, resulted in sub HD native resolutions...a tactic that annoyed me from the get go...

and that is exactly how it will be for the xbox one and ps4...whatever target renderers we're seeing now...will most likely be the same throughout the generation...and for a lot of us, that is pretty unfortunate...yes, better effects will make their way in, better physics, etc...

but its 2013 and we're not being offered consoles that create what many consider a standard baseline of performance...gaming at less than 1080/60 fps across all titles may have been an ambitious luxury in 2006...but a full 7 years later and still missing some promises from over half a decade ago...troubles me...and i'm sure i'm not alone...
MuhammadJA  +   646d ago
dev talks bad about the ps4: "what? who is this nobody? i bet his games suck!"

dev praises the ps4: "good read! that dev is talented! i played his games and they're great!"

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