PS4 GPU Encourages Complex Compute Operations, Choice of Memory Keeps It From Becoming Obsolete: Dev

Final Horizon dev talks about how it is developing on the PS4.

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sigfredod1728d ago

Why Nov 14th can´t come soon enough?, i want this black behemoth plug into my 3D Bravia right now

GarrusVakarian1728d ago

Another dev praising the PS4, so jealous i have to wait until Nov 29th!

Irishguy951728d ago

All devs will praise all next gen consoles. They are a massive upgrade to their precursors.

Mikelarry1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

same here, i am actually thinking of canceling my preorder and getting my cousin in the states to buy me one and bring it with him when he comes on the 19 a few days and i can be the envy of all the UK unwashed ps3 peasants muhahahahaha :)

Eonjay1728d ago

Seems like you here about a new PS4 game every week...
Glad to here more games coming to VITA as well

MasterCornholio1728d ago


Not all developers praise all next gen consoles.

Example: The comments of indies before Microsoft reversed their DRM policies.

Nexus 7 2013

Ezz20131728d ago

it's not really hard to praise ps4
it's the most powerful console and as easy to develop for as xbox1 or even more

BBBirdistheWord1728d ago

A ps4 developer praising the ps4?
Stop the press!
This is unheard of!

Anywho, this game looks really interesting to me. I am a big fan of SavageMoon on ps3, which is a tower defence game.

Final Horizon has been described as "the evolution of tower defense". That sounds like fun!

Strikepackage Bravo1727d ago

Um, you do realize Sony strongly encourages anyone doing a PS4 exclusive to go out and say something positive about the "power of the PS4" for marketing purposes.

Ezz20131727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

why don't you point out any developer who is saying other wise about ps4 hardware?!

i will wait

it's not sony's fault that they make the most powerful console on the market that getting nothing but praise from every developer because
it's very dev friendly as well

loulou1727d ago

lol i knew it was gamingblot before i even clicked.

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Xsilver1728d ago

I'm soooo jealous you have a 3d bravia TV :(

sigfredod1728d ago

Why? they are no longer expensive

Godmars2901728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Under $500 for a 40" set. If you know where to look apparently.

(Hint: Amazon...)

Hell, your search was cheaper than mine. Larger set too.

Also, damn you for making me look at TVs when I was thinking about getting a new TV.

Would also add that you recommendation is only 60Hz refresh rate. Better to get something with 120Hz, Like this one:

(note to self - move mouse away from "Add to Cart" button. Just move away...)

Xsilver1728d ago

Thanks man.+1 very helpful

Godmars2901728d ago

Note to self - *DAMNIT!!!*

I told you NOT to go near the "Add to Cart" button! I TOLD YOU!!

Why didn't you listen?! WHY!?!

boneso821728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I'm not jealous, I've got a 60" Samsung 3D plasma! Haha. Plasma all the way for next gen, screw LCD/LED, overpriced, washed out black levels and colours, and terrible motion handling trying to be compensated for with even worse motion processing "tech"! The only advantage of LCD over plasma is the thinner frames, not worth it!

I bought it in the UK for £1249.99 about a year ago but its on US Amazon even cheaper now. Check it

iceman061728d ago

@Godmars...I got that TV last year...and paid about $200 more. But, I don't regret it one bit. It does everything that I need, somethings that I didn't need but are cool, and all for a price that is pretty damn good!!!

iiwii1728d ago


You will not regret it. I have a 60" Mitsubishi 3D tv I purchased a couple of years ago. Go back and play some of the older games in 3d like Black Ops 1 or 2., Pacific Rift, etc.

Killzone 3 in 3d was nice too.

NeoTribe1728d ago

I'd personally go with a high end samsung.

Oschino19071728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

I have these 2 in the same room with 4 pairs of 3d glasses and 2 ps3s, soon to be 2 ps4s also.

These glasses also but I got them buy one get one for $99 (2), not sure why amazon is so expensive but I get most of my Sony stuff from a Sony outlet store 5-10min away.

Benchm4rk1728d ago

Go with a Samsung over a Sony. Better for less


My Samsung LED eats plasmas for breakfast. Not overpriced at all, Black levels are awesome, Colors are way more vibrant than plasma and side by side with Samsung plasmas in the shop handled motion much better with no jitters at all. Early 2000's plasmas were best. Now they are old news. Samsung plasmas suck bad especially. If you go plasma you can't beat the Panasonic ones

Death1727d ago

My 8 series Sammy plasma begs to differ. LED's are light years ahead of LCD's, but still do not have the black levels of a plasma. My living room had too much light for a plasma so I went with a 60 inch 6 seties LED there, but prefer the 8 series in my gaming room.

wishingW3L1727d ago

that Vizio E420d-A0 has tons of latency both on image and input. Not good for gaming at all. Blacks are awful too, so you'll lose tons of detail on dark scenes which makes the high resolution pointless.

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Elzer1728d ago

Great... Another indie dev acknowledging the ps4. That's some trust worthy credibility for you....

Killjoy30001727d ago

Irish Guy, you try way too hard to discredit Sony based on any positive news/feedback.

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pyramidshead1728d ago

This sounds like very good news. Keep it coming. :)


i have no idea what any of this gibberish means, but dammit I AM EXCITED.

1728d ago
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