PS4 Will Let You Use Your Real Name Online At Launch

Sony will let users of their new console use their real names on the PlayStation 4's online service when the system launches on November 15, the company has confirmed to Kotaku. This is an option, not a mandate. It's also a point of distinction between PS4 and Xbox One.

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Goro1792d ago

It better be optional because i don't like the idea of having strangers knowing my real name.

Lalanana1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Why not? It'll be fun knowing peoples' names.

My real name is Talia :-p

@sevilha82 lol :-p

sevilha821792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Hello Talia nice to meet you i´m André how´s your Father Ra´s Al Ghul.


_QQ_1792d ago

i wonder what my real name is.

shoddy1792d ago

I hate to share my personal info with stranger.

I hate nsa

pedrof931792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Of course this is optional.

By the way my real name Chuck Arnold Steven Schwarz-Rambo Norris Staham Van Dame.

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Mikelarry1792d ago

i cant remember where i read it but only your friends or people you allow can see your real name. ill try finding the source and post

KUV19771792d ago

Yes, you can choose who sees your real name and - get this - you can enter whatever name you want. Basically free id-change. :)

KillrateOmega1792d ago

You have been killed by 'Shuhei Yoshida'.

FamilyGuy1792d ago

I could swear it was facebook related. Basically your facebook name would show up on the PS4 if you allowed your real name to be shown to certain people. I never heard that it was just a pure name choice. In other words you'd have to have a facebook account or you could created a fake name on facebook and use it as your "real name". Kinda makes more sense that it wouldn't be reliant on facebook though, I just seem to have picked up that impression.

KUV19771792d ago

I think there was even a video where one could see the menu for it. I am sure it is unrelated to facebook. SONY wants to buil it's own social network (certainly connected to facebook). They won't build their system relying on facebook. Only few weeks till we'll know for sure.

sigfredod1792d ago

Yes of course is optional

MizTv1792d ago

I really love my psn name
And people hate it
I get so much hate mail
But it's funny as hell

_QQ_1792d ago

@ killerate omega

Probably XxVegeta

mushroomwig1792d ago

It is, you can switch between your usual PSN ID or your real name or even have both.

MazzingerZ1792d ago

The article already states that:"This is an option, not a mandate"

Too much hurry to post first I guess:)

amnalehu1792d ago

"Sony will let users of their new console use their real names on the PlayStation 4's online service when the system launches on November 15, the company has confirmed to Kotaku. This is an option, not a mandate."....

CocoWolfie1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

yeah im pretty 100% sure either though backlash or protection that they wont allow that. dont worry :p also i dont see why that person got so many dislikes for saying her name, hi im damian ._.

Sci0n1792d ago

She trolled herself out of relevancy so no matter what she says even if its nice or thoughtful ppl will disagree with her lol.


not sure if youre saying "it better be" because youre actually unsure, or youre just making an idol threat.
anyway the second sentence of the page confirms that this is optional. my guess is that outsiders can only look someone up by psn id, but when they actually have them as a friend, the real name will show up under that profile.
either way this news is a huge relief. I am a very different person six years after i created my ps3 username. i think its about time i get to make a switch.

LOLLLL @ the xbox nametag in the article. XXkillasupreme420 xbox $W∆∆∆G

kparks1791d ago

Lol @ the article xbox name... Xxkillasupreme420 lol

Anon19741791d ago

I think it should be mandatory. If you're not comfortable saying something under your real name you probably shouldn't be saying it. Same thing with actions. If you want to behave in such a way that you feel your name should be hidden, perhaps it's time to rethink your actions.

They could still have a nickname for fun but it's anonymity that's at the heart of the toxic culture of online communities.

By the way, I'm Kyle Kulyk. 39 yr old indie developer, married, Canadian, two kids. Nice to meet everyone. :)

StoutBEER1791d ago (Edited 1791d ago )

That's fine that they are letting people use their real name if they so choose, but my response is the same as the X1 real name usage. Who in their right mind wants to use their real name?!

Thats like the people that take pictures of their weed and put it on facebook. You do know police look at facebook for that shit right?!?!

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jgrigs091792d ago

How? No one honestly doesn't care about that. Plus that's a launch, Microsoft will eventually let you use your real name.

djplonker1792d ago

You didn't read the comments did you?

to be honest I didn't either but I skimmed through them just for you found 3 people that do care on one of the many sites that reported it so yeah speak for yourself!

saikorican1792d ago

It seems you missed the point. MS said that people couldn't use real names at launch and then Sony comes out a little bit later saying that the option will be available at launch. Sony is just doing a little 1-uppy thing, nothing wrong with showing what you got.

CaptainPunch1792d ago

You can just use a fake alias.

OhReginald1792d ago

What if....your PSN id is your real name.....? nameception....

OhReginald1791d ago

mine is as curious to see if sony will let us change our PSN ids....

strigoi8141792d ago

i really dont understand why M$ wont let you do it..maybe they gonna be running smart A.I. on launch to cover and say "oh we have lots of xboxone fans playing this games on XBL"

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