Battlefield 4 - C4 Surprise

The C4 Surprise Trailer of Battlefield 4.

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SITH1797d ago

Nothing like a special gift, for that special someone.

ArchangelMike1797d ago

Nothing like being an involuntary suicide bomber... that reminds me, anyone seen a movie called 'Arlington Road?' Awesome movie!

KwietStorm1797d ago

So did they end up removing C4 from Support or what?

Rooted_Dust1797d ago

Yup, it's on the Recon class now.

KwietStorm1797d ago

Yea I know Recon got it back, but is it confirmed that it's gone from Support?

MidnytRain1797d ago


Support didn't have C4 in the beta from what I saw. I'd assume not.

Yukicore1797d ago

No more infinite C4 madness. Good, it was quite annoying that support class players could just run up to tank blow it up, refill, go blow up the next one.

Kind of a kamikaze gameplay style, but they had machine guns to defend themselves, now with sniper and C4, they can't do much damage if they get caught.

Swiftcricket1797d ago

This is the only thing I'm going to miss from BF3. Loved running up and blowing up tanks. But I'll get used to it since the consensus seems to be it's overall a nice improvement over its predecessor.

Sadist31797d ago

These "only in battlefield" commercials are stupid. I've done way more exciting things in BF3. I thing with the share button on the PS4, I'm going to capture some real intense action and make "the real only in battlefield" videos to share.

Sadist31797d ago

And by the way for those who don't follow battlefield, they originally took c4 away from support class, but decided to give it back so yeah, support will have it. The beta was an older version of the game, don't know why people still don't know that.

Hufandpuf1797d ago

No, it's still on Recon.

dcj05241797d ago

On support and recon. Support must unlock.