A 6 Year-Old's Take on the Wii Wheel

Via Kotaku: "I don't think anyone will argue with me when I say that Tristan is Kotaku's best and most trustworthy reviewer. His reviews were spot on for the 360 Wireless Wheel , SIXAXIS, and the Wiimote. [...]Since I am the video intern, I had the distinct honor of capturing Tristan's review of the very thing we have all feared. The Wii Wheel, Nintendo's new gamble, could ruin Mario Kart forever. Luckily, Tristan lays it all down for us and puts our fears to rest."

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wiizy3886d ago

just what we were waiting for a 6 year old take on the wii wheel.. when will haters understand that ps3 will be in last place and xbox 360 in second. just accept it.

eagle213886d ago

your such an expert. Better hope prices stay the same and Sony doesn't release any more games. hahahhahahhahhah! :)

spandexxking3886d ago

when will the wii fans understand they have no games! my apologies if your under 12

eagle213886d ago

I just try to be nice to lil' wiizy. I mean, like you said, he might be under 12 years old. I am thinking 5 1/2, because a 6 year old to a 5 1/2 year old is grown

rbanke3886d ago

Show a 6 year old some balloons, get the same reaction. "COOOL".

DaddyDC6503886d ago

That kid is smarter than I am!!!! =(

cyclindk3886d ago

It's called a "Wiil," or at least it should be.