CVG- Wii Party U Review

CVG:Wii Party U is a passable and relatively inexpensive (£34.99 with a Wii RemotePlus included) game for families who have completely exhausted Nintendo Land's offerings and are looking for something different to pass the time, but in no way should it be considered anything resembling a classic. All the mini-games control well and are functional enough, but there's far too much filler in there, making the few genuinely enjoyable board game events feel more like the exception rather than the rule.

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Thepcz1756d ago

another wiiu game nobody wanted.

nintendo really think this is going to sell consoles?

i thought we were over this 'party game' bs with the wii. i thought wiiu was going to be for the core gamers?

nintendo need to step there game up.

Nevers0ft1756d ago

It's a bargain if you need another controller but I doubt many people will be in a hurry to play the game. Like with most mini-game collections, it'll be 80% filler and 20% games you actually want to play.

LOL_WUT1756d ago

Agreed I guess Nintendo didn't get the memo about the causals having moved on to tablets and smartphones. They should just focus all their resources onto their other well established titles. ;)