IGN- Wii Party U Review

IGN:Wii Party U is a surprisingly deep experience with a variety of ways to play. While there are some duds to be found in each mode, there are enough highlights to have fun in plenty of different ways. With the included Wii Remote Plus as a bonus, Wii Party U is a steal for anyone who plays games with friends and family often, but the AI makes for poor company.

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Yep1756d ago

"It's a party game, therefore it must suck because I don't have any friends or family to play with."

ShinMaster1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

"I will play this (one time) with friends and family"

There are good party games and there are mediocre party games.

brewin1756d ago

So you have played the game and put it through its paces enough to give ur great opinion. Shut up troll...

PopRocks3591756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

If you've played the game, I would like to know what's so mediocre about it. I was planning to get this and play it with friends since there are no Mario Party games.


I'd like to hear it from the horse's mouth. If he really has played it and finds it mediocre, I'd like to hear his reasoning. If his reasoning is completely illogical or he's just BSing, then yeah, he's probably a troll.

brewin1756d ago

Obvious troll is obviously trolling. If you enjoy these kinds of games you know what to expect and that's more than OK. These games are meant for families and most of these message board trolls are just mad they don't have families or friends to play games with. Their best friends are the peeps they play on Xbox live with.

Jagsrock1756d ago

Not every game can or should get a 9 or 10. Wii Party U isn't meant to be some epic game that you remember forever but it is meant to be a fun game that you can pull out when friends are over. 7.5 is a pretty good score for a party game.

brewin1756d ago

Most of the people dissing this game would let a 7 year old mash out on call of duty all day and see no problem with that. This looks like a great holiday family game and could sell some Wii u systems. Pay no mind to the feeble minded fools that can't see gaming goes beyond their simple tastes. There is room for games like this in the market. In fact, the market needs games like this to provide some differentiation. It can't be all shooters zombie games and sports for frig sake. I can't stand these trolls! 7.5 is a great score for a party game.