Kill Streak Media - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Review

The wait is over, it's finally here after months of waiting. Players are able to play as their favorite Marvel super heroes instead of watching gameplay from E3 2013. It has been a long wait, but in the end, its been worth it.

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MadMax1733d ago

Really enjoyed the demo. Only problem is do i buy it now or wait for the PS4 version to come out? I heard there wont be much of a difference in the two. Is this true?

exceeding091733d ago

Good to hear. Well to be honest, I'm not sure exactly if there will be a difference because I haven't seen gameplay of it for the PS4 yet. I don't think no one knows, except for the developers. You could wait for the PS4 version to be released and may probably spend more money, since its a next-gen game. Or buy the version for the current console/s you have and enjoy the full game instead of waiting to see if there is a difference or not. I hope that helps.

MadMax1733d ago

Thx! After some research i found an article with one of the developers on the PS4 version. I guess the main difference is more legos on screen and no loading times at all. He did also mention there will be some better lighting and to think of it as a high end pc. Might have to break for the PS3 version, hehe.

exceeding091732d ago

You're welcome and the details sound good, but I don't know if that's going to make a difference for people. No loading times would be nice.

MadMax1732d ago

Caved in and picked it up. Played for hours, best lego game i think! Love the roster of characters and they did a good job making it feel like a marvel universe, but with legos. I think they might have nailed it with this game. I can see why its been receiving rave reviews.

exceeding091731d ago

I think you made a good choice instead of waiting for the PS4 version. Its like, why wait for the next-gen version when there is a current version already out. Its fun playing as Marvel characters as LEGO minifigures and I can see why you played for many hours.