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GodisaGeek: "There is so much to love about the Wii U. For one, seeing the glorious technicolour of Nintendo in HD never gets dull, and in that respect, Wii Party U gets things spot-on – it looks terrific. Unfortunately the core game underneath the gloss and stacks of features is no better than the first Wii Party – and in many ways is actually worse. 80 minigames had better have a good strike-rate or they become a procession of annoying interludes; there are only so many ways you can throw a dice and move around a track.

The best that the game has to offer can easily be experienced elsewhere – sometimes with a basic pen and paper. When you find that a party game is becoming a chore, or that it actually insults your intelligence as a human being, then it is time to switch off. If you want to have some fun with family or friends, then you are better served sticking with one of the original Wii Sports titles, which several years on are still the most fun you can have with a Wiimote."

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bigchad1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

what do you expect from a $10 game when you take the included wii mote into consideration. some times i dont understand what some reviewers expect from a game like this. it should get at least 2 more points for including the wii mote for the price of the bundle.

LOL_WUT1607d ago (Edited 1607d ago )

The focus should be on the actual game not what comes bundled with it. Besides the Wii remote is old it's not like its a new peripheral. The score seems appropriate ;)

GodisaGeek1607d ago

Ultimately, the reviewer didn't enjoy the game. He found the mini-games boring, and felt that the money spent would be better spent on other, similar games, that are more fun.

AWBrawler1607d ago

lol ignored all the good scores and came straight to the bad one. no surprise there

bigchad1607d ago

i got my copy of wii party u today and i have to say its been really fun so far.