How a Gang of Thieves Shamed Superheroes and the Entire Movie Industry In Just Three Days

What do Avatar, The Titanic, The Avengers and The Dark Knight have in common? They are the highest grossing films of all time. While according to Box Office Mojo Avatar ranked in a whopping $2.7 billion worldwide that’s still no match against a couple of stumbling car thieves, a man going through a mid-life crisis and a son who just wants his father’s love. I bet you’re trying to figure out what movie I’m referencing. You can stop right there, not a single movie has come close to matching the success of the top grossing video game in history. Yup, I’m talking about Grand Theft Auto V, the fifth game in the series about life on the hard and wealthy streets of Los Angeles, in which players steal a car and escape before the police arrive, grossed over 1 billion dollars in three days, $800 million of which was made in its first day, embarrassing the entire movie industry.

So what happened? How did a video game franchise that wasn’t even suppose to see 1998 surpass the sales of some of the most beloved movies worldwide? There are several explanations.

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pandehz1851d ago

Gta V costs-£43

Avatar-£11 per ticket or £15 3D+glasses

Of course GTA will touch the billion mark faster. Avatar touching in 17 days is pretty fantastic.

vishmarx1851d ago

even more for such a piece of crap of movie

spektical1851d ago

i enjoyed the movie, never watched in 3D.

to each their own

Mr_cheese1851d ago

The story for the film wasn't great, but the motion capture, effects and the palette of neon colours were fantastic and kept me watching.

SuperBlur1851d ago

GTA IV and its episodes got old after many playthrough, Saints Row series turned into one gigantic joke
Sleeping Dogs was more like a martial arts open world game
Arkham City was a big instance rather then open world
AC3 was a multitude of large instance

everytime i played a semi/open world game , it would only hype me more for GTA V . so if you ask me , these games contributed to the GTA V hype train

luoshuigui1851d ago

"not a single movie has come close to matching the success of the top grossing video game in history."

Can this guy do math? He even stated himself that Avatar made 2.7 billion, that's box office only, not counting syndication broadcast movie renting and merchandize revenues.

sagesurge1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

but it took 17 days just to reach 1 billion

luoshuigui1851d ago

I dont think it matters, GTA V could potentially reach 3 billion dollars, but it just can't compare to movies' multiple streams of revenues. Avatar for example, sold 20 million dvd/blu rays in 20 days, thats 6 hundred million dollars in 3 weeks, and i'm just talking about the initial dvd release, not those 3D and Director's cut re-releases. And then we got the books the toys and everything, Avatar easily doubled if not tripled GTA V's sale record.

kraigslist_killa1851d ago

Hey man pretty good article. On a sidenote, does anyone else prefer they wait and see a new gta on the next gen or get a port of gta 5 right away. Id rather wait.


MysticStrummer1851d ago

I say both. PS4 and XB1 are supposedly easy to get a game up and running on, so let another arm of Rockstar port GTA5 and let the real Rockstar get to work on GTA6.

Hayabusa 1171851d ago

I'd rather have waited and got GTA V for next gen launch, but since there's no official word of a next gen version, I've settled for current gen and have no interest in buying it again for any system.

So wait for a sequel I guess.

Thehyph1851d ago


My guess:
There will be a next gen version released after a period of current gen exclusivity. (If I were a betting man, I would say Sony made the deal for the current gen exclusivity. Look at the ps3 bundle, the pulse elite headset, and the ps3 sales for Semptember)
It's only a matter of time before a PC version comes, and next gen consoles are on the same architecture. It would make sense that if they are making a PC version, then make a couple of console ports to sell even more copies.

After that, I would say a 4 year wait for a new GTA.

There's also the possibility that GTA Online is testing the waters for a direction that they could take in the future.

Moncole1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

A game cost 60$ and a movie cost about 10$ depending where you go. If you are going to compare them than also use the DVD and bluray sales.

despair1851d ago

not to mention movies are shown in a limited number of theaters at certain times while games are available in almost unlimited numbers and immediately, all the time. Its a very unfair comparison as they are trying to compare completely different forms of entertainment.

sagesurge1851d ago

blockbusters movies are available in almost every theater

spektical1851d ago

but movies have a much bigger market , i see it evening out.

ShaunCameron1851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Plus multiple revenue streams to recoup which is why it can afford the hundred-million-dollar production costs and subsidize the cost for the privilege of seeing the movie.

vishmarx1851d ago

then you also consider how limited the gaming audience is considering $10 vs ~$300
besides movies go waaay back ..gaming is something like 35 yrs old

FamilyGuy1851d ago

Billions of people watch movies, the movie watching market is enormous. Only million play console based video games. 360 and PS3 are both at 80 million and even ignoring the face that some people have both consoles that's only 160 million possible sales. The realistic number is far less. A movie, on the other hand, could have over 500 million people see it in the U.S. alone.
You don't need a $200/$300 console to watch a movie.

pandehz1849d ago

''A movie, on the other hand, could have over 500 million people see it in the U.S. alone''

That cracked me up quite a bit.

Population of USA=313.9 million

FamilyGuy1849d ago

LOL obviously I thought their were more in the U.S. Figured like 800 million with world population being over 7 million. Guess I should've googled it first lol.

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