Xbox One Installation Manual Leaked

Gameranx: "If you want a head start on setting up your Xbox One, here's the leaked installation guide for the console to get you started."

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Volkama1732d ago

Surely the same as every console. "Plug everything in. Go."

aCasualGamer1732d ago

And right there at the end... in 0,2 size Times New Roman... "by playing you agree with all our spying".

egidem1732d ago

At least there is a manual.

Today's games don't even come with a manual. I really miss opening a brand new game and smelling the booklet inside, followed by an intense period of looking at the inside pictures and contents...

Drewidian1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

@ aCasualGamer FYI Sony wouldn't be able to sell their console in the US if they didn't agree to the same policies that MS does so... yeah... And in case you forgot, yes you can unplug Kinect.

shoddy1732d ago

Don't forget to activate it online before use.

Blackdeath_6631732d ago

you can't place the console vertically. well that sucks no place for it on my desk. then again it was designed for the living room.

darthv721732d ago

that was of the first things revealed when they were talking about it.

mark134uk1732d ago

i know they dropped the drm stuff but doesnt the xb1 still require you to plug it into the net for a one of download before you can use it?

djplonker1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

yeah day one patch to remove the Drm software although the hardware is still in there somewhere though!

HolyDuck1732d ago

I don't get why hardware is mentioned in your post?

djplonker1732d ago

because it is still hidden in there and all it would take is another patch to enable it...

software and hardware walk hand in hand!

darthv721732d ago

Didnt really know DRM came in flavors. software AND hardware.....

HolyDuck1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

@DJPlonker Ohhhh, you think DRM is a hardware thing... okay lol.

Edit - Microsoft must be patching the DRM's drivers... lol

Palaven1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

When it arrives I am gonna tear my Xbox One apart to find the demon DRM and rip it out. It'll be like an exorcism.

Patch that Microsoft!

1732d ago
djplonker1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

@holyduck (aka 2 bubbles)

Ok so how did the xbone know if you put a used game or a new game in then?

how were they going to block used games without being able to read if it has been used before?

"here you go"

DRM on purpose-built hardware

Many DRM schemes use encrypted media which requires purpose-built HARDWARE to hear or see the content. This appears to ensure that only licensed users (those with the hardware) can access the content. It additionally tries to protect a secret decryption key from the users of the system.

Godmars2901732d ago

"software and hardware walk hand in hand!"

No. More like Hardware is subservient to software. The whole thing with the cloud says that. The one time online registration says that.

That has always been MS's weakness and blindspot.

XB1_PS41732d ago

@Djplonker, that "DRM hardware" is all ready there, and is in the PS4 as well. They both read the disk to find out if it's a bootleg game, or the real thing.

mhunterjr1732d ago

Lol man they weren't using hardware to tell of a game was used. They were using the 24hr DRM check to make sure you were playing a game that you had previously registered. After you installed a game, you wouldn't need the disk anymore.

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sigfredod1732d ago

yes it does, until you do it will have a giant paperweight on your living room

KillerByte231732d ago

The console requires the internet for a day one update which will take around 15-20 minutes depending on your internet connection.

after the update process you will be able to unplug the console from the internet and play offline

MizTv1732d ago

So if you don't have Internet you still won't be able to play?

N4GCB1732d ago

Yep, won't be able to play at all.

H0RSE1732d ago

The same thing is true with Steam on PC. There is an offline mode, but you initially need to register online. I don't see how this seems to be such a foreign concept to so many people...

WeAreLegion1732d ago

You have to actually download Steam from the Steam website though. You also have to download all the games. The difference is...that's on a computer.

toddybad1732d ago

Also the case with the PS4 I expect.

Everybody has the internet now so why does anybody even comment on stuff like internet required?

rainslacker1731d ago

For those that don't have the internet and can't comment about it perhaps?

n4rc1731d ago

Everyone is worried about other people all of a sudden.

I always found that funny..

MrPerfect8131731d ago

I never understood the big deal with internet required either. Is there some other way to get patches that i dont know about.

SignifiedSix911731d ago

Unless of course the games come with the patch on disc. Would be the sensible thing to do, you know?

Not everyone has internet xD

Thank god i do though :3

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shaun mcwayne1732d ago

I usually dig out the controllers first, give them a good grip test.

dunno why, just do.

vikingland11732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

I agree, there's nothing quite like holding a brand new console/controller in your hands feeling the weight of it smelling it oh yeah! LOL.

BX811732d ago

Because you're a man Shaun Mcwayne..... because you're a man!

tigertom531732d ago

kinect has to be place no lower then .6 meters and now higher then 1.8 Meters. so around 2 and 6 feet. and stand back a little over 4 feet from the sensor...

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