Halo Xbox One - Will 343 Strike Out For New Horizons, Or Play It Safe?

All of which may be reason to be glad that 343 Industries' Halo 5 (or whatever they call it) won't appear on Xbox One till late 2014. Assuming the console sells in healthy quantities - and for all those "Xbox180s", I've seen nothing to indicate that it won't - the further we get from launch, the less pressure there will be to showcase the machine's capabilities.

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Lalanana1581d ago

Give me an open world Halo Game!

Thanks MariaHelFutura..Your comments are pretty interesting.


dirigiblebill1581d ago

There's a rumour that Master Chief has his own ship, can't recall the source.

P0werVR1581d ago

Microsoft is going to throw everything at this game with it's new online features. As Halo multiplayer has always been an innovation to a degree, I expect nothing less for Halo Xbox One.

Epic things are going to happen.

jimbobwahey1581d ago

I wouldn't call Halo innovative when Halo 4 copied a bunch of stuff from Call of Duty and frustrated/alienated the fanbase in the process.

The Meerkat1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )


If he had his own ship he'd be called Captain.

Master Chief is his rank not his name. You'd think after all the sh!t he'd done he'd have got a promotion by now.

DonkeyWalrus1581d ago

Well Meerkat Master Chief really can't get a promotion, as he already has the highest enlisted rating in the Navy. Chief isn't an officer so he's pretty much gone as high as he can go.

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GarrusVakarian1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Im not sure if Halo would work as completely open world, it should stick to "open area".

Get this game right 343 and it could be a system seller. Loved Halo 4 story mode, loved how story/character focused it was and that John/Cortana had more dialogue and a deeper relationship.

malokevi1581d ago

If any of this is true:

We are looking forward to the best game of the generation. PERIOD. Sounds like what Halo CE was... but on an unbelievably massive scale.

64p online? Hundreds of AI at once, processed in the cloud? Call me tickled pink, CAUSE I'M ON THE LAMB!

This is EASILY my most anticipated game. If it comes out this year I'll s%!t a brick.

dirigiblebill1581d ago

Crazy stuff. Any word on whether the source is legit?

GarrusVakarian1581d ago

Best game of the generation? It hasn't even started yet, haha. Give it a chance.

64p online halo does sound epic though. Banshee and infranty battles, mmmmmmm.

malokevi1581d ago

Nope, it's a few months old, originates on Neogaf. Could be anywhere between fact and wishful thinking. Sounds amazing, though.

It seems specific enough and... plausible enough to be legit. I think.

Pogmathoin1581d ago

Malokevi, my fellow Canadian, Trevor stereotype, Maria was not looking for that kind of comment. Please refrain from positive comments and proceed to hammer the Xbox so Maria will be happy. Thank you, eh...

malokevi1581d ago

lol. Maria... there's a face I haven't seen for a while. Is she "lala" or "lukas"?

Funny how people roll through an article about a game they hate on a platform they hate just to spread disagrees. Ah, well.

WOO CANADA! also, WOO HALO! I feen for more information on this game.

Pogmathoin1581d ago

OMG... Maria is Cortana.... Has to be.... gone mad!!!

CRAIG6671581d ago

If half that list makes it in game I will be a very happy HALO gamer next year, the open world planet to planet thing if done, and done correctly could be so epic!!!

Halo 4 multiplayer was cool but for me got pretty boring pretty quickly, if they can get back to the addictiveness that I found in 3 and reach - awesome, I am hoping for big things.

GarrusVakarian1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

"Funny how people roll through an article about a game they hate on a platform they hate just to spread disagrees. Ah, well. "

Im a long time Halo fan, probably played the franchise more than you have. You need to stop judging people by your own standards and learn that it is possible for some people to like games on BOTH consoles. How you can just automatically assume i hate Xbox and Halo just because i complement Sony alot baffles me. You should re evaluate your thinking.

malokevi1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I wasn't talking about you, Lukas. I actually agreed with what you said. Mellow out, yo.

I was more referring to the random an inexplicable accumulation of phantom disagrees, without a negative comment in sight. As well as Beavers mention of Maria, a notorious troll.

Edit: On top of that, I got Halo CE the week it came out, and every iteration since, including the PC version of CE. I still play Halo 4. And I'm getting a PS4 day 1. So, you are pigeon-holing me in the exact same way you assumed I was doing to you. Maybe you aught to ALSO re-evaluate your thinking, eh?

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BallsEye1581d ago

got a lot of faith in 343. They got one of most talented guys in the world, coming from studios that worked even on AAA ps3 games (killzone,uncharted). This is a real dream team and I'm sure they will deliver. Halo 4 is amazing and just when we thougth the console is too old to show something new, they created gorgeous viduals that won plenty of best looking game of the year awards. Open world...hmm I think destiny is pulling that off pretty well, even armors and weapons look extremely similar to ones in halo.

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4logpc1581d ago

Im super excited its in 60 frames.

Supermax1581d ago

True dedicated servers for halo is most welcomed.64 player multiplayer would be great as well.

shaun mcwayne1581d ago

I read that most games next gen will be open world.

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