Predictions for Sony’s CES 2014 keynote

Gimme Gimme Games writes their predictions for what Sony may have in store for gamers during Kaz Hirai's CES 2014 keynote in January.

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Mikelarry1794d ago

Gaikai and the VR headset are two of my biggest interest for sony to talk more about. for gaikai the idea of streaming all playstation games onto my vita intrigues as i have less time to seat at my big screen to play and as vita is an on the go product streaming for example getting to play killzone on the go will make me really happy

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GdaTyler1794d ago

Nice predictions. I definitely want to hear about Gaikai streaming and a Vita TV western release. Vita TV would do so much better in the West since in the US since terms of gaming home consoles are king.