DC Universe Online graphics, gameplay improved for PS4 launch

ProSieben, the European operator of the game, has shared with Eurogamer the first video of what iconic locations in DC Universe Online will look like after Game Update 31. And here it is:

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GarrusVakarian1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Darker more vivid colours and sharper picture, nice.

shoddy1640d ago

Yay more free games for ps4

Mikelarry1640d ago

is it me or the only noticeable difference is that its darker

Death1640d ago

Subtly, but definately more detailed. It looks like a nice update.

hakis861640d ago

I hope we see a bigger jump on the PS4. I mean this game uses Unreal Engine 3, and looks nowhere near as good as older games like Gears or Unreal Tournament. Now that they have the PS4 (and PC), they should bump the graphics a lot on those platforms - I mean why not??

sigfredod1640d ago

So you not even notice the reflections on the banners from the magic wing? are really gorgeus

FamilyGuy1640d ago

The magic wing at the end changed the most. The curtains are a lot different.

supraking9511640d ago

yay FREE!!!!!!!!! Im gonna love PS4

GarrusVakarian1640d ago

No PSN required either! Turn of PS4 and download it right away.

KUV19771640d ago

Ture, but I guess it will work even better if you turn the console on.

GarrusVakarian1640d ago

Haha, damn i mean turn "on". My bad.

The_Truth_24_71640d ago

PSN is required. It won't let you play if you don't sign into PSN.

GarrusVakarian1640d ago

God damn, i mean PS plus, don't know what's up with me today.

The_Truth_24_71640d ago

Lol. I knew what you meant. Just busting your balls. :)

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BigShotSmoov0071640d ago

I'm going to pick that up when I get my PS4 cause I really enjoyed it on the PS3.

MizTv1640d ago

Same here
I always go with a flying dude

MysticStrummer1640d ago

I look forward to flying over the city and not having more and more buildings pop in the farther I fly.

iceman061640d ago

I lost so many hours in the PS3 version it was ridiculous. I had to pry myself away to play other games. It was just really fun...especially with friends. I'm gonna keep away from it and try some of the other f2p games. But, I a sure that I will return to it!!!

XboxFun1640d ago

When will they add the New 52? Because everyone wants to play armor Superman and an emo Lobo!

That was extreme sarcasm by the way. I hope for all of your sake's that they keep New 52 out of DC Universe.

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