Nintendo World Report reviews Mario Kart Wii

Greg Leahy reports:
''With five previous instalments spread over as many platforms, Mario Kart's arrival on Wii was only ever a matter of time. However, given Wii's revolutionary features and runaway success, what form Mario Kart would assume this time was somewhat less assured. The introduction of motion controls and a packed-in peripheral may broaden its appeal still further, but – for better or worse - Nintendo has decided to remain largely faithful to the Mario Kart formula it has spent sixteen years tweaking and tuning. Despite some significant detractions, the ability to stage twelve-person online races coupled with Nintendo's most functional online structure yet make Mario Kart Wii very effective in extracting multiplayer thrills from its chaotic racing template. However, it also leaves the impression that more considered, comprehensive modifications to the series (if not outright reinvention) are now overdue.''

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