AMD R9 290 (Non X) Release Date Leaks Out - R9 290X Coming Tommorow

The release date for R9 290 has been leaked out. The R9 290X is set to debut tomorrow and the R9 290 will follow it about a week later.

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FrigidDARKNESS1792d ago

Definitely want this G-Card the benchmarks out performs Nvidia GTX 780. The NDA is lifted tomorrow cant wait.

TacticAce1792d ago

OMG FINALLY. I was getting really frustrated with not knowing. I will purchase as soon as it it hits. I hope Asus has their Direct CU II version on Newegg as well.

LAWSON721792d ago

What is the price for both? Also where are the reviews?

Kleptic1792d ago

tomorrow, least for the 290x...not sure when the 290 reviews will hit...

most rumors show the 290x at or around $600 to $650...with the 290 being about $100 less...

as far as the leaked benchmarks, to be taken with a grain of salt, the 290x reference card will be a bit faster than the 780 (more in line with the 780ti, most likely)...and the 290 will probably be nearly identical to the least reference wise...there will be OC editions of all these cards left and right, which can radically change how comparable they are...

LAWSON721792d ago

Seems like those would be the prices, may get the R9 290 if it is impressive if not may just crossfire (hd 7950) or get that R9 280X Toxic.

Kleptic1792d ago

^exactly what i did...$350 for the toxic 280x...fits nicely in between the 770 and 780...for less than both of them...hell you can almost crossfire 2 toxics for the same price as one 780, at least before the price cut coming soon...

I'm mostly worried about 1080 for now...and a single 280x toxic is great for that...

Software_Lover1792d ago

If the 290 is on par with the 780, and it is under 500.00 I'm sold.

Software_Lover1792d ago

Still no updates (release or pricing) on newegg. I'm getting restless