Dreamcast Version Of ToeJam & Earl 3 Found And May Be Released

Yes, Sega made ToeJam & Earl III: Mission to Earth for Xbox, but there was another game starring Sega’s funky aliens for Dreamcast. Footage from an early build made its way online and the owner of the discs is planning on holding a fundraiser to release the code online.

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djplonker1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

yeah I just found it under my bed while cleaning up

how can you just find a lost game?

someone send this guy to valve to help them find half life 3

darthv721797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I have the xbox release but oh hell ya....i would get this in a heart beat.

in fact there were quite a few post DC releases on other platforms that started out in dev for the DC. gun valkyrie is one.

I'd like to know what happened to the DC version of planet harriers. It was canceled but why not still release it for the PS2 or xbox?

for games that were finished but not released (half life, propeller arena) they did make their way to the webz at some point.

XboxFun1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Watching those videos transported me back to the 90's where high top fads and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reigned supreme.
I feel more funky watching those youtube videos. Time to get my cross color jeans out and British Knight shoes.

"holding a fundraiser to release the code online."

So he wants money to release the code online?

yellowgerbil1797d ago

I was hoping it was a BETTER Tj and Earl game...
That xbox one was terrible. I still got 1 and 2 for the genesis, complete in their boxes. My copy of 3 is in a landfill somewhere keeping ET company.

IaMs121797d ago

i freaking loved Toe Jame and Earl on the Genesis. My sister and i would play it for hours, and one day saw it was on Xbox and bought it for her but couldnt play it. It was never updated to be able to run on the 360 unfortunately :(.

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