Magnificent new artworks, renders and concept art for PS4′s The Order: 1886

Ready at Dawn are currently known for making ports of famous PlayStation games (Daxter, God of War, Ōkami) but I have a hunch this might change when The Order: 1886 for PS4 comes out. The game is looking stellar and in these new screenshots and artworks we get to see new scruffy characters, murky environments and fantastical new weapons.

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Dissidia1796d ago

These new screens look even better than the reveal trailer.

A gameplay trailer at the VGA's would be awesome. Looking forward to seeing more about this game.

Braid1796d ago

This game by far has the most impressive visuals of all next-gen games revealed. I especially love the cinematic feeling the game has, pretty impressive and CGI-like to look at.

It's going to be a great generation indeed.

medman1796d ago

I thought The Division and The Witcher 3 were pretty stunning myself, and the best examples of next gen to date though The Order:1886 is definitely on my to buy day one list.

sprinterboy1796d ago

Looks fantastic, are they grenades at the bottom pics. Saw some screens earlier today which showed like a German soldier walking into fog? anyone else seen that screenshot

Destrania1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )


Yeah, I think that was a concept art pic though. I don't think he was a German soldier either.

LordNikon1796d ago

Looks great. Wonder when we'll see the gameplay in motion.

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