Amazon: Altering PS4 payment method won't jeopardise delivery date

If you pre-ordered a PS4 from Amazon but used old bank details that now need changing, don't panic - you won't be put to the back of the queue.

"Amazon customers who ordered the PS4 for release day delivery will receive it on day of release," the company assured me today.

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danny8181607d ago

so I preordered a ps4 Yesterday. Went to gamestop to preorder some games for my vita and ps4 and the lady told me that gamestop is getting 70% of'all ps4's and that amazon is taking preorders for ps4"s they don't have for launch. that had me worried, she also did say she hopes I do end up getting a ps4 in a sarcastic way. Is this true?

Topshelfcheese1607d ago

I wouldn't worry, I would trust Amazon over Gamestop any day of the week.

Soldierone1607d ago

Was it a manager? The regular workers there are full of BS to try and get sales. They tell you things like this so you turn around and pre-order through them, then their name gets slapped on it, and their district manager gives them a high five.

ALARM-clock1607d ago

If you pre ordered a launch edition or a bundle then you will get it day 1. If you bought a stand alone PS4 go into your Amazon account, click Orders, then check if you have the PlayStation 4: Launch Edition. If it says Standard Edition or anything like that you're SOL. BTW don't listen to a word a gamestop employee says, they have to meet a daily quota, so the people who remain employed range from very manipulative people to bold faced liars.

danny8181607d ago

I did get the launch edition. Amazon opened pre orders for that version for an hour yesterday. and the gamestop lady was shocked and started telling all this crap lol

Pintheshadows1607d ago

I only clicked for the picture. He is so sexy.