Feature: Five Killzone: Shadow Fall Story Trailer Queries Blown Wide Open

Push Square: "Sony accelerated the build up to the PlayStation 4’s launch by firing a stunning Killzone: Shadow Fall story trailer online this week. While developer Guerrilla Games has shared some details about the title’s plot, we haven’t really seen much of the futuristic first-person shooter’s cinematics up until now. But while the clip no doubt impressed you from a pure visual perspective, it may have left you confused by some of the key plot beats. Allow us to establish a comlink to Vekta, and update you on some of the main narrative details in the upcoming next generation release."

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rdgneoz31793d ago

"A bunch of backstory revealed that the Helghast weren’t actually in the wrong to invade Vekta in the first game, and once again it seems like they may actually represent the good guys"

If you read up on the back story of Killzone, it's somewhat interesting. Pretty much the Helgast bought Helghan and Vekta from a broke Earth. When people started exploiting tax loopholes and profiting from their privileged position, the ISA took note and invaded Vekta, kicking them out to Helghan. This basically led to what happened in the original Killzone.

Sevir1793d ago

This is very well explained, Goodness it seems the Writers at GG have went back to school and have brushed up on telling a super compelling story! not that the others werent good but Story could have been executed stronger. The KZ back story for the universe is impressively detailed and the war that broke out over Vetka seems to have the helghast in the right.

This story trailer FOR Shadow fall was seriously intense. i cant wait to jump into the campaign and get into this new arc which i assume will be the start of a new trilogy1