Games of the Generation: Journey

One of the gentle tragedies of this generation has been the absence of one of the masters of the last. Whatever calamities have befallen the small corner of Sony Japan's headquarters that is home to Team Ico has robbed the past eight years of the ethereal ambiguity that Fumito Ueda explored in his brace of PlayStation 2 games

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WhiteDynamite1759d ago

Journey was great, but GOTG? No.

Hellsvacancy1759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

"Games" as in one of

I LOVED Journey, but I loved From Dust, Limbo and TWD just as much

GOTG? me? Red Dead Redemption or The Last Of Us, Portal 2 was also SUPERB, and Demon's Souls was REAL nice breath of fresh air, too many to decide from

WhiteDynamite1759d ago

G ames
O f
T he
G eneration

Hellsvacancy1759d ago

The TITLE reads "GAMES Of The Genertation: Journey"

Mikelarry1759d ago

i enjoyed journey but i preferred flower, i still play it even tho i have completed it 5 times and now that its coming to ps4 i am getting it again.

yezz1759d ago

Journey is a great experience. It's not a game that you pick up when you feel like competing and having action. Quiet room and Journey on the big screen with it's beautiful soundtrack is unbelievably relaxing..

djwille881759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I liked Journey but didn't love it. It's no way a game of the generation.

For me personally games like the The Last Of Us, Killzone 2, and Demon's Souls..those were my GOTG

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The story is too old to be commented.