Twinfinite: Orc Attack Flatulent Rebellion Review

Twinfinite writes, "As the Humans expand their empire, the Orcs grow restless… and also gassy. Casual Brothers brings us this new comedy brawler with an… um…. “unique” sense of humor in the form of Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion. Utilizing farts and belches to illicit laughs and excitement, is this game a ripe gem or does it just plain stink?

Orc Attack weaves a tale of overzealous Humans, expanding their reach of civilization across the land and eventually encroaching on the turf of the Orcs (their natural enemy, of course). Unfortunately, the waste produced from this expansion has been poisoning the Orcs and have made them sick and nauseous. However, their bodily expulsions have been amplified by the waste, essentially giving them deadly burps and noxious, flammable farts."

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