One Month Before Launch, There Are Still Things We Don't Know About The Xbox One

Microsoft's third game console is expected to generate a ton of interest from both hardcore gamers as well as people who see the Xbox One as the company's biggest play yet to put its products and services in the living room. Yet there are still some questions we have about the Xbox One that, so far, Microsoft has not answered even at this late date. Here are just a few of the things we want to know but have yet to get any clear answers.

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n4rc1763d ago

Yet its still way.more then we know about ps4 and that's 3 weeks out..

Eonjay1763d ago

I can't wait till the gaming sites get their hands on final hardwares and we can appropriately explore the UIs and interactions.

Xbox One questions:
How does the Kinect respond to voice in real time.
What apps are available.
What providers will work with the XboxGuide at launch.

PS4 questions:
What apps are available at launch.
Can you organize your dashboard titles (for us OCD patients)

There are naturally more questions about the Xbox than PS4 due to the extra entertainment functions built into Xbox along with Windows 8.

Army_of_Darkness1763d ago

All I know is that so far the xbone is capable of last Gen's 720p resolution with a 60fps improvement.

MorePowerOfGreen1763d ago

n4rc is right. So much so I would be nervous over getting a PS4 knowing so little about it so late in the console launch game

Sony has a history of not delivering what is promised with their consoles.

I guess Sony thinks they can ride the XB1 hate wave, claim they have the same features as XB1 and boast only one aspect of their specs without telling people how anything works, from their online to their console hardware.

It doesn't work as advertised is the reason no one knows much about the console.

slivery1763d ago


Truly amazing you have only had your account for 34 days and are already down to one bubble.

Also very amusing seeing anything you have to say when you were so wrong about the Xbox One period, instead of owning up you resorted to making another account because you were too much of a coward to just admit you were wrong when you swore up and down you were right about everything. As if you personally made the Xbox One yourself.. Too funny.

FamilyGuy1762d ago

You guys are ridiculous, there's way more known about the PS4 than the X1. What questions do any of you actually have anyway?
Seems like you're just trolling sony because you don't like this articles title.

Name a question that Sony hasn't answered that you're actually interested in knowing.

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GarrusVakarian1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Which console have we seen the most games running on FINAL HARDWARE on? Im pretty sure we have seen more on the PS4.


Troll? For correcting someone? That's not trolling dude. Do some research on the topic before you post. I know there have been plenty of games shown on X1 hardware but more have been shown on PS4.

An example of trolling would be "HAHA ROFL, we know more about PS4 than the XBOX a month before launch lolol lolol". So not only do you incorrectly label me a troll but noe you say i said something in a PM that i didn't say. I did not say " that all the xbox one games were running on PC's up till now" i said....."One gaming event out of all of the past ones".....i know that games have been shown running on x1 hardware in past events but alot of the time they were PC's.

falviousuk1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

There ahve been plenty of games running on xbox one hardware at several evwnts, lets not try that one eh.

Marked as one of the usual trolls


thats very strange as you have just contradicted yourself with the private email you just sent me saying that all the xbox one games were running on PC's up till now, which is incorrect. and downright rubbish.

And yes, you are a a troll, spreading incorrect information

thrust1763d ago

He loves to pm people

GarrusVakarian1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

By saying "One gaming event out of all of the past ones" i mean that Eurogamer has been the only gaming event were EVERY game they have shows has been on final x1 hardware, past events weren't 100% final hardware.

Its not my fault if you misinterpret my PM.

OMG falvious what is wrong with you? I told you i AGREE that eurogamer was running all games on final X1 hardware, so why/how would i provide pictures for it?

There are pictures from other events though.

" leave the gaming to real gamers"

LOL, yeah because i got over 100k gamerscore from being a casual gamer...../s

malokevi1763d ago

correcting someone? lol.

falviousuk1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Jsut to clarify further the points above, Lukas sent myself a PM saying that the xobx one games were running on PC's. and said he would provide me proof in the form of images.

I asked him for images of games running on PC's at the Eurogamer event, and of course he hasnt been able to do so, further suggesting what a load of bollocks he is talking.

Yet another troll on this site that really needs to go very far away and leave the gaming to real gamers, those that play games not systems

another troll to add to the ignore list, getting longer all the time

Deadpoolio1763d ago

Wow so your going to tell someone that they need to do research before posting...Yet you then follow it up with the most incorrect statement that you could......NO we have not seen just as many games running on One80 hardware...ALL multiplat games have been using PS4 footage, all of them. It's not even a doubt since ALL publishers have been very up front about the fact that PS4 footage is used for multiplats.....

PS4 games have been running on PS4 hardware since E3...Meanwhile Microsoft has been running everything on PCs, how many times do they need to get caught running games on PCs with Windows 7 and Nividia graphics cards, even though their console is based on Windows 8 using AMD chips, before you geniuses grasp that it's not a powerful as they claim....

And YES it was confirmed that Sony has been using Dev kits since E3.....And NO using a Windows 7 PC with super high end specs and Nivida graphics cards is NOT a dev kit, it's flat out lying to people

dantesparda1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Wow! MS fanboys are just desperate eh? so they are just fooling themselves making up sh*t, sad really.

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Blaze9291763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

Free game, apps, and how many units will be available? This is the dumbest article I've read all week.

If anything, Sony are the ones who need to be telling A LOT more about the PS4 than Microsoft and the Xbox One.

Microsoft's been on a role lately with their videos. But for PS4 we still don't know why we're paying for PSN and what's changed about it to warrant a fee all a sudden, we still don't know much to anything about the GUI, we don't really know ANYTHING - and this is the system that is coming out first. Amazing

Mikelarry1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

about the GUI

about everything else you wanna know

you are welcome

Thegamer411763d ago

To you there is no information about the PS4 because you have not bothered to do any research about it.
Don't blame your lack of information about the PS4 on Sony, because all the info is out there if you use the fraction of the time on researching instead of trolling.

Blaze9291763d ago

@Mikelarry thank you for links that answered nothing stated in my original comment. You know I truly appreciate it.

Drekken1763d ago

You really are the most clueless poster around here.

PS+ Gives you all kinds of games with your subscription. Sony has already said they are taking that money to make the network better and faster.

Let's not forget Sony is not locking features like Party chat behind the pay wall.

It has already been announced that Skype, Playing games, apps, netflix, ESPN, and such will be locked behind their paywall. The only thing different is MS doesn't give you games and discounts with your subscription.

You are absolutely wrong and I have no problem calling you out every time you write something stupid.

Deadpoolio1763d ago

Uh you know there are NO free games on the One80 right? Well or the 360, how is it that xbots ignore the FACT that games for gold ends in November?

Or that FACT that even free to play games on the One80 are locked behind the pay wall, while Sony is keeping everything free but MP.....Free to play games on the PS4 are actually free to play and don't require a PS+ membership



Sony said that they will use the funds from the subscriptions to recoup the loss of every console sold which is $60. I don't ever recall them saying that they will use it to make the online faster or better. The money will go into their pockets.

HugoDrax1763d ago


"games for gold ends in November?"

Correction! It is a permanent offering now...


Drekken1763d ago

@melman - Lies, lies, and more lies.

"The main pillar for the PS4 will be online play. We're developing many new ways to play and connect which requires a large investment of resources," Yoshida said.

"Considering the cost, to try to keep such a service free and consequently lower the quality would be absurd. We decided that if that's the case, then it would be better to receive proper payment and continue to offer a good service."

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BigShotSmoov0071763d ago

Stop speaking the truth, you know you going to get alot of disagrees for that.

tigertom531763d ago

I was just going to say the same thing it seems Microsoft is releasing new info every day, and very little from Sony. am sure both will have tons of info even after it released...

BigShotSmoov0071763d ago

Microsoft is just ramping up the info so much. We are learning more and more about the X1 the closer we are getting to the release. The only thing that I'm confused about is that I haven't seen one commercial yet other than that one that came out on about the NFL. I'm seeing so much of that perfect day commercial for the PS4 but as far as true info of the console, haven't read or seen anything new about it and it's 3 weeks left before it comes out. It's like night and day what the 2 companies are doing.

2cents1763d ago

Well said, N4rc,

I was just thinking the same thing; I think it’s time for us who have witnessed all that has happened to turn the focus on Sony.

I wonder how hard their engineers are working to see how they can do a “me too” with many Xbox features.

Snapping / voice control via the camera / better match making / online reputation etc. It’s all too quiet on their side regarding many things. But the masses choose to ignore this and continue to ridicule MS for doing their job and doing it very well I might add.

It seems that the once Sony touted slogan of "it only does everything" has shifted over to Xbox, I’m constantly surprised by the minute details that have been incorporated into the platform to make the experience totally unique and unmatched.

Saying "Xbox on" will change your voice into ir commands for your other devices such as the TV, tuner, amp to turn them all on as well!, control the volume with your voice. Auto record cool achievements and difficult challenges in game to publish for bragging rights, multi tasking and snapping, smart glass functionality, (i love the idea in dead rising of receiving calls and notifications from in game characters to your handheld device, kewl)

Accessing your digital content from another person’s Xbox one so that your profile, saves and games are always available to you. Allowing sharing of services and content across pc, laptop, mobile, tablet and Xbox making everything seamless and user friendly. Console is a development kit for devs! HDMI throughput! Blu-Ray player! Then there is the voice, gesture or controller input options. Damn, things just keep springing to mind.

When I think of the PS4, all I can come up with is: its powerful, really powerful. erm... did I mention that it has 8GB GDDR5 Ram? oh yeah, and also, its powerful, oh and it has lots of indie games that run at 1080p! Oh there is a new dual shock controller that doesn’t really do everything that it can unless I go buy the camera so that I can have some benefit to the stupid massive light on the controller, not sure what else the camera can actually do but yeah.
oh and yoshida is cool because he loves me not my money, and twitter is awesome to get one line answers for pressing questions. Yay! Playstation!
No more pandering to the fanboys, I for one have had enough. Being decent and reasonable has only reduced my bubbles to 3 so what’s the use. I cant see them ever increasing so why try. Even though I will soon be a proud owner of a PS4, I can clearly see that the Xbox is a far more capable machine and that does far more than just pretty graphics.

Bubble count going down in 3….2…..1…..

Blaze9291763d ago

literally could not have said it any better. bubbles to you sir

n4rc1762d ago

Its funny because its true.. Lol.. Bubs for you

Chevalier1762d ago

The camera has facial recognition and you can navigate menus with it. This is what Sony said at EB gamesfest to our managers. As for what Sony offers over Xbox One? They are consistant. Just look at who is actually playing exclusives right now, PS3 has dozens of game exclusives and the best 1st party games this year, whereas MS has had what 2 exclusives Gears Judgement and Dark (handful of garbage ports coming this fall) and literally nothing else to talk about. So yeah I would be hyping up the Xbox One too considering they abandoned 360 fans and left them to Kinect and the handful of exclusives.

As for the features you mention, have you personally used them? How do you know how good they will be? They are 'possibly' good. As for cloud which has been mentioned a lot, if they have invested as heavily as they say and it's so great then how come they haven't once shown anything at any of the major shows this year?

You can have your unique features, I would rather have unique game experiences which Sony always offers. The apps and other features can come later. Also most of the best features are behind a paywall whereas Sony doesn't have a paywall for most features.

KwietStorm1763d ago

Way more? Neither one of them have covered everything they should have, not even close. How do you figure way more? They have only just recently been spreading news about the Xbox.

FamilyGuy1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Bull, what would you like to know that hasn't been answered already?

Here's a pretty thorough list of compiled PS4 facts and unanswered questions

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patsrule3161763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

They only listed 3 questions:

Will North America get a free game on day one like Europe does with Fifa? The answer is Heck no. If they were, it would be announced by now, plus they know North America is in their pocket. The Day One launch editions will sell out either way, so they won't bother. It does suck that Microsoft won't come out and admit that there won't be a free game for NA.

What apps will be available at launch? I guess it is a reasonable question. Not anything I am concerning myself with, but I don't recall seeing an official list of all launch apps for either system.

How many units are they shipping on launch day? That isn't even a question about the XB1 console, just their production schedule.

Mostly a waste of an article. There are plenty of questions left about both systems, and plenty that I think were more important than these three.

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falviousuk1763d ago

Another ridiculous article by an equally ridiculous site looking for hits.

Dont even bother

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