5 Reasons I’m Hesitant For Killzone: Shadow Fall

Clickonline writes "From what I’ve seen (30-40 minutes of gameplay footage) on November 29th as a return on my €440 investment, I can expect a mechanically inferior version of Far Cry 3"

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GarrusVakarian1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Great graphics, interesting universe/setting, free MP DLC.....

I'm not hesitant.

"I can expect a mechanically inferior version of Far Cry 3"

Are we talking about the same game here?.............He's also wrong calling it a "corridor shooter", its more open than any of the past Killzone games.

Lalanana1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Lol. the game is not bad. I just worry about how long the campaign will be.

This guy is criticizing too much though.

Edit: Stealth troll? I am just pointing out in my opinion its not something I like. I am getting an x1.i could care less about forza 5 I hate racing games. so it's garbage to me.

Of course this is one is allowed to speak their mind if it's something wrong against a game for ps4 right?

Edit2: my comment from yesterday is consistent with what i say now..the game is not bad. :-p

Poor me. I only got 1 bubble :-( :-p
You are very emotional sir.

GarrusVakarian1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

"Lol. the game is not bad"

You played it then? Lucky you! You always seem to say something negative in your comments and then try to balance it out after to hide your stealth troll. Let me ask you, if this was an X1 exclusive, would it still be "not bad"?

I don't worry about the games length because ive played the past Killzone games which were a decent length and very good for an FPS.

GarrusVakarian1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

You can't possibly say that "its not bad" if you haven't played it. I've seen your comment history, you have done this before.

"Of course this is one is allowed to speak their mind if it's something wrong against a game for ps4 right?"

There's a difference between stating your opinion/speaking your mind and blatantly stealth trolling, ive seen you do it in plenty of other PS articles and so have many others. If you didn't have a track record for it then i wouldn't call you out.

"Not bad. I'll be sure to check this game out on my brother's ps4"

^^^^Your comment from yesterday i think? Sounds familiar.

On topic: Reason number 4 i disagree with, i think Killzone SF is one of the most "staggering" next gen games.

GiggMan1728d ago

Worried about the length of the campaign? Lol.

I guess you're passing on TitanFall all together then right?

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Regis1728d ago

They said that Killzone's campaign will be just over 10 hours long.

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Irishguy951728d ago

More open than old killzone doesn't change the fact that it's still a corridor shooter. It's not like it's as Open as Halo or anything. The problem is GG got luck with KZ2 and failed with KZ3.

GarrusVakarian1728d ago

Failed with KZ3, in your opinion.

TKCMuzzer1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Got lucky with KZ2? What a stupid statement. They did not get lucky at all. Killzone 2 was a success because it was their own game with unique controls etc. They failed with Killzone 3 in your opinion because they tried to change it and make it easier for all the cry babies who couldn't play 2. Hopefully shadow fall will be like 2, let all the aim assist gamers stay where they belong....cough " COD"

pete0071727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

they got luck with KZ2? where are your brains dude? do you know how many millions of ps3 were waiting for the overhuyped and fake teased killzone 2 and till then didnt have a single game that could be considered a triple A, quality title with allmost no negative press on it!! thats not luck, thats NO CHOICE!!!!

GarrusVakarian1727d ago

Yeah, all MP maps are free, then there is season pass for co op features and some other little extras. But all MP maps are completely free.

Yep1728d ago

Every other point is valid except for #2. You can always get the physical copy if you're unsatisfied with the download size (unless a mandatory install is required, then that would suck).

Mikelarry1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

the only reason i am hesitant to getting this is because once cod and bf4 comes out all my friends tend to go play that i much prefer playing with a large group of friends rather than jumping online myself as i get bored. i enjoyed two alot skipped three because of the above, i really want to get into this and if you are getting this on ps4 holla @ me

TKCMuzzer1728d ago

Lol, find new friends....Killzone friends,there will be plenty playing it come launch.

Bleucrunch1728d ago

Ok I think the author at first is trying to justify the 400 dollar price tag of the PS4 based one one Game which to me is ludicrous.

I do not have much knowledge about this 50gb install for Killzone. To me this would not make much sense from Guerrillas standpoint, unless the author is referring to the digital copy of the game (why would anyone purchase a 50gb digital title is beyond my level of understanding)

I have absolutely no idea what he is speaking about in point three in regards to multiplayer...The author needs to elaborate on that a tad bit more.

As far as graphics go this speaks to a larger issue of peoples eyes just not working correctly. Their are some folks who dislike the realism of games because it looks too real. First gamers who are going to play these games on next gen titles must invest in a television that can support what these games can do. To have next gen titles and still have a 32 inch LCD is in my opinion a disservice to yourself. But I understand because its not like LED/OLED televisions is costing 20 bucks.

The last point is to me a valid one....Although you can play as the Helghast online like previous Killzone titles, I would love to play Killzone from the prospective of the Helghast just like we played as the arbiter in Halo 3 if I am not mistaken. Just to be able to see both sides of the conflict and play as both would be awesome and based on what I remember form the story of Killzone 2 I am siding with the Helghast...

mxrider21991725d ago

it was halo 2 and in halo 2 the arbiter was on your side not even like you were playing the bad guy against the good ones and he moves and feels exactly the same

sigfredod1728d ago

Waiting for my killzone to arrive with my PS4, no hesitate here

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