Valhalla Knights 3 Brings "Ruthless Difficulty" To European Vitas Today

Dealspwn reports: "XSEED Games have released Valhalla Knights 3 on the EU PlayStation Store today, exclusively for PS Vita, costing £23.99. The series is known for its punishing difficulty and warped morality, but includes a wealth of content for "industrious players." The Japanese version also included some fairly raunchy stuff, though I don't know how much of it made it through to the UK."

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GdaTyler1733d ago

Is it really that hard? I never got the chance to play much of this series. I least I got the first game and am going to play it as soon as my backlog eases up. I just got Gravity Rush and I've been meaning to play it ever since it was announced. I'll wait until I'm done.

Baylex1732d ago

Oh boy.. You'll never be done.. there will always be something else to play ;)